Why Oregon Is King of CBD

Founded in 1859, Oregon is known and loved for many reasons. From the official Leprechaun colony to pretty much anywhere in Portland, Oregon has always taken a slightly different approach to life. It should come as no surprise that amongst its beautiful landscape are a fair few cannabis farms. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that Oregon is one of the premier states to cultivate cannabis products, including CBD.

So why is Oregon king of CBD? Full disclosure- our small family-run farm is based in Southern Oregon, so we’ll admit a slight bias. However, even from an objective viewpoint, the figures don’t lie. Along with cannabis powerhouses like California and Colorado, Oregon is renowned for its vast swathes of land dedicated to cultivating cannabis.

We’d like to take a look a little bit deeper into Oregon’s relationship with CBD. It allows us to give you some extra insight into the state we’ve chosen to grow our CBD hemp flower, and by the end, we’ll hope you’ll agree that Oregon is most definitely the King of CBD. 


The Weather

The West Coast, including Oregon, is perfect for growing CBD hemp flower. Oregon sits squarely in the goldilocks zone- not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter. If it’s good enough for gorgeous, gigantic forests, you can bet it’s good enough for a plant referred to as weed.

Oregon farmers planted 7000 acres of hemp in 2019 alone, for a current grand total of 50,000 acres. This is in no small part due to the agreeable climate, which has nudged the state to the top spot for U.S hemp production.


The Politics

Hemp has found a friendly home base in Oregon, with a progressive attitude to research, production, and sales of CBD. This tolerant attitude has led to significant investment in hemp in Oregon, with planning applications for industrial hemp increasing massively- there was a 20-fold increase in state licenses for hemp between 2015 and 2018

Oregon was also one of the first states to legalize marijuana. This was built on the back of years of campaigning- Ballot measure 67 legalized marijuana for medical purposes over 20 years ago, in 1998. This healthy political discourse and tireless campaigning have clearly paid dividends- Oregon’s first week of recreational cannabis sales generated just over $11 million.

While CBD may be part of a larger industry within Oregon, it shares the same benefits. A tolerant local government is always a plus, but a consistently tolerant one, backed by a population that actively campaign for more robust hemp laws is what sets Oregon apart.


The Research

When it comes to CBD research, Oregon has recognized that it pays to be out in front. Oregon’s progressive politics and agreeable climate have been a boon not only from hemp farmers but researchers as well. The university has a proud history of pioneering hemp research. Then known as Oregon Agricultural College, Oregon State University partnered with scientists in the U.S. Department of Agriculture to host a national hemp research centre from the 1880s until 1932.

Thanks to progressive reform in recent years, they’re back at it. In 2019, Oregon State University announced plans to launch the nation’s largest research center devoted to the study of hemp. Alan Sams, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences is quoted as saying: “Our faculty are already recognized internationally as the go-to experts for hemp research. The launch of this center signifies our commitment to continue to build upon that established expertise and grow our impact across the state, the nation, and globally.”

Many major hemp farms find that Oregon provides a fertile ground not only for their crop but for research and development as well. This in turn benefits us as CBD consumers, with high-quality CBD becoming the standard, as opposed to the exception. The Oregon Department of Agriculture’s hemp program ensures that hemp growers, hemp handlers, and agricultural hemp seed producers comply with state standards and laws regarding hemp, from seed to product. It may sound restrictive, but the added seal of approval helps maintain standards and results in the highest quality CBD available.

Many CBD flower producers, including Cascadia Blooms, partner with approved testing labs. Having a COA from a 3rd party laboratory is a standard above and beyond what is legally required, and helps sort the wheat from the chaff. Many CBD producers in Oregon see independent testing as the way forward, instilling confidence in consumers and investors alike.


The Community

Thriving industries need more than just the sum of their parts- a strong community is the glue that binds everything together. Oregon has a large CBD community, comprised of growers, researchers, investors, and consumers. Events like the annual Oregon Hemp Convention help maintain those bonds, with panels discussing the future of hemp and CBD. 

Oregon has a strong vision when it comes to the future of the CBD industry, which has attracted plenty of attention and new business. The resultant migration of CBD experts and CBD companies have only served to strengthen this, turning an idea into real, business-savvy progress.

We haven’t forgotten the customers either. No CBD business would be where it is today with the loyalty and patronage of their customer base, us included. Our engagement with our customers keeps us energized to provide you with the highest-quality CBD hemp flower available. 

With tolerant attitudes to both THC and CBD, it’s probably no coincidence that Oregon has the most dispensaries per capita of any legalized state. The larger cannabis industry is clearly welcome in Oregon, and the CBD industry is thriving as a result.


Final Thoughts

On the surface, Oregon’s CBD industry may look comfortable and happy with its lot in life. Dig a little bit deeper however and it’s clear that it is hungry for the next challenge. Oregon’s CBD manufacturers, researchers, and vendors have both benefited from and been a part of, years of legal advances, policy changes, voluntary self-regulation, and community. This chilled yet tenacious approach helped build a thriving CBD market, with groundbreaking research and significant investment helping CBD cement its position as a product to take notice of.

We may have mentioned we might be just a tiny bit biased, but it’s hard not to be. Oregon is King of CBD, and with the continued passion of Oregon’s CBD industry, the crown is safe for a long time to come.