CBD Coconut Oil & CBD Oil Dog Treats (Homemade Recipe)

CBD Coconut Oil & CBD Oil Dog Treats (Homemade Recipe)

CBD infused coconut oil can be so handy and beneficial, as it can be used for topical or for food like I did with my organic homemade CBD dog treats!


To start off you will get your favorite coconut oil of choice and your favorite CBD flower of choice (I used an Ounce of Hawaiian Haze from our farm) you can adjust the amount of flower needed depending on potency desired.

Bake your flower on low for about 15 mins, grind up your flower and slow cook in a crockpot with coconut oil for 24 hours! Strain out ground bud with cheesecloth and you have CBD infused coconut oil!

You will yield a lot more products doing this yourself and costs are much lower than purchasing a small premade container of CBD coconut oil.

Now for the dog treats, if your dog is anything like mine he has separation anxiety that leads to him licking EVERYTHING for comfort and nibbling at his tail. CBD dog treats are a healthy way of calming your dog and helping ease their anxiety, plus they are healthy and delicious!



You will need 1 cup of your CBD infused oil, coconut flour, 2 large baked sweet potatoes, and 1 egg. Mash those sweet potatoes and combine ingredients, now you can spoon the dough out onto a baking sheet or roll it out over flour to do dog bone-shaped treats.

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until golden! Now keep in mind there are no preservatives these treats so you can freeze a portion of them and store the rest once COMPLETELY cooled in a dry safe container.

The moisture from the sweet potatoes does make these treats softer so I found smaller treats stayed together better but they’ll be just as yummy in your fur babies tummy.

Now you have yummy treats for your pet and extra cbd oil for yourself, bake it into your own calming goodies or use it topically for aches and pains!


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Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

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