Tropics D8 Gummies Tropics D8 Gummies

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Tropics D8 Gummies


CAUTION: DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY WITHIN 24HRS OF USING THIS PRODUCT. CONSULT A DOCTOR BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. Tropics D8 Gummies 500mg / Bag 25mg / gummy Tropical Blend of 20 gummies New to our D8 line is the tropics gummies. Each of...

Hawaiian Haze Delta-8 Hawaiian Haze Delta-8

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Hawaiian Haze Delta-8

$179.00 $30.00

Yes, we did it! We took our highest grade hand-trimmed Hawaiian Haze tops and sprayed them with Delta 8 THC. Then, we dusted each nug with CBD kief. Wow, what a smoke! The Delta-8 extract adds to the flavor and nose. Each bud glistens when...

Green Crack D8 Green Crack D8

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Green Crack D8


We hand-selected our most dense white whale CBG flower and infused it with Cascadia's own Green Crack D8.  If you need some pep in your step, this bud is the one for you. Green Crack is a strong Sativa cannabis strain.  Smokers of this strain...

Zkittles D8 Zkittles D8

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Zkittles D8


Who doesn't love Bubba 66? These large buds most resemble cannabis structure and smoke.  We chose the best and infused them with Cascadia's Own Zkittlez D8. Created by hand from the Cascadia Blooms team, one of America's most popular, flavorful, and fun strains is now...

Moonrocks Moonrocks

Cascadia Blooms Direct


$75.00 $40.00

Moonrocks Cascadia Blooms did it all by hand! We are excited to offer you our indoor Sour Space Candy flower now in D8 moon rocks. We chose our most beautiful hand-trimmed buds and infused them with hemp-extracted D8. This slow process is performed under heat...

Hawaiian Haze D8 Pre Rolls Hawaiian Haze D8 Pre Rolls

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Hawaiian Haze D8 Pre Rolls


Yes we did it ! We took our highest grade hand trimmed Hawaiian Haze tops and sprayed it with Delta 8 THC then dusted each nug with CBD kief.  We put it in pre rolls and Wow, what a smoke ! The Delta-8 extract really...

Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls

Cascadia Blooms Direct

Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls


We only use hand trimmed premium tops for our pre rolls. We then use a bump box and carefully pack each pre roll to perfection. Offered in our extremely popular Hawaiian Haze strain. These pre rolls are super smooth and are sure to ease any...

Grape Leaf D8 Blunt Grape Leaf D8 Blunt

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Grape Leaf D8 Blunt


Wow, we took one of our most popular smokable strains; Hawaiian Haze D8 and rolled it in a blunt. Not just any blunt. These are toasted tendu palm leaves imported from India. They are slow burning, tobacco free, and 100% natural and organic.  Each blunt is...