5 Common CBD Hemp Flower Effects

5 Common CBD Hemp Flower Effects


CBD Hemp Flower Effects


CBD is used around the world by people from all walks of life, all with individual needs. This has given rise to a thriving CBD industry, with seemingly thousands of new products hitting the market each year.

At Cascadia Blooms, we’ve gone back to the source for our CBD. We focus on what we feel is best- organic, hand-grown CBD hemp flower. Each of our strains has it’s own ‘something extra’ to bring to the table, but each one is a consistent, 3rd party lab approved source of full-spectrum, premium CBD.

Today we want to take a broader look at our hard work and as opposed to focusing on an individual plant, have a look at the range of effects our hemp provides. Your body is unique, and your own experiences with CBD may vary- always check with your medical professional when considering CBD. Different strains have different effects on people. We can’t suggest a strain that will help with a particular issue, but we invite you to discover the effects of our strains by trying one of our sampler packs. We also encourage you to check out some of our reviews and testimonials of what our customers have said the effects have been for them to help you in choosing the right hemp flower for you!

Both the scientific community and our happy customers have a lot to say about the beneficial effects of CBD hemp flower. Read on for our 5 common CBD hemp flower effects.


CBD Hemp flower as an anti-inflammatory

Research into cannabinoids, including CBD, has begun to lean towards the conclusion that they may be an effective anti-inflammatory agent. The interaction between CBD and your body is still under much scrutiny, but studies show CBD and other cannabinoids aiding in the suppression of cytokines and chemokines at inflammatory sites.

Customers are experiencing the benefits as well. A recent review of our Hawaiian Haze from a satisfied customer highlights CBD’s potential ability to deal with soreness and aches: “I can definitely tell there was some care growing this strain. Leaves you with a focused head yet relaxing in a subtle way. I prefer smoking later in the day as I find it helps ease the pain in sore muscles and acts as an overall tonic to clear away any rut you might be in.”



CBD Hemp flower as a sleeping aid

CBD to help with sleep is one of the hemp flowers most well-known uses, and both anecdotal and scientific evidence are helping back this up. Studies suggest that CBD in medium to high doses may help with REM associated issues, improve restfulness, and help regulate our sleep cycle.

Studies are still in their early phases-important research takes time and is constantly updated. However, this hasn’t stopped our customers from posting glowing reviews about their own experiences: “I have noticed my sleep is much more refreshing and deeper with the help of this flower.” The flower in question is our Indica-dominant Merlot, and it seems to be sending more people to sleep than the Sandman.


CBD Hemp flower for anxiety

For many people, a solution to their anxiety is the driving force behind exploring the potential benefits of CBD. Anecdotal evidence is plentiful, and a quick search for ‘CBD and anxiety’ will bring up a whole host of positive reviews. 

Evidence points toward a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system. Interest in CBD as a treatment of a wide range of disorders has exploded, yet few clinical studies of CBD exist in the psychiatric literature. Research is beginning to make headway, however, and the science is beginning to give weight to CBD users’ personal experiences. 


CBD Hemp flower for focus and energy

Sativa dominant CBD flower strains are a source of pride for us, and we have a whole range of day-time friendly CBD flowers for you to choose from. The strongest feedback we get comes from those of us who like to smoke CBD, but also need to get things done. Strains such as Lifter seem to be perfect for this, providing just the right balance between focus and restfulness.

Reviewers also agree: “I like this because it is a very clean high quality “LIFTER” as the name implies. An uncommon find in the market.” 

Research into CBD improving focus is thin on the ground, so we can make no concrete claims. However, the consensus amongst CBD users seems to point in one direction: if you want to smoke flower while living your best life, CBD is the way to go.



CBD Hemp flower for chronic pain

Alongside acute pains such as inflammation and general aches and pains, CBD is also seen as an alternative by some for long term pain. Research has come on quite some way in recent years- CBD was approved in Canada in 2005 for treatment of central neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis, and in 2007 for intractable cancer pain.

CBD for chronic pain also has a personal link for this writer- a particularly bad motorbike crash in 2018 resulted in a shattered kneecap, shattered femur, and more titanium than should be possible to fit in a leg. Two years later, and its CBD hemp flower that has borne the brunt of the excruciating recovery process. Pain-free customers have similar stories after buying our Bordeaux CBD flower: “I have chronic neck/shoulder/back pain and pinched nerves and a couple of brain tumors that cause severe headaches. And I smile a bit of this and I feel like 100 percent for 3-4 hours. I would seriously advise trying it. Especially if you want to remain clear-headed and such, marijuana would probably work too but had more side effects. The CBD just relieves my severe 24/7 pain for hours. I couldn’t be happier really. Thank you, Cascadia! You make my workdays and sleeping less of a chore and without pain.”


Final Thoughts

CBD has been used in one form or another for thousands of years, for a thousand different reasons. Our commitment to providing you with premium CBD flower comes from a genuine belief that this amazing plant, and the cannabinoids it contains, may make our lives that little bit better.

What you may have realized while reading this article, however, is that science is only just coming to the same conclusion. CBD’s current status with regulatory bodies such as the FDA has come a long way, but there is still work to be done. In the meantime, we always recommend talking to your health professional about CBD’s potential uses in your daily routine.

Check out our most popular strains here, and see how CBD has benefited our customers here. Every strain comes with a 3rd party approved COA, so you know that when you buy from Cascadia Blooms, you’re buying premium CBD flower.

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