Insta-Pot! A recipe for Instant Pot CBD Oil and Butter

If you’re like me, you often prefer an edible to smoking or vaping. Fortunately, I’ve got a great partner who has perfected a method of making up artisanal truffles and brownies packed with CBD. She makes sure to use all-natural, organic ingredients and the highest quality that we can find. The results are delicious!

Ingredients: The recipe for the oil that I have been looking at is using a crock pot, MCT Oil, Lecithin Sunflower Oil, and the oven for decarboxylation. If this works I will probably upgrade to a Levo 1 for a higher quality oil output.

My approach to Food as Medicine involves whole natural unprocessed foods grown organically from the earth, period, amen. I avoid foods and derivatives heavy in agro-chemicals and monoculture “big” farming. Succinctly, my philosophy is that if Mother Earth didn’t easily grow it herself it’s not going to serve me well in my body.

MCT Oil is derived from coconut oil. Lethicin is the gum byproduct derived from dehydrating a sunflower seed and mechanically separating it into three parts: the oil, the gum and other solids. The reason or “need” for fats in CBD ingestibles is that fats carry the essence through the body to be absorbed. That said, which type of fat and where it comes from are all up for debate as to what’s the most effective and efficient pathway to absorption.

Temperature: The biggest debate I have seen on the internet has been over the decarboxylation temperature and length of time needed for the process.

Indeed there is lots of debate on temp. My answer is 242 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, a key component of temperature is stability of maintaining the exact same temperature. Which kitchen tools are used determine the length(s) of time needed for the processes of both decarboxylation and infusion.

Kitchen Tools:

The kitchen tool I recommend is this Instant Pot pressure cooker for $69. It can be used for both the decarboxylation and infusion processes while maintaining temp at 242F. Significant added bonuses of an Instant Pot in your kitchen is that it effortlessly makes comfort foods like soups, stews, warmed steamed veggies and yogurt which support neural pathways and physical healing.

Additional Resources: If you choose to go the route of the Instant Pot here are a number of online resources to support you. These resources are what I use to create different dosage levels of edible CBD. I use flowers from Cascadia Blooms and grind them with this Grinder for $17. I make raw vegan chocolate truffles from this. The neat thing about infusing oils and butters is you control the dosage yourself and can use the oils and butters in anything you want … not just a tincture for under the tongue. That said, I appreciate the difference between absorption through tincture vs edibles. The nuances are not lost on me yet the trade-offs and joys of making my own foods with no fillers makes the choice for myself clear. Perhaps take a look for yourself and see what you see.

Dosing Calculator w Video – Reveal Cannabis

Instant Pot Cannabis Oil or Butter Recipe

Summary: Clean food and clean water are gonna be your best buddies in life. For water, this glass material BPA-free filter from Soma is $49 plus monthly filters which cost $10 and get mailed to you. I buy an annual subscription of filters for a lower price and receive them two at a time, every four months, for $55/year. The filters use the power of activated coconut shell carbon and activated charcoal to remove impurities from Chlorine, Mercury, Zinc, Cadmium, and Copper in our water supply.

Want to get started making your own oils and butters? Cascadia Blooms Hemp available here.