5 CBD Hemp Flower Benefits Backed by Science

While CBD hemp flower can be enjoyed recreationally, many people take CBD for medicinal purposes. Some people consume CBD to relax or sleep better. Others use it as an analgesic to relieve chronic pain. Still, others take CBD to gain an overall sense of wellness. Whatever the reason, many people believe that CBD oil has health benefits. 

But, is their belief grounded in science and facts, or are they merely setting up a placebo effect? Since CBD hemp flower is still a relatively new mass phenomenon, much research needs to be done to discover the scope and extent of its effects on the body. However, some research has already confirmed the benefits that CBD has on the body. Below, we look at 5 CBD hemp flower benefits backed by science.

How Does CBD Work in the Body?

It’s good to understand what CBD oil is and how it affects the body.

The hemp plant contains cannabinoids, which are plant versions of compounds that our bodies produce naturally. Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) that interacts with cannabinoids can affect your sleep, mood, appetite, hormones, immune responses, pain, and more. For this reason, it’s vital to keep this system happy and healthy? CBD oil balances the ECS. The ECS responds to the chemical compounds (cannabinoids) found in cannabis-derived products such as hemp.

5 CBD Hemp Flower Benefits Currently Under Research

There is much to learn about the CBD hemp flower, as we are just entering the earliest stages of research. What are scientists currently investigating?

1. Digestion and Appetite

Proper food digestion is one of the essential elements for achieving optimal body performance. CBD promotes healthy digestion and is being studied as a possible remedy for digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome.

Cannabinoids may be especially helpful in aiding individuals who suffer from clinical obesity and diabetes. There is some potential for CBD to be a supplement for digestion and appetite balance.

2. Anxiety

Can CBD help with anxiety and sleep deprivation issues? Some research has suggested that CBD is linked to lower anxiety and better sleep. Extensive research combined with user feedback has indicated that taking CBD can reduce anxiety, putting the user in a more relaxed state.

However, it still remains to be seen that the CBD products and doses used in these studies significantly differ from retail CBD products and the way people use those products without medical guidance. The good news is that additional research confirms the link between CBD and lower anxiety.

3. Cancer

One of the most controversial issues surrounding CBD use is its role in cancer cell inhibition. There is a careful observation of CBD’s ability to destroy and suppress some types of cancer cells and tumors. It has been suggested that cannabidiol inhibits cancer cell invasion through the upregulation of tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases-1. However, these reports on CBD cancer benefits are under close evaluation and scrutiny.

The American Cancer Society has acknowledged that medical marijuana can benefit cancer patients and help alleviate symptoms like pain and lack of appetite. But CBD is not quite the same as medical marijuana, especially when it comes to retail products. 

However, the cannabinoids of hemp and marijuana are essentially the same molecules, but each strain carries different proportions. 

4. CBD As an Antipsychotic

Heavy prescription drugs taken by those suffering from psychotic episodes can create intense symptoms and disruptive side effects. For instance, side effects of antipsychotic drugs can include dizziness, difficulty speaking, and even muscle trembling.

Research has suggested that CBD compounds could replace or supplement the use of traditional antipsychotic drugs. Cannabidiol may contain a compound that produces the desired effect but without harmful side effects. 

However, patients should not stop taking the prescribed medicine and replace it with the CBD hemp flower. The research of CBD as an antipsychotic is far from conclusive. More research is needed, and patients should never stop taking prescribed medication or start taking CBD with that medication without consulting their doctor.

5. Inflammation

Excess joint inflammation is one of the leading causes of arthritis. Symptoms of inflammation include redness, tightness, painfulness, and more. It can cause flu-like symptoms, including fever, chills, fatigue, headaches, stiffness, and more. CBD acts as an analgesic and suppresses inflammation. 

Delta 8 has the potential to reduce pain. The nervous system consists of a series of pain receptors attached to the body’s nerve endings. The receptors register pain and send signals to the brain to let it know that the body has been injured. Cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system are primarily responsible for regulating the sensitivity of these pain receptors so that you feel less pain. Delta-8 stimulates the cannabinoid receptors, increasing the body’s ability to reduce pain.

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