Common CBD Flower Effects

CBD continues to gain popularity, bringing with it not only new research and new products but a growing customer base. Understandably, the rapid growth of CBD has also led to an increasing amount of questions about what exactly makes it so popular. Keep in mind that these are a mixture of both proven scientific studies and anecdotal evidence, with surveys such as this one by Health Canada providing first-hand insight into common reasons for using CBD.

CBD flower

The most common method of consuming CBD flower is smoking. Whether you smoke CBD flower in a blunt, a bong or a vaporizer is a personal choice, but the effects are just the same. 

Aerosolizing CBD comes with a couple of major pluses. First, the onset is generally faster than oral CBD, with your lungs absorbing the CBD at a far quicker rate than your stomach. Secondly, aerosolizing your CBD may increase its bioavailability- the amount of CBD your body is able to absorb. 

In essence, CBD flower can work faster, and put the amount of CBD available to better use than other methods. This depends on smoking or vaporizing it, however, so get practicing with your favorite blunt wrap, or break out your favorite pipe.


Final thoughts

CBD flower is one of the most popular methods of using CBD, and for good reason. Not only does it provide the same potential when compared to oils and tinctures, but it also has the addition of being a full-spectrum CBD product. Add to this the option to smoke or vaporize your CBD flower, and you have a fast, effective way to use CBD that is hard to beat.

The effects of CBD flower are well documented by satisfied users and are beginning to be explored more thoroughly by the scientific community as well. Try CBD flower for yourself, and tell us what your favorites are.