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1 OUNCE Sour Space Candy (Sour Tsunami x ERB)
The CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami sports a unique, terpinolene-forward flavor similar to GG4 and the Sour Diesel / Chem / OG lines. Crossing with Early Resin Berry yields a unique flavor profile reminiscent of sour candy from outer space. If interstellar travelers needed a sweet and sour snack to keep their head right during adventures, this would be the one!Sour Space Candy is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with great smells and a heady effect. Good anytime.

When carrying the Sour Space Candy out of the field after hand-picking it, it had a robust and fragrant smell, reminiscent of bubble gum and sweet things. It was a joy to grow and harvest.

We’re happy to offer it to you here in 1 ounce bags which contain mostly our big hemp tops along with some mediums and smalls to fill in the gaps. We hope you enjoy!


  • rob (verified owner)

    I have to say this is my favorite strain to date with great flavor and such a blissful feeling your left with after smoking. This allows me to completely relax and sleep better then I have in years.

  • Omar (verified owner)

    Very Pleasant & centering effect, perfect to get to that creative flow state, let’s me concentrate without the distractive side of thc, sticky buds & great piney taste! 🌳🦨💨😑👍
    def a good repeater 🚀🌙✨

  • David N (verified owner)

    Listen this is the 2nd strain I’ve tried and like the first one I’m completely satisfied. If I had to nitpick I don’t like the tree trunks that come with it lol but that won’t stop me from buying and trying more. It is very smooth and don’t leave a weird taste in your mouth

  • Billy Lobacz (verified owner)

    Excellent smoking product for CBD- Nice taste burns smoothly -Would definitely order again

  • Deni (verified owner)

    Very nice. Don’t think it’s so “sour.” Have tried Elektra, Lifter, Merlot, and Kush. This is my favorite for daytime use and concentration when you don’t want to feel tired. Kush is opposite- makes me tired. Will buy Sour Space Candy again (and again).

  • Alan (verified owner)

    Second time ordering from cascadia and I must say I’m very pleased. Product tastes looks and smalls amazing in my opinion. Will definitely keep consuming from them

  • Craig (verified owner)

    The flower bought from Cascadia Blooms is of very high quality. It is among the best you can find on the internet IMO. Sour Space Candy is a strain that you must try! Just as the description of this product reads it will give you a heady effect and an enlivened calm. A Sativa-dominant hybrid that is Good anytime day or night!!

  • Joe (verified owner)

    99.9% better than a cigarette. And just what you need when you don’t want to be baked but go thru stimulation of smoking pot(thc). Very relaxing taste and hits throat Like weed

  • Your review is awaiting approval

    Looked great at first glance , however upon further inspection a serious mold contamination was found present in one of my sour space candy hemp tops . Just a polite warning to anyone purchasing cascadia blooms , as I was unaware of the severity of mild before after ingesting which left me sick for days! Inspect all if not pull this product from your website!!!

  • Julien (verified owner)

    Hemp tops have great resin production. Highly Recommend this strain.

  • Macey Duvall (verified owner)

    I love the Sour Space Candy! I have smoked cbd flower before I’m not new to it. I have to say that Cascadia Blooms is so far my favorite. They give good quality bud, and I was amazed at the stickyness when you break the bud apart put them in the grinder. It made me feel calm, and help with my aches and pains. It also made me feel sleepy after doing two joints of the sour space candy. I think it great that Cascadia Blooms send you free 1gram of there stuff you try out. I am a happy customer and hope shop try more from Cascadia Blooms.

  • Charles Ratley (verified owner)

    100% worth every penny. This is my first choice of many

  • special K (verified owner)

    First time ordering from Cascadia Blooms. The products are fresh meet and exceeded my expectations. The effects are very relaxing great for anxiety and stress would recommend this strain for evening and to unwind also uplifting and calming smooth taste smells amazing and should be a must have for any cbd user will absolutely buy again thank you so much for a great product……

  • Chad (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase. EXTREMELY well packaged, with plenty of large buds. Very smooth flavor through my Boundless Tera. Definitely gets me where I need to be!

  • Rob (verified owner)

    I’ve tried hemp flower from several other companies and I was about to toss in the towel in hopes of finding a smooth tasting bud. Then I heard about Cascadia Blooms and tried the sample pack. So glad I did because I found Sour Space Candy. Vaping it is smooth, tasty and extremely satisfying. If you do nothing more than try the sample pack, I think you will be glad you did.

  • Nan (verified owner)

    I started with a sampler pack of Sour Space Candy, Lifter and Electra. SSC was, by far, my favorite of the three. I have heard of daily thc users switching to CBD. Now, I can see why. I am a HUGE fan! I immediately ordered an ounce for myself and one for my brother-in-law, who suffers with depression and anxiety. The quality of the the bud is exceptional, from the moisture content to the trim. My ounce had several 3″+ buds! Thank you, Cascadia!

  • Ryan (verified owner)

    From the flower to the packaging the quality was over all impressive I was expecting the smell to be a more stronger based off how beautiful the bud looks and taste as well as how good it smoked. Cascadia by far has the best CBD flower online when you order a Oz. You get larger buds, The way this flower looks you would think it was loaded with THC also the freshness was what impressed me the most. The perfect amount of moisture to be grinding up or broken down by hand. Last but not least this was so sticky when I say sticky you squeeze one nug and resin would cover your fingers and soap wouldn’t get it off right away which was awesome. Shop Cascadia 100x

  • Jenean Ward (verified owner)

    Cascadia never fails!!! Currently using in CBD vaginal steams and the results are amazing!!!!. Will definitely continue to order.

  • Kevin (verified owner)

    I just love the Sour Space Candy!

    I’ve tried various strains from various vendors and first of all, so far, no one beats Cascadia Bloom’s quality. On my first order I got the sampler pack they offer and all three strains were great but the SSC was just perfect for me. So I ordered the half ounce thinking that would probably last forever. And…I went through it much quicker than expected. So, this time I got the ounce and couldn’t be happier.

    The buds are sticky, fluffy, and beautiful with lots of trichomes. The smell is total top shelf bud. It’s piney, a little sour and I end up putting my face in the bag for a few big whiffs every time I’m loading a new bowl. The flavor is super smooth and tasty and the effects are my favorite yet. You can relax and zone out to some of your favorite music or focus and get to work. To me, it’s a do anything type of bud.

    Seriously worth it! Just get some but save some for me!

  • Avery (verified owner)

    If I could go above 5 stars I would!

    I’ve ordered through Cascadia three times. The Lifter once, Sour Space Candy once (last harvest), and this most recent harvest of Sour Space Candy.

    This harvest blows everything out of the water. Super fragrant and sticky. You can tell that the people here really care about the product they’re selling. Just convinced my buddy to pick up an ounce too!

    Best hemp flower I’ve ever ordered.

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