Common CBD Flower Effects

Common CBD Flower Effects


CBD Flower Effects


CBD continues to gain popularity, bringing with it not only new research and new products but a growing customer base. Understandably, the rapid growth of CBD has also led to an increasing amount of questions about what exactly makes it so popular.

In this article, we want to give a brief overview of the most common CBD flower effects. Keep in mind that these are a mixture of both proven scientific studies and anecdotal evidence, with surveys such as this one by Health Canada providing first-hand insight into common reasons for using CBD.

So what are the most common CBD flower effects? Let’s find out.


CBD may reduce anxiety levels

One of the most cited effects of using CBD flower is a reduction in anxiety, or the ability to effectively manage anxiety on a daily basis. CBD flower reviews are packed with testimonies from customers who have found that CBD is an effective tool in reducing anxiety levels. 

The scientific community is beginning to come to the same conclusions- various studies into CBD’s effectiveness have been conducted, with promising results. A recent study into the anxiety induced by public speaking noted of the patients that “pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance.”


CBD may help alleviate pain

CBD and pain management- possibly the number one reason for many CBD users. From acute to chronic pain, CBD users from across the pain spectrum swear by CBD’s ability to alleviate and manage pain. 

As you may expect, this means that CBD’s potential pain-relieving effects have been the subject of a wide range of studies. Promising results have been shown in two studies focused on neuropathic pain, and inflammation, with one finding that CBD ‘may represent a novel class of therapeutic agents for the treatment of chronic pain’. Pain management was also the top reason cited for interest in CBD during the Health Canada survey, with 85% of respondents willing to try CBD for its potential as a pain-killer.


CBD may help counteract THC

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning you can’t get high from its use. THC, on the other hand, is psychoactive, altering your mood and perception. THC is celebrated for its psychoactive effects, but sometimes, you wish they would ease off just a little bit. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you were just a little less high, CBD may help.

Studies into the interaction of CBD and THC at this level are in their early stages, but they do exist. One such study in 2013 asked the question: Does Cannabidiol Protect Against Adverse Psychological Effects of THC? The results? Promising- there is potential for CBD to help ward off the more adverse effects of THC. Research is still needed, however- but the initial study gained enough insight to conclude that ‘the evidence favoring a beneficial effect of CBD, therefore, merits further investigation’.


CBD may aid sleep

CBD’s effects on sleep are often cited by CBD users as a beneficial effect of CBD. Indica CBD flower strains are sought after for their relaxing effects and smoked primarily in the evening after a hard day. Many people swear by CBD’s ability to aid in a restful slumber, with glowing praise and compelling personal accounts.

Research into cannabis and insomnia also suggests that CBD may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia. 


CBD may help your pets

While the jury is still debating the efficacy of CBD to treat pets, many pet owners find that all of the same ailments we use CBD for, such as anxiety and pain, are effectively treated with CBD when applied to pets too. Using CBD flower to create pet-friendly treats is a popular method- check out what the science has to say here.


CBD flower and the entourage effect

CBD flower is considered full-spectrum CBD. This means that it contains the whole range of cannabinoids. CBD flower is grown in a specific way to ensure high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, but there are still plenty of other beneficial cannabinoids packed into each bud, waiting to be released. In fact, using full-spectrum CBD may be more effective than using pure CBD, called CBD isolate.

Studies have suggested that combining cannabinoids may improve their efficacy. Labeled the ‘Entourage Effect’, the theory states that cannabinoids have the potential to work in synergy, possibly increasing the effects. In other words, a common effect of using CBD flower may be greater efficacy!


CBD flower may work faster

The most common method of consuming CBD flower is smoking. Whether you smoke CBD flower in a blunt, a bong or a vaporizer is a personal choice, but the effects are just the same. 

Aerosolizing CBD comes with a couple of major benefits. First, the onset of effects is generally faster than oral CBD, with your lungs absorbing the CBD at a far quicker rate than your stomach. Secondly, aerosolizing your CBD may increase its bioavailability- the amount of CBD your body is able to absorb. 

In essence, CBD flower can work faster, and put the amount of CBD available to better use than other methods. This depends on smoking or vaporizing it, however, so get practicing with your favorite blunt wrap, or break out your favorite pipe.


Final thoughts

CBD flower is one of the most popular methods of using CBD, and for good reason. Not only does it provide the same potential benefits when compared to oils and tinctures, but it also has the added benefit of being a full-spectrum CBD product. Add to this the option to smoke or vaporize your CBD flower, and you have a fast, effective way to use CBD that is hard to beat.

The effects of CBD flower are well documented by satisfied users and are beginning to be explored more thoroughly by the scientific community as well. Try CBD flower for yourself, and tell us what your favorite benefits are.

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