Indica CBD Flower vs Sativa CBD Flower

Indica CBD Flower vs Sativa CBD Flower

A commonly asked question we get is what is the difference between indica and sativa? Indica sometimes joked about as “inda-couch” for being a more relaxing effect in strains and giving an almost lethargic feeling to some is not very motivating.

Consumers say they get more of a body high and receive a sleepy effect helping to put one’s mind at ease and making it great for evening/night use. Indica CBD flower has been said to help with insomnia and anxiety for some consumers based on it’s relaxing and easing effects that may help some clear their mind at the end of the day.

Sativa is the opposite of this, these strains are usually preferred during the day time to give the consumer that motivated, happy effect. These strains are going to be more uplifting, cerebral, creativity, and mood-enhancing strains.

This is said to help a lot with depression for some as it can be uplifting, some consumers have said Sativa CBD flower strains help them throughout the day to help with their targeted needs without getting too drowsy to go about their daily routines which can be a lot more helpful than products making one drowsy or feeling cloudy.

Again always keeping in mind however everyone reacts differently! That brings us to hybrids, these are mixed strains that can be partially indica and partially sativa.

This happens by breeding a sativa plant with an indica plant to create its own strain. Hybrids can be more helpful and sometimes preferred for those who need or want effects from both sides! They can vary on the spectrum however of what they are more dominant in being either sativa dominant or indica dominant.

While they contain effects of both they will sway towards the dominant side of effects so consumers may feel more of the dominant effects with bits of the less dominant effects. No one can say for sure how these will affect any one person individually without trying and experiencing it as everyone’s body is different and everyone can react and metabolize products differently.

Always remember to consume responsibly, and consult your physician for further information on what may be best for you especially if you are consuming with other medicines or prescriptions. Explore our latest CBD flower products here.

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