Lifter CBD Flower Guide

Lifter CBD Flower Guide


Lifter CBD Guide - CBD For Daytime Use


When it comes to smoking CBD, brash, powerful strains usually dominate the CBD flower landscape. This has its benefits, but today we’re focusing on balance. One strain that was bred for this category is Lifter.

Lifter CBD flower has the goods but doesn’t stamp around declaring itself king of the crop. This high-oil content flower is known for its mid-range CBD content and smooth tasting profile- a combination that makes it a crowd-favorite. So where does it come from?

Originally bred by Oregon CBD, Lifter is a cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Berry. ERB is popular in cultivation circles, being used as a parent for a few different high-profile strains. Suver Haze is currently in our hemp flower rotation as well and is famous for it’s high CBD content. The result of this pairing is the perfectly balanced Lifter- strong enough to allow you to feel the benefits, but gentle enough to ensure a smooth, pleasurable smoke. 

Lifter grows with vigorous bushy, upright growth patterns. By late August, the fields are full of large, oily “goldilocks” buds, prime for harvest. If a medium-range CBD flower that smokes as well as it smells sounds like your ideal CBD flower, read on for our Lifter CBD flower guide!




As with any CBD flower, Lifter acts fastest when inhaled. Vaporizing your CBD can increase its bioavailability when compared with alternative methods, improving both the rate and amount of absorption. 

As a Sativa-dominant strain, Lifter is best suited for day-time use. Many customers find it works best as a method to deal with daily stressors, as well as helping focus the mind. The name ‘Lifter’ was chosen for a reason, and our Lifter reviews agree: “The effect of this strain is as enjoyable as the smell and taste. Once I experienced the effect the name “Lifter” seemed very appropriate. Overall, it has an uplifting, mood-improving effect.” 

Lifter is a fantastic strain if you’re looking to smoke during the day, but still, need to get things done. It’s uplifting, mood-enhancing, and helps you tackle your day with a clear, calm mind.



Our CBD flower is grown in strictly controlled conditions with little to no THC. This means that our CBD flower contains negligible amounts of this psychoactive cannabinoid, making it completely legal in CBD tolerant states. Don’t just take our word for it- at Cascadia Blooms we are passionate about quality, meaning every strain is subjected to a 3rd party lab test to guarantee purity and legality. Check the lab reports out here for a full breakdown.



Much like its effects, Lifter’s terpene profile brings a deliciously uplifting lemony, piney flavor. The top terpenes in Lifter are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Caryophyllene, so expect a strong, gassy funk when opening the bag. 

With such oily, strong-smelling buds, you would expect a harsher smoke. Not the case with lifter, especially when vaped. Smoking Lifter through a vape gives a smooth, flavorful smoke that’s subtle on your throat. This is where the balanced aspect of Lifter shines- a full-bodied, citrus hit without eye-watering coughing fit 5 seconds later.

Strong flavors, smooth smoking, and a terpene profile to die for. If any of that piques your interest, Lifter is your next CBD flower.


CBD content

Lifter contains 14.2% CBDa, for a total CBD content of 12.3%. While on the lower end of the scale, this strain is still a smart choice for mid-range tolerances and CBD needs. The aim here is to function, not settle into the couch for the evening. Lifter’s CBD content allows you to address your CBD needs, all while going about your day in a focused manner.

To ensure consistency we regularly test each batch through our chosen 3rd party labs- be sure to read through the results for yourself before purchase.



Consider Lifter as an ‘executive’ CBD flower- it’s on the go, gets results, and is all about motivation. This is why vaping is our preferred method of using Lifter.

Vaping Lifter is not only quick and efficient but it also really brings out the flavor. Our resident vape tester Bree loved how much vaping enhanced the flavor pallet of the flower, rather than some of the burnt taste you may get from other smoking methods. 

Like our other high-oil CBD flowers, Lifter also performs well for edibles, both in the form of cannabutter and via infusions. 

If you’re a fan of vaping CBD flower, Lifter is a great choice. If you’re a wizard in the kitchen, Lifter is a great choice. In fact, whatever your preferred method of using CBD flower, Lifter is a great choice!


Final Thoughts

CBD is used for many different reasons, which is why we’re so passionate about CBD flower. Whatever your reasons are, there is probably a strain perfect for you. Lifter is the number one choice for those of us who want that extra boost during the day, and it is miles ahead of the competition. 

Lifter is well-loved for many reasons, and we’re excited to cultivate these gorgeous buds for you here in Oregon. A lot of love, care, and attention goes into all of our flowers, and we are committed to consistently providing you with high-quality, organic CBD flower.

Head over to the store to see our Lifter selection, and read through our reviews to see what our customers have been saying. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with this energetic CBD flower, just as we have.

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