What Are the Best Flower Strains for Sleep?

There are two main CBD strains: Sativa and Indica. Sativa gives you a mental and physical boost. Indica relaxes the brain and helps you sleep. Therefore, you want to find Indica-based strains.

What are the best strains on the market today? Some of the most popular Indica-based strains are Banana Cookies, Bubba 66, Blueberry Funk, Wedding Cake, and Zkittles D8. Let’s look at some of the best CBD flower strains for sleep.

Bubba 66

Bubba 66 has long been a popular CBD strain with users and critics alike. Numerous studies indicate that a healthy dosage of Bubba 66 can promote better sleep at night. At the very least, the strain relaxes your mind, setting the stage for a good night’s sleep. How does Bubba 66 differ from other Indica-based strains?

Indica dominant, heavy and couch-locky feelings are common. Kush strains don’t just put you in a sleepy mood. They also give you a blissful and euphoric sense of wellness and inner peace. The more inner peace you feel, the more likely you will relax your mind and go to sleep.

Blueberry Funk

There is a difference between feeling relaxed and feeling like you can’t get off the couch. Blueberry Funk is where you find that right balance of relaxation without feeling dragged down. The key is to create a mellow mindset that puts you in a positive mood and allows you to get some restful sleep. 

Blueberry Funk reduces stress and anxiety. It produces an uplifting effect that will soothe you when you need it most. Blueberry Funk can relieve anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain symptoms. So it’s perfect for those times when you need a full-body relaxation that allows you to overcome the pain and finally get some rest.

Wedding Cake

While Wedding Cake CBD strain does help you fall asleep, there is one drawback to taking it. The strain does produce hunger. So don’t take it and then try to sleep on an empty stomach. You will find yourself rolling around until you finally get up and get something to eat.

Ideally, you want to eat a full meal and then take Wedding Cake right before bed. A full stomach and a relaxed head will help you get to sleep faster and make you feel ready to go the next day. Like other strains on this list, Wedding Cake is great for reducing anxiety and stress, putting you in a better position to sleep.

Zkittles D8

After taking D8 products like Zkittles, many people report finally falling asleep and staying asleep when nothing else works. Eating Zkittles D8 is a lot like getting a massage. It relaxes the mind and produces a calming feeling that falling asleep feels more natural and not forced. In many cases, people who take D8 report that they’re asleep within an hour.

Delta-8 uniquely binds twice with cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system that play a role in sleep by calming down the breath, heart rate, and mental activity. So, it may be able to regulate your sleep cycle and help you experience a sense of calm that promotes rest.

Banana Cookies

The overall effect of the Banana Cookies strain is relaxation and comfort. It’s a slower-acting strain, but its effects last a while. You’ll feel the lightheadedness as the head calm starts, slowing the noise, the stress, and the distractions from your mind. 

As you settle into a relaxed state, Banana Cookies will ease the rest of your body. Muscles will unclench, tension will melt away, and you’ll feel calmness and serenity. Many people take Banana Cookies just before bedtime to drift off almost immediately.


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