What It’s Like To Smoke CBD Pre Rolls?

What It’s Like To Smoke CBD Pre Rolls?


CBD Pre-Rolls by Cascadia Blooms


How do you smoke your CBD flower? With modern technology moving at breakneck speed, the CBD market is flooded with new and interesting ways to smoke our CBD flower. One that is constantly overlooked, however, is the pre-roll. 

CBD pre-rolls are a convenient, effective way to administer your CBD, with the added bonus of creative control. Unlike CBD oil drops or balms, you get to choose the dose, flavor, and overall effects from a wide range of gorgeous CBD flowers, all available in our online store. It requires nothing but your chosen paper, a nug of Cascadia Blooms full-spectrum CBD hemp flower, and a bit of rolling practice. What’s not to love? Sometimes, tried and tested methods really are the best.

A lot of our customers already know this, and consistently choose Cascadia Blooms CBD flower for its variety of flavors and strengths. We’ve spent the past few years cultivating some of the best strains from around the US, and their performance in CBD pre-rolls is second to none. 

Check out the videos below to see two of our favorite strains- Elektra and Lifter– in action, and read on to see what it’s like to smoke CBD pre-rolls!    



What does CBD flower taste like when you smoke it in a pre-roll?

One of the highlights of smoking CBD prerolls is, undeniably, the flavor. Each Cascadia Blooms CBD hemp flower comes with its own flavor profile, each adding something different to your CBD experience. Check out any of our hemp flower’s descriptions, and you’ll be greeted with a full breakdown of the terpene profile, as well as our impressions of its flavors. Looking for a citrus twist? Check out Elektra. Want a candy-sweet and sour nostalgia trip? Sour Space Candy has you covered. 

Our CBD flower is terpene-rich and if you choose an oily bud-like Elektra, you’d be forgiven for expecting a harsh hit with every toke. Not the case- both customers and Cascadia Bloom’s employees alike love this strain for it’s smooth, flavorful smoke. As one customer put it: “It is very smooth smoking. I do the ‘old fashioned way’- I roll it. Being derived from AC/DC as I am familiar with, both have this smooth smoking profile.” We love seeing satisfied customers, and he’s not alone- check out the reviews for yourself. CBD pre-rolls really do bring out the flavors we’ve worked so hard to coax out of our CBD flower. 

CBD pre-rolls also give you the ability to discover these gorgeous flavors at your own pace- you’re in control of which bud you choose, and how much you decide to smoke. Our rotating stock ensures that there is something for everyone, all year round. 


How fast does the CBD flower burn in a pre-roll?

Are you familiar with the fable of the hare and the tortoise? That’s right- slow and steady wins the race. With CBD pre-rolls that use Cascadia Blooms CBD flower, you’re not going to be breaking any speed records. We want you to be able to enjoy our product at a leisurely pace- no-body likes seeing their favorite CBD flower going up in smoke too quickly.

Our CBD flower strikes the perfect balance between slow-burning and having to relight every 10 seconds. This is thanks to their oily, terpene-heavy buds, packed with beneficial cannabinoids. Your own choice of paper may also factor into the burning time, but strains such as Lifter really hold it down for you. Expect nugs that grind surprising well, but still retain their structure well when rolled. This loose but sticky structure is thanks to its high oil content, as well as the love and attention the plant received during growing. The end result is a CBD pre-roll that smokes at a steady pace, without flaming out or falling apart. 

Each strain brings something different to the table, but what they have in common is the fact that they all contain full spectrum, organically grown CBD. The range of cannabinoids available in each plant work in harmony, potentially boosting the effectiveness of your CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is standard in all of our products, and we like to think you can feel the difference in every smooth, flavor-packed toke.



How much CBD flower is in a pre-roll? 

On average, each CBD pre-roll contains between 0.6 to 1 gram of our organic, full-spectrum CBD hemp flower. On average. This means we have absolutely no control over what kind of origami-inspired pre-rolls you decide to concoct in your own home and are certainly not in any way encouraging your imagination to run wild with your own wonderful creations.

The watchword here is choice- you choose the bud that is right for you, and you choose the amount you would like to smoke. We all have different needs when it comes to CBD, and our CBD flower allows you to tailor your CBD intake to your own preferences. If you need a small single paper joint ready at a moment’s notice, go right ahead. If you want to roll something that you’re able to share with your partner or friends after a stressful day or tough work out, we’re not stopping you!

Smoking CBD flower pre-rolls is a lot about personal preference, and we’re here to ensure that you have as much choice as possible. We love every strain we grow, and we know you’ll find one that is perfect for you too. 


Final Thoughts

CBD pre-rolls are a tried and tested method for making the most out of your CBD flower. At Cascadia Blooms we’re always excited to bring our high-quality CBD flower to a wider audience, and smoking CBD in pre-rolls is an excellent way to allow our buds to speak for themselves.

Head over to our store to see which CBD hemp strains are currently in rotation, and take the time to read through our customer reviews. Each CBD flower comes with a full 3rd party lab report as well, so you can rest assured that you’re smoking the best CBD flower money can buy.

Our CBD flower range offers great variety, with a bud to suit even the pickiest CBD smoker. If you want a high-quality, full-spectrum CBD pre-roll, our organic CBD flower is a natural choice. 

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