7 Reasons To Buy An Ounce Of CBD Flower from Cascadia Blooms

7 Reasons To Buy An Ounce Of CBD Flower from Cascadia Blooms

Cascadia Blooms is a small, family-run farm in southern Oregon. Since 2017 they have been lovingly cultivating some of the best CBD flowers in the USA. If you’re a regular CBD smoker there’s a good chance you’ve either heard of or sampled some of their organic delights. Their wide range of strains is enough to make a seasoned smoker jump for joy, and the relatively low cost of CBD flower will keep your bank balance happy too.

Cascadia Blooms didn’t earn a reputation for the best CBD flower overnight- their founding team is a mix of farming experts and tech entrepreneurs. This blend of experience and vision has led to a loyal customer base, industry-wide recognition, and favorable press. 

The carefully curated selection of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid CBD flowers are packed with high-quality CBD rich in terpenes. They also look as good as they smell, with only the flower tops being deemed good enough to bear the Cascadia Bloom’s name. More quality bud for your buck, and definitely no seeds and stems. This is premium CBD flower, grown lovingly, and organically, by some of the best in the business. Here’s a rundown of our 7 favorite strains- each one a strong argument for choosing Cascadia Blooms as your sole CBD flower provider.


Suver Haze

Suver Haze is currently the most potent strain in the Cascadia Blooms arsenal, with a whopping 16.65% CBD content. This means pungent, sticky buds that work well both rolled and vaporized. This terpene-rich heavyweight packs a punch, and definitely feels like you’re taking a hit. Overall, a brilliant Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s good for when you want to relax or for “nighttime” before bed.

CBD Content: 16.65%
CBDA Content: 18.7%
Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid- Suver #8 x Early Resin Berry
Flavor profile: Black pepper and sweet fruits
Price: $108 per ounce
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This Indica dominant strain comes in smalls instead of flower tops, but don’t let the smaller bud size put you off. Thanks to Cascadia blooms farming expertise each nug is dense, fragrant, and packed with flavor. As an Indica this strain should be great for general relaxation and relief, and the full-bodied flavors also make it a great cooking ingredient too. Merlot proves that smaller doesn’t always mean less, at a price point we can definitely get behind. 

CBD Content: 13.64%
CBDA Content: 15.4%
Strain: Indica dominant hybrid- Cherry Wine x Berry Blossom
Flavor Profile: Orange/citrus notes, chocolate and cherry
Price: $79 per ounce
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Lifter is a high oil content CBD flower, making for a smooth flavor profile that smokes like dream. The flower tops are gorgeous- purple tones and orange pistils make this CBD flower very easy on the eye. It’s Sativa dominant, so Lifter is considered a great daytime strain- perfect if you’re looking for an energetic, lifting vibe. Great with your morning coffee, or even instead of it.

CBD Content: 12.36%
CBDA Content: 14.2%
Strain: Sativa hybrid- Special Sauce x New World Haze x ERB
Flavor Profile: Sweet berry with citrus notes 
Price: $108 per ounce
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Kush Hemp

Despite its murky parentage, Kush Hemp is a stand-out favorite for a lot of CBD smokers. Nothing says In-da-couch like an Indica strain, so Kush Hemp’s high CBD content and Indica heritage make it a solid choice for when you want to chill. The buds are dense with a mixture of green and purple colors to keep your attention. The earthy, dank flavors of wood and diesel are topped off with a hint of citrus, making Kush Hemp one of the best tasting CBD flowers we’ve smoked in some time. An excellent choice if your plans include some serious sofa time.

CBD Content: 14.7%
CBDA Content: 16.7%
Strain: Indica dominant hybrid- Pre-98 Bubba Kush x unknown CBD strain
Flavor Profile: Wood, citrus and diesel
Price: $108 per ounce
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Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is handpicked and it shows. These are fat, juicy buds that barely fit in your hand- it broke our hearts to pull one apart. The cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry works brilliantly. The sour diesel packs a punch, while the heady sweet notes of Early Resin Berry brings balance. The result is a sweet and sour flower that works well both day and night. Expect huge CBD buds full of flavor- the only downside is grinding up something so beautiful.

CBD Content: 13.64%
CBDA Content: 15.3%
Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid- Sour Tsunami x ERB
Flavor Profile: Bubblegum and sour diesel
Price: $108 per ounce
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Thanks to the hybrid of ACDC and Early Resin Berry, Elektra has inherited the same high oil content and strong terpenes. It has a relatively high CBD content and despite being a Sativa strain, customers love for its calming properties. Because it is so oil-rich, Elektra is perfect for infusions and extractions. Don’t let that put you off smoking it though- these sticky, pungent CBD buds make for a great nightcap.

CBD Content: 15.38%
CBDA Content: 17.2%
Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid- ACDC x ERB
Flavor Profile: Sweet with notes of berries and citrus
Price: $75
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Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is a small-batch Sativa strain that feels light and airy, making it an excellent daytime choice. The flowery, tropical taste and smell can be deceptive though- the higher CBD content provides a full-bodied smoke that hits in all the right ways. Hawaiian Haze should be your go-to choice if you’re after a light, fruity smoke that still gives you all the effects you’re looking for in premium CBD flower. 

CBD Content: 15.4%
CBDA Content: 17.4%
Strain: Sativa- Hawaiian x Haze
Flavor Profile: Floral with tropical fruits
Price: $108 per ounce
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Final Thoughts

Cascadia Blooms has spoiled us for choice creating premium, organic CBD from their farm in Oregon. The 3rd party lab reports show that hand-picked, sustainable hemp cultivation makes for some seriously effective flower, rich in high-quality CBD and terpenes.

Research is beginning to back this up as well. Studies show the inclusion of terpenes may actually make CBD more effective, and that smoking CBD flower makes your CBD faster acting and more efficient. Two more reasons to smoke CBD, if the Cascadia Blooms CBD flower range wasn’t already enough. Make sure to check out their full range of products here, and get ready for some premium CBD flower made by one of the best CBD manufacturers of 2020. 

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