Elektra CBD Flower Guide

Elektra CBD Flower Guide

Elektra CBD Flower Guide - Citrus Berry Terpenes


Elektra CBD flower is a firm favorite for our customers, old and new alike. It’s oily, terpene filled buds delight and calm in equal measure, making this Sativa strain the top choice for many CBD smokers. With so much love surrounding this hemp flower, it would be rude to not make a proper introduction. 

Elektra’s history is well-documented thanks mainly due to its parent strains. Initially cultivated by Oregon CBD, Elektra is a cross between two industry titans; ACDC and Early Resin Berry. ACDC is considered by many to be the backbone of the flourishing US CBD marketplace, leading the industry forward in its early days with an extremely high CBD content and reassuringly low THC content. 

If the CBD kick comes from the ACDC, then Elektra owes its fantastic flavors to Early Resin Berry. ERB has a terpene profile with a complex sweet, citrus-berry smell, and these terpenes have definitely made themselves known in Elektra. 

The combination of two such high-quality CBD flowers gave Elektra a head-start in life, but don’t think that being born to such amazing parents has made it complacent. Elektra is an absolute pleasure in its own right, garnering hundreds of favorable reviews. As one customer puts it: “Loved it. Currently my favorite strain. Now it was my first from Cascadia but I have purchased others from local distributors. Those didn’t compare.

The flowers were great. Big, slightly sticky, smelled great. Smoked even better. It was perfect for after dinner and relaxing on the couch and right before bed.” 

So we know where it came from, and what our customers think about it. But what can Elektra do for you? Read on for our Elektra CBD flower guide.




Elektra is a Sativa dominant strain, meaning you could be forgiven for thinking that this is an exclusively day-time CBD flower. While it does work well during the day, a large amount of CBD smokers find this gorgeous bud works best in the evening. It’s high CBD content works well and is used regularly as a CBD supplement for restful sleep. 

Smoking or vaping CBD increases its potential to be absorbed by your body and allows the effects to come on much faster than CBD oils or topicals. Another benefit of Elektra is that as a CBD flower, it contains full-spectrum CBD. This means that along with an amazing flavor and taste, Elektra provides the full range of beneficial cannabinoids available in hemp. These cannabinoids work in synergy, potentially boosting the effectiveness of your CBD with what is known as the Entourage Effect.

Elektra is a high CBD Sativa strain that performs well, comes on fast, and harnesses all the benefits associated with full-spectrum CBD. If you’re looking for fast, effective relief, Elektra should be on your wish-list.



Our CBD flower is grown in strictly controlled conditions with little to no THC. This means that our CBD flower contains negligible amounts of this psychoactive cannabinoid, making it completely legal in CBD tolerant states. Don’t just take our word for it- at Cascadia Blooms we are passionate about quality, meaning every strain is subjected to a 3rd party lab test to guarantee purity and legality. Check the lab reports out here for a full breakdown.



Elektra is on the sweeter end of the scale, with citrus top-notes that give way to a fuller, dank base. Words like ‘robust’ and ‘pungent’ appear frequently in Elektra reviews, and they’re certainly not wrong. Elektra’s terpene profile makes for a flavor-filled smoking experience, regardless of whether you’re rolling your own or vaporizing it. 

The citrusy-sweet flavors also make Elektra an excellent choice for edibles, giving your culinary CBD creations a sharp twist. Check out our Vegan Tostadas recipe to see how you can utilize Elektra’s amazing flavors in the kitchen!



CBD content

Elektra’s CBD content is at the higher end of our CBD flower range, sitting at an impressive 16.65% total CBD. This means that Elektra is more than up to the task, regardless of your reasons for using CBD flower. It’s no accident that many of our customers use CBD for chronic issues- this is a hemp flower that puts the work in. 

To ensure consistency we regularly test each batch through our chosen 3rd party labs- be sure to read through the results for yourself before purchase.



Like many of our organically grown CBD strains, Elektra is a multi-functional flower. Its fresh, sweet flavors make it the number one choice for many customers, whether they smoke or vape their CBD. While both methods are pretty standard for CBD smokers, it’s always pleasing to see a CBD flower, like Elektra, that can appeal to both camps in equal measure. 

Elektra’s high oil content also works in its favor- when rolled in a blunt it holds its shape well, without crumbling to dust. The oily resin it excretes also makes Elektra ideal for cannabutter and infusions- check out our cannabutter recipe for more information. 


Final Thoughts

By virtue of its genetics, Elektra came into this world with high expectations already set for it. Thankfully it not only met these but through our love and hard work, exceeded them. We’re proud to offer Elektra as a premium CBD flower, and glowing feedback suggests that our customers agree.

Head over to our store and choose from premium tops or cost-effective smalls. Regardless of what you choose, you can be confident that each and every bud has been hand-picked and trimmed with care and attention. If you need any more reassurance, read through our reviews to see what our customers have been saying.

When you choose Cascadia Blooms, you choose a premium hemp CBD flower. Elektra has become somewhat of a poster-child for this, and we encourage you to experience it for yourself!

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  1. My review was quoted, awesome.

    I still stand by it. Almost through the entire current Cascadia lineup and Elektra is still in the top 3 for me.

    Loving the flower guides as well. Feel that this website and Cascadia in a whole has grown so much in the last 13 or 14 months since I learned of you and started buying your product.

    Great job.

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