CBD Hemp Flower Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my tracking number?

Processing of orders typically takes 2 business days or less, sometimes 3 days if there’s a large volume of orders in the queue in front of your purchase. When an order is placed after 3PM on a Friday, your purchase will be be processed and packaged within 2 business days starting on Monday.

We do our best to get your order shipped as soon as humanly possible. Be assured we are working to fulfill your order and you will get a tracking number shortly. If more than 3 full business days have passed since placing your order, please send us a note with your name and order number here: [email protected] 

Is hemp the same thing as marijuana?

No. All Cascadia Blooms products are made from industrial hemp.  Industrial hemp is cannabis containing under .3% delta 9-THC.

Are hemp flowers legal?

Yes. Since the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 was signed into law, hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act and is federally legal to possess and consume in the USA. This includes all parts of the plant. To grow hemp commercially requires a license from a state that has a USDA sanctioned hemp program.  Cascadia Blooms is licensed by the state of Oregon to grow, handle, and distribute hemp.

Is this cannabis?

Yes. Hemp is the same plant species as cannabis. Hemp is a specific type of cannabis which contains under .3% delta 9-THC by dry weight, either by way of selective breeding programs to remove the THC, or as found in naturally occurring hemp with little to no THC.

Will I fail a drug test from consuming hemp flowers?

If you consume hemp on a regular basis by smoking it, a drug test could detect THC. We do not suggest smoking hemp, or smoking any other product.  We actively encourage you to explore other ways of consuming hemp – these include: food oil infusions, topicals, tinctures and teas. If you are concerned about drug testing for delta 9-THC, consider an isolate non-THC cannabinoid (CBD, CBG) product instead.

Do you ship with COA’s and letter to law enforcement? 

Yes, lab results demonstrating the contents of your shipment is legal industrial hemp and under .3% Delta 9-THC are both included in your shipment. 

What are Hemp Tops?

Hemp tops are the uppermost parts of the plant, sometimes referred to as colas.  Tops are different than hemp flower which could come from any part of the plant, including shucked biomass hemp flower. Tops are also generally hand harvested with greater care days before the manual or mechanical harvesting of the rest of the hemp biomass.

Hemp concentrates plant energy in the tops to give the plant the best chance of being pollinated, so that a seed may complete its life-cycle. When denied pollen, the hemp plant will focus on developing flowers, oil, cannabinoids and terpenes in the flower tops.

How do I rehydrate hemp flowers ?

Outdoor sun-grown hemp flower is typically harvested in October and needs to be stored dry to prevent microbial activity and molds. If you’re purchasing an ounce that could last you several months. We suggest rehydrating small amounts if moisture content is important to your practice of consumption rather than rehydration of a volume larger than what you’d consume in one week. There are many ways to rehydrate dried flowers and herbs like hemp flower. Try wetting a coffee filter with water then squeeze out the excess water, keeping the moistened paper filter closed up with a small amount of flower in a jar – an amount equal to what you’d consume over 1 week for example. After 15 mins remove the now mostly dry filter and close your flower back up. If it feels too moist then leave the lid off until it doesn’t. We’d rather send you dry flowers than something which could be a hazard for mold. Rehydrating also enhances smell and taste of the flowers.

Do you ship discreetly and include a letter explaining the content is legal industrial hemp?

Yes. We include a letter and ship in terpene proof packaging so there will be no smell detected on the way or in your mailbox. All orders are shipped in double lined bags, in a box within a shipping pouch from Cascadia Blooms.

Do you ship to all 50 states?

We currently do not ship to Idaho or South Dakota.

Do you ship internationally?

Although we do not presently ship online sales internationally, if you are interested in making an international order please contact us with your requirements at [email protected]  

How long does shipping take?

All orders are Free shipping – USPS Priority Mail. There may be up to 2 business days processing and handling before receiving a tracking number.  Tracking information is sent to the customer by email.  We have a dedicated shipping team to handle and process your orders promptly and professionally. Customers can email our shipping department at [email protected]  

Do you sell wholesale?

You can contact us here for wholesale inquiries (click on the wholesale form).

What strains are right for me? What effects will I get from each strain?

Different strains have different effects on people. We can’t suggest a strain that will help with a particular issue, but we invite you to discover the effects of our strains through trying one of our sampler packs. We invite you to check out some of our reviews and testimonials of what our customers have said the effects have been for them to help you in choosing the right hemp flower for you!

Which strains are Indica and which are Sativa?

Most of our strains are a hybrid with Sativa dominant except for Hawaiian Haze which is a pure Sativa.

Elektra Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Kush Hybrid Indica Dominant
Sour Space Candy Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Hawaiian Sativa
Suver Haze Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Lifter Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Special Sauce Hybrid Indica Dominant
Merlot Hybrid Indica Dominant
Bordeaux Hybrid Indica Dominant

Nothing written here is to be taken as legal advice. If you have specific concerns regarding the law in your area, we suggest you consult with an attorney or legal professional.

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