Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

If you struggle with insomnia, you may have tried all types of remedies to fall asleep - sleeping pills, alcohol, soft music, or even watching TV. Each of these remedies either does not work or has a negative side effect. Even worse, you still find that you are staying up until the early a.m. or not sleeping at all. 

One possible solution for helping you sleep better is taking CBD oil before you go to bed. CBD oil relaxes your nervous system and enables you to fall asleep faster so that you get a full night’s rest. When you wake up the next morning, you have a renewed sense of energy instead of the hangover you may feel from alcohol or sleeping aids.

Why You Stay Awake

Sleep is essential for overall bodily health and function. Sleep allows your body and brain to repair, restore, and reenergize. If you do not get enough sleep, you may experience side effects like poor memory and focus, weakened immunity, and mood changes. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

If your body’s natural function is to sleep, why do you stay awake? Several factors lead to poor sleep, such as

  • Mental health disorders (anxiety, PTSD, addiction, or depression)
  • Medication, which can disturb your sleep-wake cycle
  • Chronic pain
  • Too much caffeine
  • Environmental distractions

Melatonin released by the pineal gland controls your sleep patterns. Levels increase at night time, making you feel sleepy. While you're sleeping, your pituitary gland releases growth hormone, which helps your body grow and repair itself. The factors above can disrupt this process, causing you to stay awake each night.

How CBD Oil Helps You Sleep

CBD users are often curious about how CBD oil promotes sleep. Currently, there is not enough research to suggest the scientific connection between CBD oil and sleep. There is certainly no known correlation between CBD oil and increased melatonin production. 

However, one of the leading causes of insomnia is anxiety. CBD relieves anxiety and causes you to relax, setting the stage for a good night’s rest. Once you are relaxed, the body takes over and resumes its usual sleep cycle. The same is true for chronic pain. CBD oil relieves chronic pain, allowing you to relax instead of feeling intense at night.

How to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

There are several ways that you can take CBD oil to enhance your sleep each night.

  • Gummies or similar edibles
  • Capsules or pills
  • Tinctures and oils
  • Vape concentrates

Vaping is the fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream. However, if you do not feel comfortable vaping, you can eat gummies or consume CBD oils or tinctures. 

How much CBD oil should you take to fall asleep? Your dosage depends on your condition, cause of insomnia, body chemistry, weight, and overall health. Most users require 25 mg to 1,500 mg of CBD per day. 

Keep in mind that you will notice a difference immediately. It can take between one and four weeks for you to get the results you are looking for. So be patient after you begin your dosage. You may also want to explore external factors causing your insomnia. For instance, consider how you can change your room environment to promote better sleep.

What Type of CBD Oil is Best for Sleep?

With so many products on the market, finding the right type of CBD oil for sleep can be challenging. When searching for CBD, you will want to consider factors, including

  • Source of hemp
  • Extraction method
  • The type of CBD
  • Product ingredients
  • Third-party testing

Choose a product made from organic hemp that contains only natural ingredients. A quality product should also come with a certificate of analysis or test results that demonstrate quality, safety, and purity.

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