What is CBD distillate?

What is CBD distillate?


What is CBD Distillate



When you think of high potency CBD, what comes to mind? 20% CBD content buds? High-strength oils? How about up to 90% concentrate? Dust off your glassware and preheat your bowl, because today we’re talking about CBD distillate. 

CBD distillate is a bit of a dark horse and hasn’t really received the press it deserves. CBD flower, topicals, and oils all scramble for the spotlight, with CBD distillate remaining on the fringes of the CBD community. You could be forgiven for not being fully acquainted with this golden, powerful alternative to your usual CBD methods. So what is CBD distillate?

Distillation is the process of “purifying a liquid by a process of heating and/or cooling”. The distillation process focuses on purity, down to a molecular level. CBD distillate is a highly refined cannabis extract. The plant matter goes through a complex extraction and purification process that results in a golden, almost honey-like substance that contains around 80% pure CBD, with a mixture of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes for good measure.

This golden liquid is highly sought after for its strength and purity, commanding a far higher price per gram than other CBD products. The process of extracting CBD and creating CBD distillate can be difficult to master, leading to a rise in professional CBD manufacturers looking to create their own for sale.

It’s extremely potent, difficult to produce in large quantities, and expensive to buy- so what is the attraction? Let’s take a more in-depth look.


How is CBD distillate made?

First, the raw oil from the hemp plant is heated to vaporize the cannabinoids. These vaporized cannabinoids are then collected and cooled, resulting in a liquid that is packed full of pure CBD.

It may sound simple, but the process of heating and cooling is a fine balancing act. Too hot, and you run the danger of destroying the beneficial CBD. The risk is worth it though- CBD distillate does not need the solvents used in other CBD extraction processes, resulting in a purer, cleaner end product.


Why does CBD distillate crystallize?

If you’ve ever been the proud owner of high-strength CBD oil, you may notice that it tends to crystallize over time. CBD distillate is no different- in fact, it’s more prone to this process. Fear not- crystallized CBD is a natural and safe reaction, and the crystallization is actually a sign of purity. 

Two things affect the rate at which CBD crystallizes- temperature, and CBD concentration. The application of heat combined with the purity of CBD distillate causes it to solidify and crystallize- the higher the concentration of CBD, the more pronounced the crystallization.

If you’re a budding chemist, or just want to know why your vape needs that extra bit of love after smoking CBD distillate, check out this helpful article for a more in-depth look at the science behind it.


How much does CBD distillate cost?

CBD distillate isn’t cheap- high-quality CBD distillate products currently run at approximately $30 per gram. To put that in perspective, a gram of premium CBD flower is roughly 35 cents. This isn’t your average bush weed- this is science creating something greater than the sum of its parts.

What you do get for that large hole in your bank account, however, is CBD like you’ve never seen before. The extraction process and staggeringly high CBD concentration both factor into the cost, and CBD distillate is not something you will be buying on a whim. The cost reflects the difficulty to create such a powerful product, and spending your hard-earned cash on such a premium CBD product should be done after serious consideration.


How to use CBD distillate

CBD distillate is wonderfully versatile and can be consumed in a variety of ways. The more traditional avenue is via atomization in a vape, or by smoking it in your preferred glassware. It’s surprisingly smooth and odorless, with just a hint of the strain it has been derived from. 

Due to its high concentration, CBD distillate is also easy to add to your CBD edibles. A little goes a long way, and the neutral flavor profile means it won’t overpower your dish. The process of creating CBD distillate also means it has already been decarboxylated, so there’s no need to heat the distillate yourself to activate those all-important cannabinoids.


Is CBD Distillate worth it?

CBD distillate may be expensive, but for good reason. One of the more exciting reasons to use CBD distillate is that it can be tailored to your own needs. When you use CBD oils or flower, the benefits and effects are constrained to the particular strain that you’ve chosen. If we want to tease extra benefits from these methods, you’re looking at a whole new strain.


Final Thoughts

CBD distillate may not appeal to everyone, but if you’re looking for the strongest CBD concentrate there is, look no further. CBD distillate may represent the next step for the CBD industry, providing researchers and developers with the opportunity to craft a product that can be used for specific ailments.

The initial setup and cost per gram aren’t exactly low, but consider CBD distillate as an investment. If the cost is still too prohibitive, there are plenty of helpful step-by-step guides available online to show you how to extract your own.

We firmly believe in quality and purity, with a mission to provide you with premium quality CBD. CBD distillate ticks all of these boxes, and we feel that in the coming years, it could occupy a far larger segment of the CBD market than it currently does. Research permitting, don’t be surprised if CBD distillate becomes a fixture in your daily routine!.

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