5 Reasons You Should Roll A Blunt With Cascadia Blooms CBD Flowers

5 Reasons You Should Roll A Blunt With Cascadia Blooms CBD Flowers


It’s no secret that at Cascadia Blooms, we’re proud of our CBD flower. We have spent the past few years nurturing, loving, and growing some of the most popular organic CBD hemp strains in the US, creating premium CBD from seed to harvest.

In fact, we’re so proud of our full-spectrum CBD that we believe that even the most discerning blunt smoker would roll a blunt with one of our CBD flowers. As a certain high-profile blunt smoker once said, “If the ride is more fly, then you must buy”. In this case, the ride is our high-quality CBD flower, and it is most definitely fly. 

Like any premium bud, the secret to our CBD flower’s success lies in the combination of different ingredients. Every Cascadia Blooms CBD flower contains full spectrum CBD, allowing the Entourage Effect, where every cannabinoid in the plant works together for maximum efficacy. As one researcher noted: “Cannabis is inherently polypharmaceutical, and synergy arises from interactions between its multiple components.” It seems that when it comes to effective CBD, some things just work better together.

Some of us prefer CBD pre-rolls and CBD blunts, others enjoy rolling a blunt with CBD and THC. Whatever your preference, Cascadia Blooms is ready to provide you with some of the best CBD flower available. We think you’ll agree- here are our 5 reasons you should roll a blunt with our CBD flowers.


Terpene Rich Buds

When it comes to rolling a blunt, the right flavor profile is of utmost importance. Our Lifter Sativa strain is packed with beneficial terpenes, resulting in an oily, sticky bud that produces citrusy clouds packed with flavor. 

Putting this strain in a blunt intensifies these flavors, and like any good blunt, the effects are fast-acting. Lifter is a customer favorite for blunt rolling- the high oil content allows the CBD flower to hold well without turning into dust. 


The Entourage Factor

Want to take your blunt to the next level? If the beneficial properties of cannabis are important to you, we think you’ll be interested in recent research that suggests a ‘better together’ approach- the Entourage Effect

Rolling a blunt with CBD and THC shouldn’t seem excessive- you’re already rolling a blunt after all. Thanks to our wide selection of both Sativa and Indica CBD flower strains, you’ll be able to find a CBD flower that pairs well with your chosen THC bud. 

Synergy is a buzzword used frequently when talking about the Entourage Effect, but it’s accurate. Combining the whole range of cannabinoids may give you that extra boost you didn’t even know you needed. 


Prerolled is Prepared

Rolling a blunt is a ritual that means something different for everybody. Some of us see it as a calming part of a larger process, others see it as a chore. Wherever you land on the love/hate spectrum, the result is definitely worth it. Smoking CBD blunts can be as convenient as your favorite CBD gummies with a little preparation. 

Stock up on Sativa dominant strains like Elektra during the day, and save yourself an Indica heavy CBD flower such as Merlot for your nighttime blunt. Whatever you prefer, being prepared with a pre-roll is the smart choice.

CBD prerolls, in the form of blunts, allow you to enjoy a premium CBD smoke wherever you are. All you need is foresight and time, and you’ll be ready to head out with your CBD at a moment’s notice.


Committed To Quality 

Discerning blunt smokers are all about high-quality buds, and we think that any CBD and THC blunt that passes by your lips would contain only the best available. Our CBD flower is hand-picked and trimmed to perfection by our dedicated team. No seeds or stems here, just organic, well-cared-for flower tops and smalls. All Cascadia Blooms’ products are handled, dried, cured, and packaged with food-grade quality in mind. 

We are committed to providing the highest-quality CBD hemp flowers to new users, seasoned blunt smokers, and everybody in between. At Cascadia Blooms we stand by our products, submitting every strain to a full 3rd party lab test to guarantee purity and quality. Nothing makes us prouder, or says high-grade, quite like a team of independent scientists giving our CBD flower a big green thumbs up.


Giving The People What They Want

CBD products, especially those using CBD isolate, can restrict your freedom to choose exactly what goes in your body. One of the benefits of rolling your own CBD blunts is the ability to pick from a whole range of helpful terpenes and cannabinoids.

Variety is something we also value at Cascadia Blooms, and our range of CBD flower is proof of that. We believe in giving the people what they want, by way of freedom of choice.

Indica or Sativa? Half ounce. Or full ounce? Do you prefer citrus notes or a more earthy scent? We rotate our strains regularly, meaning we get to showcase the variety of quality CBD flower we have available. We also sell CBD flower sampler packs, so you can try from a range of different buds to see what works best for you.


Final Thoughts

CBD in blunts doesn’t seem to get the press that it should and as a producer of some of the finest CBD flower in the US, we’re keen to change that. Research into the Entourage Effect and the benefits of THC and CBD in blunts may have a way to go, but the initial results are promising.

Whether you prefer just CBD or a combination of the two, smoking CBD flower in blunts provides you with the whole range of cannabinoids available. Add to that our caring, loving approach to each bud, and you’ll be reaching for your favorite blunt wrap in no time.

For those of you who smoke in mythic proportions, we also ship wholesale. Check out our wholesale section for more info.

If you want to learn more, head over to our store to see the whole range. We love what we grow, and we’re confident you will too.

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