How to Recognize High-Quality Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp

Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is one of the most popular strains of CBD products. It is named for its distinctive taste, which resembles sour candy. As the flower’s popularity grows, it is important to recognize high-quality CBD flower and distinguish it from a product that wastes time and money.

Below, we look at recognizing high-quality Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp. If you have any further questions, please contact Cascadia Blooms Direct today.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Right CBD

Like any other CBD product, Sour Space Candy has properties that are easy to evaluate. So, when comparing products, you should consider the following criteria:


The best indicator of a high-quality product is its aroma.


Another way to tell if you have a quality CBD hemp flower is by looking at it.


Trichomes are crystalline white hairs on the surface of the flower. They are tiny, so they may not be visible.


The pistil is the ovule part of the producing flower.

Moisture Content

You can touch the Sour Space Candy flower to determine how much moisture it contains.

Overall Structure

Look at the overall flower to determine the quality of its structure from top to bottom.

How to Identify Quality Sour Space Candy

Now that you know what qualities to look for in CBD hemp flower, let’s look at how to recognize quality Sour Space Candy.


The best Sour Space Candy has a powerful fragrance reminiscent of actual sour candy. The stronger the fragrance, the better the product. The aroma should stand out so that you instantly recognize the flower from other strains.

A rich aroma indicates the Sour Space Candy has a high content of terpenes, hare resins, and essential oils. The plant is weak if you have to inhale deeply to get the aroma. Look for a plant with a stronger aroma.


Most hemp flowers, including Sour Space Candy, have a green base color. Depending on the strain, the shade can vary from dark green to light green. Sour Space candy buds have orange hairs on the dense, darkish green buds and shades of deep purple and glistening trichomes.

Sour Space Candy hemp buds also have a medium size.

When it comes to color, you want to look for bright, robust shades. The more brilliant the flower looks, the higher quality it is. Faded colors indicate that the flower is either low-quality or old. So, avoid purchasing flowers that are brown, red, or yellow.

Trichomes and Pistils

High-quality hemp flower has densely-packed crystalline hairs that are hand-trimmed. Higher content of trichomes indicates that the flower has a high content of essential oils and terpenes. You can tell if the flower has more trichomes if it looks frosty on the outside.

You can also tell if you have a good product if the flower is covered in colored pistils. Pistil colors can range from orange, brown, red, pink, and purple and represent the flower’s maturity and the grower’s expertise.

Moisture and Texture

A Sour Space Candy hemp flower should not be too wet or dry. If it's too dry, it may show signs of mold. When holding the flower, it feels sticky but slightly crunchy. If you can feel the balance, you are holding a quality product.


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