3 Most Common Ways To Consume Hemp Flower

3 Most Common Ways To Consume Hemp Flower


Most common ways to smoke CBD


CBD comes in many forms, from oils to gummy bears. Cascadia Blooms focuses on CBD hemp flower, organically grown on our farm in Oregon. CBD hemp flower is an amazing source for full-spectrum CBD, and we’re proud to produce some of the best in the USA.

There are a few ways to use CBD hemp flower- our guides on CBD edibles and vaping CBD are a testament to that. Today we want to look at one of the oldest methods, used since our ancestors could fashion a bowl. This article explores the 3 most common ways to smoke hemp flower.

There are many advantages to smoking CBD. Converting the CBD into a smokeable form improves its absorption by your body, and smoking CBD increases the speed at which it takes effect. It’s a great way to measure your dosage- with the help of a grinder and some digital scales you can take control of your daily CBD dosage, easily adjusting the amount to suit your needs.

The flavor is also a big factor for many CBD users. Our terpene packed buds perform best when smoked, exploding into a riot of pungent smells and gassy funks. Each CBD flower in our store comes with a flavor profile guide, so you’re able to choose between chocolate aromas and citrus notes. 

A perfect example of a great smokeable strain is Elektra. It’s a high CBD Sativa strain that performs well, comes on fast, and harnesses all the benefits associated with full-spectrum CBD. With smoking, a little goes a long way.

Every strain of CBD hemp flower has its strengths, and we’ve written this guide to pair some of our favorite CBD flowers with a particular smoking method. We take our research seriously, and many happy afternoons went into ensuring the information we give you is the best it can be. There’s more than one way to smoke a bud- these are the 3 most common ways to smoke hemp flower.


CBD Joints

Rolling a CBD flower joint takes a little bit of practice but once you’ve mastered it, you’re set for life. If you enjoy smoking CBD it’s a valuable skill to have and ensures you’re ready with a quick, easy CBD joint at a moment’s notice.



One benefit of CBD joints is the amount of control you have over your dosage. Your joints don’t have to be gargantuan- we’ll get to blunts in a minute- for you to benefit from your favorite CBD hemp strain. Speaking of favorite strains, when it comes to rolling CBD joints, you can’t beat Lifter. Its high oil content allows ground-up buds to retain their structural integrity, without being too sticky to smoke properly. Lifter is a mid-strength Sativa CBD flower that is all about balance- strong enough to allow you to feel the benefits, but gentle enough to ensure a smooth, pleasurable smoke. 

CBD joints are also a great creative outlet- if you’re a joint-rolling maestro already, cross joints and various other hemp-based origami should be on your to-do list. The only thing better than a CBD joint is three of them expertly woven together.

Overall, CBD joints are about the payoff. A little bit of preparation and effort, and you’re set for the day!.


CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes

Something that is piquing our interest at the moment is the simplicity of CBD pre-rolls. Forward-thinking like this means that you’re always prepared with smokeable premium CBD, without any of the fuss. If you want more information, we’ve put together this in-depth guide on pre-rolled CBD joints. It answers some of your most frequently asked questions, as well as making a strong case for pre-rolled CBD.



There is also anecdotal evidence that CBD cigarettes are a preferable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Reviewers have noticed a reduction in the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoke per day, replacing many of them with a CBD cigarette. We can’t make any bold health claims regarding CBD’s efficacy in helping you stop smoking, but it’s still promising news.

CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes are a bit of a niche market at the moment, but like any good idea regarding CBD, it won’t stay that way for long. With a bit of luck, business acumen and the support of CBD friendly policies, we could expect to see CBD cigarettes in your local convenience store in the near future.



Blunts have been the mainstay for cannabis smokers since time immemorial, but CBD blunts haven’t yet received their share of the limelight. Rolling your CBD into a blunt is an almost guaranteed method for fast, effective results from your chosen strain. 



CBD products, especially those using CBD isolate, can restrict your freedom to choose exactly what goes in your body. One of the benefits of rolling your own CBD blunts is the ability to pick from a whole range of helpful terpenes and cannabinoids. Kush Hemp is an excellent example of this, with terpenes that have hints of wood, citrus, and fuel. The funky, gassy aromas blend into a cornucopia of powerful flavors when smoked in a blunt- it’s definitely something that needs to be experienced first hand with your favorite blunt wrap, and a free afternoon.

Blunts take time and practice, and should always be treated with the respect they deserve. If you’re new to CBD blunts, it’s worth checking out our CBD blunt guide for an overview of the benefits of smoking CBD in blunts


Final Thoughts

As humans, we’re continually driven by our need to explore and discover. When it comes to CBD, these qualities take the form of new and exciting CBD products, and ways to consume said CBD. We’re also a nostalgic species, however, and as the old adage says: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ It’s a sweeping statement that pays little attention to the intricacies of our individual CBD needs, but it does lend credence to simply rolling up, sparking up, and laying back.

Smoking CBD was here long before vaping, topicals or any of the other wonderful methods to consume CBD and it’s not going anywhere. Smoking CBD allows you to take advantage of the full range of cannabinoids available in our full-spectrum hemp flower. In what is known as the Entourage Effect, full-spectrum CBD ensures that the cannabinoids present in your CBD flower work together in synergy, potentially boosting the efficacy of your CBD. 

As always, the choice is yours. Smoking CBD in a blunt, as a pre-roll or in joint form may have slight differences, but the result is the same. Fast, effective results, big flavors, and the control afforded by measuring out your bud. 

Check out our selection of CBD flowers here, and see which strain meets your needs the best. Each one comes with a full 3rd party laboratory test as standard to ensure consistency and purity. Our mission is to provide you with premium, organic CBD, and there’s no better way to celebrate our hard work than rolling it up and setting fire to it.

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