2019 CBD Flower Harvest

Harvest Time is here

We’re happy to announce the conclusion of our 2019 harvest. Thanks to all of our customers for your support and patience. We’ll be announcing new strains as we process, hand trim and package your flowers.

2019 Strains announced to date. More to follow.

KTVL visits Cascadia Blooms 2019 harvest


Our team has worked very hard to bring you the best quality product available, from the care we give the plants in the fields to the way we harvest and dry the plants, always taking care not to cause damage to the flowers through handling. Finally, we hand trim your flowers to make sure the best quality and care are ensured for your hemp flower.

Check back to this post for store availability updates on new strains and follow us at @cascadiablooms

2 thoughts on “2019 CBD Flower Harvest

  1. Can’t wait for the ‘more to follow’.

    Ordered for the first time in June 2019. Tried your Electra and it was great.


  2. wanting to setup a wholesale account, and pricing we have started a shop called the Grey Area and we located in eastern ky. What we trying do is nice clean top shelf products and where people can come and know they are getting REAL CBD… and not some low grade etc..

    Ghent Combs
    The Grey Area

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