3 Indica CBD Strains To Help You Relax

3 Indica CBD Strains To Help You Relax

Sometimes, you just need to relax, switch off, and allow the stresses of the day to slip away. At Cascadia Blooms we’re passionate about each and every hemp plant we grow, and our Indica CBD strains are a perfect night time choice.

If you’re new to CBD you might be wondering what it all means. What’s Indica? What’s the difference between Sativa and Indica? Which Indica CBD flower is best for me? All valid questions- here’s a quick glossary to help.

Strain: A strain is a pure or hybrid variety of the hemp plant, broken into either Sativa, Indica of hybrid varieties. Different strains can also be cross-bred.

Sativa: A subspecies of the hemp plant. Sativa strains are known for their heady effects, leaving you active and focused. Sativa CBD strains are recommended for daytime use.

Indica: Indica is another subspecies, known for its relaxing effects. Indica CBD strains are primarily for rest and relaxation.

Today we’re focusing on our Indica strains. They’ve been organically grown, hand-picked, and 3rd party lab-tested to give you the best CBD flower to buy online. 

Trying to choose our best Indica CBD flower strains isn’t easy, as we love each and every strain- in our eyes, they’re all winners. That said, we value feedback from our customers, and we found that these three strains were loved by you just as much as us! If you’re looking for a new nighttime CBD strain, or are simply curious to see why Indica CBD is right for you, read on. These are our three best Indica CBD strains, hand-picked for your enjoyment.


Kush Hemp

Kush Hemp is a bit of a mystery child, being a cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush and an unknown hemp strain. The blind date clearly worked though. Kush Hemp is a high CBD content strain that looks as good as it smells.


The terpenes have hints of wood, citrus, and fuel, and the flowers are dense with green and purple hues. These all-important terpenes allow our full-spectrum CBD flower to realize its full potential, ensuring all the beneficial cannabinoids in the plant work together to boost the CBD’s effectiveness. 

We planted our Kush Hemp on the eastern side of the field, meaning it’s benefitted from plenty of sunlight, care, and attention. We’d like to think you can feel that extra love when smoking this flower, and going by our customer feedback we’ve definitely hit the sweet spot. “Excellent! Tasty and potent, this is my go-to for an evening of relaxation” are always words we like to read, and we’re confident you’ll agree! 

As always, Cascadia Blooms CBD flower is backed by a full 3rd-party lab test. It allows us back up what we say, and ensures that we stick to our mission of providing the highest-quality CBD hemp flowers to you. Kush Hemp comes in at a hefty 14.7% total CBD, putting it up there with some of our heavy hitters. 

The effects are far from mind-melting though- our CBD flowers contain less than 0.3% THC. Kush Hemp is an excellent choice if you’re looking to relax after a long day, strenuous gym session, or simply want something delicious to smoke. 



Bordeaux wasn’t named by accident. Much like a fine wine, it works best when savored, especially after a difficult day. This CBD flower is a cross between Chardonnay and Berry blossom, taking the best of both plants to create a pungent, rich aroma. The strong flavors give a floral note, with hints of red wine, hops, and chamomile. Given its great smells and terpenes, it is also great for infusions and balms. Check out our blog on Cannabutter if you want to learn how to make a butter infusion with these buds!


Bordeaux’s CBD content is mid-range at 13.6%, allowing for mellow, relaxing effects that we’ve come to expect from Indica dominant CBD strains. As one of our reviewers put it- “This product had great effects! It helps me relax and puts my body at ease”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The buds are generally smaller, making them tight, dense, and packed with all the right terpenes. It’s these terpenes that give Bordeaux its distinctive smell and make it a top-shelf CBD flower. This is an organically grown, premium CBD flower with a lot to offer, that we hope you’ll love smoking as much as we loved growing it.

Bordeaux is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a night time CBD flower strain that performs on-demand. Because of its unique flavors, we also highly recommend using it for your next batch of CBD edibles- Bordeaux is a customer favorite for a reason.


Special Sauce

If you’re a CBD flower OG, this strain should need no introduction. For the rest of us, Special Sauce is, simply put, a big deal. OregonCBD is Oregon’s oldest federally-legal cannabis research and development company, and Special Sauce is their flagship strain. As a result, we have been able to take the seeds and grow an Indica CBD flower with some of the highest oil returns of any industrial hemp on the planet.

That may sound over the top, but the results don’t lie. Special sauce holds international renown as one of the best CBD flowers for full-spectrum oil extraction, as well as having one of the highest CBD concentrations we’ve seen at 15.9%.

If you take this pedigree and cross it with our passion for growing high-quality CBD hemp flower, the results are spectacular. We value all feedback and reviews from our customers- building a two-way relationship is as important as high-quality CBD. Sometimes, just a few words will suffice. For one review of Special Sauce, this was definitely the case: “As good as it gets”. 

Special Sauce is a premium CBD flower that has won fans the world over. We’re excited to be growing such an incredible strain at Cascadia Blooms, and ensure it is as well-loved as any of our other Indica CBD flower strains. If you want one of the highest CBD hemp strains available, Special Sauce is the only choice.



If you want to learn more, or are wanting to purchase any of these amazing Indica flowers, head over to our store. Each Cascadia Blooms CBD flower comes with a full 3rd party lab report, honest customer reviews, and clear pricing.  

We also do wholesale– get in touch to see how we can help you get more of your favorite Indica at competitive prices.

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