Top 5 CBD Hemp Flower Strains for Energy

If you are not a morning person or you find yourself dragging throughout the day, do yourself a favor and put down the coffee or energy drink and try a CBD hemp flower Sativa strain instead. CBD can stimulate your brain and get your blood flowing, giving you the energy you need without polluting your body with caffeine and sugar. 

Keep in mind that CBD hemp flower affects people differently. So, you may need to experiment with a few strains to find the one that works best for you. Fortunately, no matter which strain you choose, it will give you energy, focus, and inspiration. Below, we look at the top 5 CBD hemp flower strains for energy.

1. Suver Haze

Suver Haze is a hybrid that leans heavily towards the Sativa end of the spectrum. It’s known for triggering euphoria, a steady creative flow, and feelings of energy, joy, and motivation. However, because it’s a hybrid, some people feel more relaxed and less anxious when taking it. It depends on your body's chemistry and how it reacts to the strain.

If Suver Haze energizes you, you should take it throughout the day when you are working, exercising, or doing other activities that require energy. The uplifting effects of this aromatic strain are perfect for mixing in your coffee or tea, allowing you to have energy any time of the day. It has a high CBD content of 21.3% and a rich combination of terpenes that enhance the overall benefits of this bud.

2. Lifter

Lifter is a popular strain known for its energizing properties, and rightfully so. This strain is perfect for any time of the day when you need a pick-me-up. The strain helps with productivity throughout the day, reducing the stress caused by work.

It should be said that the Lifter CBD flower has a quick-acting effect that starts in your body by relaxing tension around your shoulders, neck and all along your spine. After that, you'll feel the effects start to rise and give you a slight and pleasant “buzz“ that feels energizing. It is suggested for daytime users who want a clear mind, deep body relaxation, and stress relief.

3. Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is a great-tasting CBD flower that makes you feel like you went on a perfect island getaway. The hemp buds are uplifting and give you a nice energy boost that works perfectly in the morning and daytime or whenever you want a little extra energy.

Hawaiian Haze is a potent and sharp Sativa strain with quick-acting effects. You'll likely feel the effects going to your head at first, melting away anxiety and blockages. This, in turn, can make you feel comfortable, confident and ready for social engagements.

4. Elektra

As a potent and effective Sativa dominant hybrid, this Sour Elektra CBD hemp flower strain is perfect for daytime consumption. However, evening sessions with this versatile strain help keep the night young and your energy strong.

Elektra is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Sativa strains are often associated with upbeat feelings of creativity and alertness. It’s the perfect companion when you want to go on an adventure or participate in a high-energy activity but don’t want the stress that goes along with it. Elektra also has a great citrusy aroma.

5. Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy hemp flower is the daytime user’s choice. It’s rich with fresh tropical fruit aromas that spike and yield to summer blossoms and mango aroma with hints of pine that will leave your senses dancing all day.

It comes in purple, green, and orange bud with several resin-rich trichomes. The cherries and spicy ripe plums taste in the buds will boost your moods regardless of how you feel and will boost your energy levels during the day.


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