CBD Hemp Strain of the Week: Suver Haze

Suver Haze

Cascadia Blooms grew 10 strains of high CBD hemp this year and our highest CBD strain was Suver Haze. Suver Haze is the strain to go for if you are looking for heavy effects as its potent combo of cannabinoids can’t be beaten.

Bred by Oregon CBD, Suver Haze crosses their high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. Suver #8 grows well in many different climates all over the US, especially in Oregon. With a powerful aroma and flavor, Suver Haze offers notes of black pepper and sweet fruits along with terpenes reminiscent of hops, pine, and chamomile.


Suver Haze Female Hemp Flower growing in field with buds bloomingSuver Haze in field

Suver Haze is our most potent strain this year with a whopping 18.7% CBDA for a total of 16.65% CBD. If you are looking for high CBD in your flower then this is the one to go with. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid and is good for when you want to relax or for “nighttime” before bed.

One reviewer had the following to say:

“Their Suver haze made me want to try everybody’s Suver Haze. The sample they sent prompted me to buy a 1/2oz. The smell was sweet with skunky undertones.. maybe a touch of that chemical-cannabis smell when ground up…The product came frostier than expected…Expect potent effects, heavy on the eyes, and I “feel it” in the body but the head gets the brunt of the effects.”

It’s no doubt if what you are looking for is potency, high CBD, effective hemp, then Suver Haze is the way to go.

People tell us that Suver Haze is great for relief, and overall just what they are looking for, like Nate who says:
“Suver Haze is one of my favorite CBD strains. Very relaxing and chill. Super smooth and tasty. Cascadia Blooms has never disappointed me. There’s no doubt they care about the quality of the flower they produce. Top-notch.”

Ready to try some Suver Haze? Check it out here!

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