What are CBD cigarettes good for?

What are CBD cigarettes good for?


What are CBD Cigarettes Good For


Today, we’re looking at convenient CBD. To narrow it down a bit, we’re specifically looking at the most convenient way to smoke CBD. CBD flower is a fantastic product with myriad potential beneficial properties, but sometimes, it can come just a little too late. If you’re someone who uses CBD for anxiety, the last thing you want when you need to have some headspace is a delay while you roll your favorite bud.

One of the benefits of smoking CBD, when compared to other methods, is the speed at which the CBD enters your system. Atomizing CBD increases its bioavailability, meaning your body can process the CBD quicker and with a higher absorption rate. This is brilliant news if you rely on CBD to help keep your day calm and focused, but there’s always room for improvement.

This is where the CBD cigarette steps in. Often maligned for good reason, the word cigarette conjures pretty miserable images. This means that the CBD cigarette is missing some of the praise it so deserves. We’d like to rectify that- read on for our answer to the question: ‘What are CBD cigarettes good for?’



CBD cigarettes are convenient for a couple of reasons. First, they come already rolled. If you’re a seasoned CBD joint roller this may not seem like much, but if you’re just starting or want a break from rolling, this is a blessing. Trying to brush the leftover CBD flower crumbs from your lap before you head back into the office is never fun, and is one of the annoyances that CBD cigarettes addresses. 

Second, many people use CBD cigarettes for anxiety. Recent studies have begun to support the idea that CBD helps with anxiety, stating that ‘overall, current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders’. Having a perfect bud of pre-rolled CBD that is ready to go at a moment’s notice may be the key to heading off unwelcome changes in your anxiety levels. Maintaining a cool, calm exterior in the face of crippling anxiety requires constant physical and mental maintenance, so immediate relief in the form of a CBD cigarette is a must-have.


An accurate dosage

We all have different tolerances with CBD, and it’s important to discover yours for maximum efficacy. Speaking to your health professional is always the first step, but in addition to this many people amend their own CBD dosage at home to see what works and what doesn’t.

This means that accuracy is paramount- a consistent dosage, or at least an awareness of exactly how much CBD you’re consuming, is invaluable. That can be difficult if you’re rolling your CBD flower on the go: breaking out the digital scales in public may not be the best idea. Pre-measured and pre-rolled CBD cigarettes mean that you no longer have this issue- just accurately measured CBD. 

There are plenty of curious people online discussing the best way to accurately measure your CBD dose, as well as some great online tools to help you arrive at your own suggested CBD dosage. CBD cigarettes mean that once you’re confident with your personal CBD dosage, you can be consistent down to the last 0.01 of a gram. 

Every CBD flower produced by Cascadia Blooms comes with a recent COA, so you can calculate your dosage even more accurately.



It’s cost-effective

A slight stretch perhaps but if your idea of a good night in is reviewing your monthly budget, CBD cigarettes are an excellent choice. In the same way that they allow you to maintain consistency with your CBD dosage, CBD cigarettes also allow you to forecast your expected daily CBD usage. 

It’s never enjoyable to open your chosen CBD flower container to find that you’re faced with a depressing wasteland of stems and the faint, sweet memories of that gorgeous bud you smoked last night. With a little bit of willpower, CBD cigarettes can help you regulate your CBD smoking habits. Not only do you ensure you keep your dodge consistent, but your bank balance too.


They may help you quit tobacco cigarettes

Smoking tobacco has absolutely zero upsides and is the cause of plenty of significant health issues. If you’ve ever smoked cigarettes or are currently a smoker, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ve tried to give up. If you succeeded- congratulations! If not, don’t stop fighting just yet- research suggests CBD may be a potential treatment for nicotine addiction.

This is by no means gospel, and the researchers themselves state quite clearly that further study is needed. That said, there is also plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD cigarettes may help reduce the number of tobacco cigarettes you smoke. Addiction is a complicated and personal journey so it wouldn’t be right or fair to claim it has a 100% success rate, but many satisfied customers wax lyrical about CBD’s ability to curtail their cravings.

One thing that we do know is that CBD is not responsible for any of the life-changing health concerns that we associate with tobacco. Making the conscious decision to replace even one tobacco cigarette with a CBD one seems like a smarter choice.



You get to choose

We said that this article is about the convenience of CBD cigarettes, and we stick by that. However, convenience doesn’t have to be repetitive. Your CBD needs may change throughout the day, and a premium-quality Sativa may be the perfect thing for breakfast, but you’re hankering for an organic Indica by 9 pm. 

This is where we shine- Cascadia Blooms has a wide selection of strains for a variety of situations. We even curate sample packs for when you’re unsure of your next bud. This means that with a little preparation you can shift gears on the go, with minimal fuss. 

Our store is designed so that you can select the right bud through various factors- terpene profile, total CBDa, and customer reviews are all on display so you’re able to make an informed choice. Once you’re loaded up with some of the best premium CBD hemp flower in the USA, you can create a CBD cigarette routine that compliments your own needs.


Final thoughts

Stress and anxiety can be tiring, and often it’s this tiredness that hits hardest. Maintaining a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle helps, but there’s no reason to create excess work for ourselves. CBD cigarettes are potentially a fast, efficient, and convenient way to address acute stress and anxiety. 

If cost, quality, and purity are important to you, we supply premium CBD flower that is independently tested at prices that will keep both you and your bank balance happy. Head over to our store to select your favorite bud to go into your CBD cigarettes. We love what we grow, and we’re confident you’ll love it too.

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