Suver Haze CBD Flower Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Suver Haze CBD Flower Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Suver Haze CBD flower is one of our most popular strains here at Cascadia Blooms, and its position as one of our most loved CBD strains has been well earnt. Not only does it look, taste, and smoke like a premium CBD flower should, but it’s also our most potent CBD strain of 2020. Such an introduction may seem excessive, but we’re not the only fans of this amazing CBD flower.

Customers from across the US love our organically grown Suver Haze, and we’re confident this plucky CBD flower will gain new converts as it continues to delight and satisfy the CBD masses. Whether you’re new to CBD, CBD flower specifically, or are just looking for the best CBD flower to smoke, read on- this is our ultimate guide to Suver Haze CBD flower. Make sure you also check out the video below to see this tasty, terpene laden CBD flower in action!




Like many great CBD hemp flower strains, Suver Haze is a cross-breed. Bred by Oregon CBD, Suver Haze crosses their high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. This parentage makes for a hardy hemp plant that’s bursting with terpenes. Suver #8 grows well in many different climates, from Oregon to South Carolina. Early Resin Berry is a proprietary strain by Oregon CBD and is used for many well-loved CBD hemp-flower strains, including Suver Haze. 

According to Oregon CBD, the name has more to do with location than anything else. When asked about it, Oregon CBD said: “Our first legitimate R&D facility was located along Suver Road, in the former epicenter of Oregon grass seed development. The area has a rich farming and social history and we offer this as our contribution to the legend.” Not such an exciting origin story for such an exciting plant, but we don’t get to choose where we’re born!



Put it this way: from the second you open the bag, you know you’ve made the right choice with Suver Haze. Notes of black pepper and sweet fruits along with terpenes reminiscent of hops, pine, and chamomile are the order of the day, and this heady blend only gets better when smoked. Each bud a riot of oranges, purples, and green hues, which account for those gorgeous smells.

Surprisingly, and despite it’s high CBD content, Suver Haze CBD flower won’t rip your throat out. Not all CBD flower was created equal- the combination of advanced R&D with premium parentage has created a smooth, fruity smoke that is as relaxing as the inevitable effects. As one reviewer stated: “Super smooth and tasty. Cascadia Blooms has never disappointed me. There’s no doubt they care about the quality of the flower they produce. Top-notch.” We may be biased, but we’re inclined to agree.



Suver Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid, making it an excellent daytime strain. Sativa strains are generally associated with uplifting effects including clarity, increased energy, and improved focus. That said, Suver Haze also works well as a ‘bedtime strain’, with many customers positively reviewing Suver Haze for its relaxing effects. This makes Siver Haze CBD flower a great all-rounder and a great choice for both day and night.

It’s also our most potent CBD flower, with a whopping 18.7% CBDa for a total of 16.65% CBD. This is backed by a full 3rd party lab report, which comes with every Cascadia Blooms CBD flower as standard. If your routine requires larger doses of CBD, Suver Haze has you covered.



Suver Haze works well with a variety of different methods to consume CBD. Each flower is handpicked by our team in Oregon, meaning you receive premium CBD whether you choose tops or smalls. The buds are dense, squishy, and oily, but they still grind well. This means that a little can go a long way, and Suver Haze is perfect for either your chosen vape kit or in a blunt. We love Suver Haze in a blunt wrap- check out our CBD blunt guide for more information!

Suver Haze’s high oil content also makes it a great choice for infusions and edibles, either in our famous cannabutter recipe or as a garnish. The lemony sweet scent pairs well with a variety of CBD edibles- try some with our CBD infused vegan tostadas.


Final Thoughts

We love each and every CBD flower we grow, from seed to sale. It’s never a good idea to play favorites with something you love, but Suver Haze makes it difficult for us to be objective. This oily, terpene-rich CBD flower is a fantastic all-rounder and has broad appeal. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring CBD for the first time, are a seasoned smoker, or are just looking for the best CBD flower available, Suver Haze is the right choice.

Our customers agree- Suver Haze reviews wax lyrical about everything from its appearance to its effects. Don’t let it’s high CBD content put you off either- one of the major benefits of CBD flower is the ability to measure your dosage at your own pace. We also ship wholesale, for those of you on the other end of the CBD scale. 

Suver Haze is a premium CBD flower at an affordable price. It’s also multi-purpose, allowing you the choice of vaping, smoking, or eating this beneficial hemp plant. Want a great tasting CBD flower? Buy this strain. Want a CBD flower that is potent but still smooth to smoke? Buy. This. Strain. Want a CBD provider that cares as much about CBD flower as you do? Head over to our store and get yours today!

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