4 Things You Should Know About Delta-8

One of our most popular strains is Delta-8 THC hemp flowers. Products range from Tropics D8 Gummies and Moonrocks to Sour G CBG. But, what is Delt-8, and how does it differ from other hemp strains? What effects does it produce? Is it safe to consume. Below, we take a deep dive into Delta-8 to share four main things you need to know about it.

1. Delta-8 Is a Natural Compound

Experts refer to Delta-8 as a terpenoid - an all-natural chemical found within the cannabis plant. Terpenoids are organic chemicals that contain oxygen. They also contribute to a plant’s aroma. These organic compounds can be found in various plants, including eucalyptus, tomatoes, sunflowers, and ginger. 

There are numerous scientific uses for terpenoids, including protein enhancement. Since terpenoids are all-natural, they are safe to use and good for you. Manufacturers use isolated terpenes to create the flavors and scents of popular CBD products because of their aromatic qualities. 

2. Delta-8 is Neuroprotective

The term neuroprotective can have various meanings depending on the plant/substance and the application. In the world of CBD hemp, it means this: When delta-8 THC binds to CB1 receptors in your brain, the neurotransmitters and hormones respond, making you feel more relaxed. The result is lower anxiety levels.

Delta-8 THC has strong neuroprotective properties that researchers have been studying for several years. It functions in various ways. For instance, it inhibits enzymes, regulates potassium, and manages calcium in the central nervous system. These functions lead to an overall sense of mental health and wellness.

3. Delta-8 Is Can Relieve Pain

Since Delta-8 is a cannabinoid, it binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body. The receptors have balance the functions of individual bodily systems. Each cannabinoid in the hemp plant binds primarily with CB1 receptors in the nervous system. This action increases the body’s cannabinoid regulatory properties.

Delta 8 has the potential to reduce pain. The nervous system consists of a series of pain receptors attached to the body’s nerve endings. The receptors register pain and send signals to the brain to let it know that the body has been injured. Cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system are primarily responsible for regulating the sensitivity of these pain receptors so that you feel less pain. Delta-8 stimulates the cannabinoid receptors, increasing the body’s ability to reduce pain.

4. Delta-8 is Slightly Psychoactive

Delta-8 THC does produce psychoactive effects. However, it does not produce the psychoactive levels as Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC can be found in multiple formats, including tinctures, beverages, vapes, and gummies. Regardless of how you consume the compound, you will not feel the same high as you would smoking normal levels of THC.

Many people who use Delta-8 claim that it is a smoother psychoactive experience than Delta-9. So, if you are looking for something milder than the Delta-9 strain, Delta-8 is an excellent choice, given its gentle buzz along with the positive effects of relaxation.

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