CBD Flower Wholesale Guide

CBD Flower Wholesale Guide

Sometimes, a few grams just isn’t enough. The issue is, premium CBD flower can be a costly purchase, and simply increasing the amount you want at checkout isn’t going to cut it. Many businesses across the US stock our CBD flower, and we’re proud to partner with vendors who share our passion for high-quality hemp products.

If you’re looking for wholesale premium CBD flower, that is cured in-house, never chemically processed and organically grown right here in Southern Oregon, then Cascadia Blooms has got your back. Our wholesale program has been up and running for some time now, providing our usual brand of high-quality, lab-tested CBD flower on a much larger scale. 

So how can you order wholesale CBD flower from Cascadia Blooms? Read on for the essential points, as well as a brief review of some of our most popular wholesale CBD flower.

How to order wholesale CBD flower

The first step is to get in touch! We love what we grow, and we’re eager for our customer service to reflect our passion for CBD flower. Fill out this form online- this allows us to prepare a quotation in line with your business needs, as well as ensure that we are able to meet your expectations. 

Once received, we can begin the process of providing you with the flower of your choice. Initially, you’ll receive a comprehensive quote alongside samples of your chosen CBD flower, and the relevant COA’s. Each COA is up to date and contains a full breakdown for your own peace of mind. 


Please note: wholesale customers must be registered businesses with the legal right to purchase, receive, and handle hemp in their locale.

1-10 pounds:

  • Machine trimmed: $600
  • Bucked: $500

11-100 pounds:

  • Machine trimmed: $525
  • Bucked: $420

Over 100 pounds: 

  • Machine trimmed: $420
  • Bucked: $350

Depending on availability, we also have smalls, trim, and rosin.

CBD flower your customers will love

Cascadia Blooms curate a wide range of CBD flower, from Indicas to Sativas, and from deep, earthy tones to fragrant, citrus tones. Each plant comes with its own distinct personality, but what they have in common is a loyal following. We’ve rolled out four of our favorites for a brief overview:

Kush Hemp

Kush Hemp is a cross between pre-98 Bubba Kush and an unknown hemp strain. The mysteries of its origin haven’t held Kush Hemp back though- the results are dense green and purple flowers with a pleasingly high CBD content. Our Kush is hand-planted on the East side of our field to ensure plenty of sun each morning and is lavished with love and attention throughout the organic growing process. 

Customers return time and again for this gorgeous hemp plant, leaving glowing reviews each time: “Excellent! Tasty and potent, this is my go-to for an evening of relaxation. I’ve tried many CBD brands, and by far Cascadia is the best.” 

Suver Haze

Suver Haze CBD flower is one of our most popular strains here at Cascadia Blooms, and its position as one of our most loved CBD strains has been well earnt. Not only does it look, taste, and smoke like a premium CBD flower should, but it’s also our most potent CBD strain of 2020. Such an introduction may seem excessive, but we’re not the only fans of this amazing CBD flower.

Customers from across the US love our organically grown Suver Haze, and we’re confident this plucky CBD flower will gain new converts as it continues to delight and satisfy the CBD masses.  As one reviewer stated: “Super smooth and tasty. Cascadia Blooms has never disappointed me. There’s no doubt they care about the quality of the flower they produce. Top-notch.” 

Sour Space Candy

A major selling point for Sour Space Candy is its full-bodied flavor profile. This is thanks in part to one of its parents, Sour Tsunami. Sour Tsunami is renowned for its unique, terpinolene-forward flavor similar to GG4 and the Sour Diesel / Chem / OG lines. The review section is packed with positive comments, especially regarding Sour Space Candy’s singular flavor: “The smell alone is just amazing. I think this is going to be my new go-to. One of the best I’ve had so far.” 

Hawaiian Haze

Our Hawaiian Haze was grown, picked, and cured to perfection with care by our small team, before being shipped securely to you so you can provide your customer base with some of the best premium CBD flower available.

Hawaiian Haze is a crossbreed between Haze and, you guessed it, Hawaiian. Both are Sativa strains, making Hawaiian Haze a pure-bred Sativa CBD flower. The mixture of Californian and (possibly) Hawaiian genetics come together to produce a bud that is not only a joy to smoke but creates the kind of effects that keep our customers coming back time and again: “Amazing smell to it. Love the nice aroma when smoked. Leaves me feeling nice and mellow stress-free after a long day at work. Not harsh on my lungs which I love. Nice tropical taste to it.”


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale CBD flower, you’ve come to the right place. We love what we grow, and we know your customers will too. Contact our helpful team for on-hand support, or check out our store to browse through the potential stock.

Buying CBD flower wholesale couldn’t be easier. When you’re ready, check out our wholesale program and register your details!

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