3 Pack eighth ounce (10.5 g) CBD Flower Tops Sampler

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Three of our most popular hemp flower varieties in one great CBD flower sampler pack.

  • Elektra 3.5 grams
  • Sour Space Candy 3.5 grams
  • Lifter 3.5 grams

All hemp flower products contain less than .3% delta 9-THC (dry weight) and are compliant with Oregon State and Federal Laws for industrial hemp.


  • Samantha Henshaw (verified owner)

    I was so lucky to get this package and lemme tell you something, I was highly satisfied with EVERYTHING I got.
    All the flower was fresh and taste delish. The feeling from each one was different but overall I was FLYING HIGH. Nothing could get me down after any of these strains.

    Super satisfied. Bragging about it all on social media and YouTube.
    Thanks you guys!

  • LIguyfromthe215 (verified owner)

    Ordered the sampler on Thursday evening last week and received it Sunday before noon. Awesome delivery time guys. Received the box and opened up, saw the paperwork and noticed I had a sample of the KUSH, my day started getting better, haha. Anyways, tried the Kush and felt relaxed and a little less pain on my lower back. Went to bed in about an hr.

    I will review more of the others when I get a chance but Cascadia Blooms didnt let me down and will recommend to people. Trying to ween off slowly or minimize my THC use and this certainly will help.

  • Texan (verified owner)

    So, I’m back with my second review from this package and that’s in relation to the LIFTER flower. Overall, I am impressed with the slight “energetic” boost I’m currently having with this flower. I placed ‘energetic’ in quotes because I didnt want to spook anyone away who may be like me and doesn’t like the racing-heart/paranoiaenergetic rush you get from the THC Sativas. Not at ALL like that. Nope, this flower is giving me just a little boost of energy in that I feel like I’m catching a “second wind”. Just more alert and singing to the cat…hahaha.

    I work the night shift and I’m off tonight so I always try to stay up all day when I’m off to get the most out of my time to spend with my fiance.

    I smoked this flower through another RAW 1 1/4 cone. I’m not even a cigarette smoker so it could just be me but, out of the four flowers I’ve tried so far in my journey, LIFTER seemed to be the harshest on my throat. It didn’t seem to bother my fiance but she IS a smoker of tobacco and cannabis.

    It’s been about 20 minutes since I finished and the energy level has mellowed out to just a “focused” level of attention and commitment i.e. finishing tasks I normally wouldnt want to do after working all night.

    Seems to be working on my shoulder/ankle pain. That’s one reason why I wanted to try this flower. Hopefully, I’ll experience the relaxation like others have claimed because I’m not a good sleeper.

    Great product Cascadia Blooms. I also enjoy the email alerts. I’ll definitely be a long time customer/promoter.

  • Texan (verified owner)

    So, I’m totally excited that growers are jumping on the CBD wagon because I’m one of those that are negatively affected by THC….i.e heart racing, mindset of doom and gloom, anxiety intensified etc. My wife smokes marijuana daily and I’ve been super jealous because I know it helps her pain AND I love the smell but never could enjoy with her. I was afraid to try CBD oils because I wanted to be able to micro dose as much as possible in the event I reacted negatively so I preferred flower.

    I stumbled across this site by someone in another thread as Cascadia Blooms was highly regarded for quality and customer service…..I was NOT disappointed!

    I ordered this sampler to try some different strains and my shipment arrived TWO DAYS before the initial email said to expect shipment! That was a relief because Thanksgiving was coming fast and I didnt want to have to wait even longer.

    We tried the Elektra first and I was totally ecstatic!! I stuffed a cone and went to town. After about three sample tokens, I began to feel Elektra enter my head. She came on smoother and coaxed me 8nto taking deeper pulls. THATS when she came alive and gave me a head buzz…..almost like I had drank around three beers. I felt a small rush of energy that almost made me think I’d over done it but i remembered that the THC was minuscule so i didnt freak myself out. Then came the euphoria. I almost wanted to laugh as a great sense of calm came over me and then, i realized, the pain in my shoulder and ankle were both subsided. That’s how effective she was! I had to consciously realize i wasnt hurting as if i had never been bothered before!

    All of this lasted about three hours for me. I did not experience any sleepiness as others had mentioned (regrettably as i have a hard time staying asleep) but i am TOTALLY satisfied with Elektra! I want more but my job uses drug screens so I’m taking it easy for now as all of this is relatively new to me.

    Thank you, Cascadia Blooms for being pioneers in the CBD FLOWER revolution as i thought this day would never come. It seemed as though EVERYONE was rushing to have the highest THC content so I’m glad to see things are changing.

    I’ll post reviews on the Sour Space Candy and Lifter at a later date.

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