How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

CBD is now federally legal across the US, however, some state laws still place restrictions on buyers. We always urge you to check CBD’s status in your own state, but sometimes it can still be confusing. Attitudes towards CBD, and on a larger scale the cannabis industry, have softened over the past few years, but they still both have their critics.

If you’re due for a drug test for whatever reason, this may cause issues. It may be completely legal, but that doesn’t seem to stop CBD getting a bad rap from those with deep-seated prejudices. We in no way condone taking steps to ensure CBD isn’t flagged on your next drug test, so let’s phrase it slightly differently: ‘how long does CBD stay in your urine?’

It’s’ one of the most frequently asked questions, and has surprisingly few comprehensive answers. We’ve decided to see what information is out there and collate it, with a little bit extra thrown in. How long does CBD stay in your urine? Let’s find out.

The Variables

First, we need to take a look at the variables. We’re all unique, and process CBD at slightly different rates. This is due to a variety of factors, including:

  • The method of consumption
  • Your metabolism
  • How frequently you use CBD
  • Your age (this can affect your metabolism)
  • The amount of CBD you’ve taken
  • Any medication you may be taking

Each of these variables has at least a small part to play in how long CBD stays in your urine. Coincidentally, they’re also the same reason you should discuss your CBD needs with your medical professional, to ensure an accurate dosage.

The Science

The research on CBD in urine is, unfortunately, rather thin. There have been a few studies, however- one study involved giving 15 participants a variety of CBD products, and testing after 2 hours.

14 out of the 15 participants tested positive for CBD and other cannabinoids. One patient was also tested 24 hours later, and no traces of CBD were found in their system.

Not exactly concrete evidence, but it gives us at least some idea of how long CBD stays in your urine. Most CBD users should be able to expect CBD-free urine within a day or so.

But what about your body? CBD in your urine seems to dissipate reasonably quickly, but what about your blood? Unlike CBD in your urine, research into detectable CBD in your blood is a bit further along.

CBD in your body

Just like CBD in your urine, it’s important to note that the method you use to consume your CBD has a role to play, as does how frequently you use CBD. If you’re a regular CBD flower smoker, there is a higher chance of having detectable CBD in your bloodstream than somebody using CBD oil for the first time. 

In straightforward terms, single-use CBD should be gone from your body in about 24 hours, while regular users of CBD and those who smoke or vape to get their CBD may need to wait a week or longer for the CBD to leave the system completely. 

To put that into numbers, let’s assume you take a 10mg dose of CBD. The method you take it can drastically change how quickly it passes through your body, and at what strengths. This can be measured as the half-life: the half-life of a compound is how long it takes for 50% of it to leave your body. 

The half-life of 10mg of CBD looks a bit different between oils and CBD flower. After 1 hour, 5mg of CBD is detectable in the body when using CBD oil, compared to the full 10mg with CBD flower. After testing a week later, 0mg of CBD is detectable with CBD oil, but there’s still a detectable 0.3mg using CBD flower.

If you use CBD at very low doses, the half-life is even quicker- one study found that low-dose CBD can leave the body within 6 hours. 


CBD in your urine and body has at some point been absorbed via your stomach, skin, or lungs. Depending on the method you use to consume CBD, the amount your body absorbs will vary. 

Oral CBD has the lowest bioavailability, at around 13-19%. The same study also found that smoking CBD improves this, at around 31%. These figures may seem low, but our bodies make the most of what they have to work with. Your job is to make sure the CBD it can process is premium quality.

Final Thoughts

How long does CBD stay in your urine? Less than 24 hours. How long does CBD stay in your body? Up to a week. Are any of these timings accurate? Yes, no, and everything in between. The bottom line is, any answer to these questions is either going to be a rough guide, or so specific that it can vary by quite a large margin from person to person.

As always with CBD, we highly recommend you listen to your body. Affordable CBD testing kits are becoming more commonplace so if you have the time and a full bladder, you can test your own CBD processing times. Grab some premium CBD flower or your favorite oil, set your dosage, and embark upon your own journey of discovery.