6 FAQs That’ll Help You Learn More About CBD Flowers

6 FAQs That’ll Help You Learn More About CBD Flowers

CBD flower is an excellent source of high-quality CBD, especially if you’re a regular smoker. It is becoming extremely popular within the CBD community, and it’s not hard to see why. Premium CBD flower requires expertise and stringent quality checks to create, but the end result is worth it. If you’re a smoker, CBD flower should be on your ‘to buy’ list for a variety of reasons. It’s cheap, effective, and organic. It smells and tastes amazing. It contains full-spectrum CBD. It also raises a lot of questions- what does CBD flower look like? Where can I buy CBD flower? How much does CBD flower cost?  If you’re new to CBD in general, or curious about CBD flower, read on. 

How to tell CBD Flower from weed?

The short answer is, with difficulty. High CBD plants and THC heavy strains look almost identical, as they are essentially using different properties of the same plant. Check out Hawaiian Haze, for example. You’ll be hard-pressed to distinguish this premium CBD bud from a THC variety just by eye. This is why 3rd party lab reports are so important. They give a full breakdown of exactly what your flower contains, including the exact CBD and THC content. Cascadia Blooms provide a lab report for each CBD flower as standard, so you can be confident that your gorgeous nug is high-quality CBD and little else.

Does CBD flower smell like weed?

Yes, it does! Cascadia Blooms CBD flower comes packed with a whole host of pungent Terpenes that remind you of some of your favorite cannabis strains. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in hemp and account for its strong odor. Terpene-rich CBD flower benefits from the Entourage Effect, where the compounds present in the CBD and terpenes work in harmony. This synergy may increase the effectiveness of the plant, and the CBD flower is an excellent source of full-spectrum CBD. Sour Space Candy is one of our favorites, with fresh sweet and sour notes. 



Does CBD flower contain THC?

This is a worry for many people, especially if your local laws frown upon THC. CBD flower has been specially grown to contain only trace amounts of THC, usually far below the acceptable margin of 0.3%. As an example, Suver Haze contains a whopping 16.6% CBD, but only trace amounts of THC at 0.15%. Premium CBD flower with low THC is a specialty for Cascadia Blooms, and the all-important 3rd party lab results confirm it.

What can CBD flower do for me?

Two major things spring to mind when we think of the benefits of CBD flower. Firstly, it works quickly. If you enjoy smoking regularly and are looking for fast, effective relief, inhaling CBD is the way to go. Secondly, it’s cost-effective. A half-ounce of Lifter sells for just $69, and the buds are hand-picked, juicy, and fresh. CBD flower allows you to experience premium CBD on a budget, with the added bonus of being able to control the amount you use. Potent CBD flower can stretch pretty far, especially if value for money is important to you.

How much CBD flower should I buy?

CBD tolerance varies from person to person, so one size doesn’t fit all. However, regardless of whether you’re new to CBD or a veteran smoker, CBD flower allows you to measure your dosage easily. A ½ oz is a smart purchase, allowing you to try new strains at a price that doesn’t put you off. It strikes a balance of affordability and quantity, without sacrificing the quality. Cascadia Blooms ½ Oz range is definitely worth checking out.

Where can I buy CBD flower online?

If the value for money, quality, and transparency are important, look no further than Cascadia Blooms. The website is intuitive and easy to use, with everything from their full CBD flower range to a helpful blog series. Every product comes with a full up-to-date lab report, as well as a profile of each CBD flower. Choose your flower based on its flavors, CBD content, or suggested use. A great example of this is Elektra. Its description lets you know it’s rich in oil, making it perfect for infusions and extractions. This attention to detail is one of the many reasons we choose Cascadia Blooms to buy CBD flower online. Payment is secure, and your chosen flower is delivered quickly. Each purchase is clearly labeled and vacuum sealed in foil to guarantee freshness. The result is pungent buds that have lost none of their CBD magic. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions about CBD flower and made a strong case for what CBD flower can do for you. We’ve chosen Cascadia Blooms because, well, first impressions count. This organic farm sets a high bar, producing some of the best CBD flower available to buy. Be sure to check out their youtube channel too for some great demonstrations of their products in action. 

Buying a ½ oz of CBD flower online may seem like a commitment, but trust us you’ll be glad you did. Market research suggests that the CBD market is set to grow dramatically over the next few years, so finding a trustworthy supplier with affordable CBD flower is more important now than ever before. 

CBD flower is fast-acting, potent, and can cost as little as $69 for ½ oz. However you enjoy your CBD, this is definitely worth your hard-earned money. Head of to Cascadia Blooms and check out for yourself.

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