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Choose your favorite strains in one great build your own CBD flower sampler pack. 3.5 grams of each strain.

We have eight great strains to choose from: Sour Suver Haze, Sour Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, White CBG, Sour Special Sauce, Hawaiian Haze, Bubba 66

Choose 3 that you would like to try and we’ll pack them up for your very own custom sampler


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  • Kevin ODonnell (verified owner)

    Really super duper dark and mysterious ,delicious. I blend it with my THC, helps smooth out a heavy sativa high. Helps ya really let your shoulders down.

  • Danny P (verified owner)

    Great sampler pack – strains were as good as expected. Nicely packaged and fast shipping! Look forward to the next order!

  • Muffy (verified owner)

    Amazingly satisfied with my purchase and products! Definitely will be buying more!

  • Adam (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  • A.Hung (verified owner)

    CBD FTW!!!! I was skeptical at first of CBD but after using Cascadia Blooms, I can confidently say that CBD is amazing. ELEKTRA has been my favorite. There’s nothing positive that hasn’t been said that I dont agree with in the reviews. This stuff is LEGIT.

  • Dan (verified owner)

    Best products on the market. The 3 pack was Affordable, fresh with lab results included. Flower arrived in perfect condition. Best way to try new strains. I’d recommend this company to anyone.

  • Kevin ODonnell

    I was/am blown away. Im a regular thc vaper,and have never had cbd flower. I ordered after being sold on the idea of cbc by a friend from Instagram who had heard about Cascadia Blooms from Troy and Jerry’s think dank show. This friend gave me a list of about 15 good cbd companies he’s ordered from and I just randomly picked Cascadia from the list. If I had never had marijuana before and I had this flower,I’d assume this was marijuana. The smell is astounding,not like weed at all,But,,, extremely aromatic. And the feeling from vaping it is amazing,between the taste and the feeling,it’s so close to the in a strange way where you aren’t high,but you are floating on a cloud 10 feet off the ground happy and smiling and super duper aware to where you have to question if you are actually high or not,but you aren’t, it’s strange and I love it. I vape it alone,,i blend it. It’s a great thing to toke before you have to do something stressful like commute to work. I can be super calm and relaxed ,but without the crazy legs and chinky eyes. The.nugs came super dry and crispy, but I put them in a mason jar with a 62% humidity pack ,and now they are squishy mushy fresh like right off the branch,and still smell amazing after almost 2 weeks.

  • Jay1430 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, very good product. I’ll be reordering soon. I would definitely recommend this to anyone

  • Nicholas Burton (verified owner)

    Great customer service, great flower!!!

  • CHARLES COLEMAN (verified owner)

    First time ordering with Cascadia. Very impressed. Shipping was fast and discreet. I’ve only tried Elektra to date, but it’s really nice. Effects are similar to an endorphin high from running without the aching feet. All my joints felt like they had new ball bearings and fresh grease! Very relaxing, and tasty. Will definitely order again!

  • Jaylan Brown (verified owner)

    All three strains are premium in my opinion. Gave me the same effects minus the paranoid head high. I used THC as my primary flower for years and finally realized it wasn’t for me anymore. Now I’m on a CBD journey and it has helped me cope with the side affects from previous years of anxiety, paranoia, and pain. Thank you Cascadia Blooms!

  • Jaylan Brown (verified owner)

    Good budz, nice color, flavor, and the pulls on the inhale are smooth. I use a dry herb vape so it’s not taking too much for me. I stopped smoking THC a long time and this gives me the same effects just without the head high. I still get hungry, goofy, and relaxed but energized at the same time. Satisfied with Fresh Sticky Budz!

  • Brian (verified owner)

    So happy I found Cascadia Blooms, great quality CBD buds. Definitely effective with my back pain and knee pain. About to put in another order.

  • Kevin (verified owner)

    This is my first time using CBD and personally these three strains have a nice calming effect. I don’t do well in describing each strain’s different benefit but I do prefer the benefits from the lifter out of the three. Sour space candy had the best smell and Elektra was well enough all around.

  • Jeremy (verified owner)

    I really like this product it helped me a lot while taking a tolerance break from medical marijuana for my chronic headaches and plan to continue using it to keep my tolerance low.

  • Dannie pettaway (verified owner)

    My expectations where definitely met satisfied with the product clean natural each sample exactly as described thank u guys I suffer from migraines all I can say is I notice migraines are missing thank u also for all the advice kevin

  • David Orantes (verified owner)

    I dig the sample. Great deal. Not sure I personally can feel any difference between. But they taste good. Was happy with the company. It shipped super fast and had no issues.

  • Travis (verified owner)

    It was my first time ordering and i wasn’t sure how good the quality of the cbd bud would be since it was my first time trying actual cbd bud and i knew what a good cannabis bud would usually have the looks and smell to back it up. I was blown away by Cascadia’s fast shipping and excellent quality. This is some of the best flower I’ve ever touched with an aroma that is like a dream, the qualtiy is superb. I have headaches that form from time to time and neck pain and this helps tremendously. I’m glad i stumbled upon Cascadia. I’ll be a regular customer for now on. Great service and great quality forsure.

  • Bryan (verified owner)

    Great product, Looks and smells fantastic.
    This was my first time buying CBD flower to vape, each plant hit as described and has made a believer of me in the power of the CBD flower.
    This verity was great as there is a evening, a day time and an anytime of day flower to try.
    Thank you Cascadia Blooms for a quality affordable straight from the farm product.

  • terrax92 (verified owner)

    Just got into the whole CBD flower thing about a month ago. The primary reason I started going down this road is that my wife suffers from PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. Since I also have problems with Anxiety I thought that maybe we could both give it a try and see how it works. We started of by purchasing a cheap vaporizer and some CBD flower from a local vape shop. The experience with “Super Lemon Haze” (I love these names btw) was terrible. The CBD Flower was so harsh I felt like I had just licked and ashtray! That feeling stuck around with me for a couple of days along with dry hacking cough. It mellowed me out some but just was not what I was expecting. My wife hated it. I did not want to give up thinking that maybe I just got a hold of some bad weed or something. I did some digging around on the internet and found out that a lot of the CBD Flowers you get in vape shops have preservatives sprayed on them to extend shelf life. I also realized that this stuff was sitting out in clear containers exposed to light and uncontrolled humidity. I went to Youtube and found a guy who was doing a review on a bunch of CBD Flowers he had purchased through the mail. Cascadia Blooms kept showing up as his number one pick in several categories. I thought that maybe I would go ahead and give them a try. I have to admit that I was very concerned about getting this shipped in the mail. However the package came in with no issues from local authorities. Everything inside was very well packaged and in good condition. Like a little kid I had to try “Sour Space Candy”. All I can say is that it was a totally different and positive experience than the first time. I could really feel the effects of the CBD chilling me out and the flavor was outstanding. I have also tried “Elektra” which for me I felt a deeper calm and very restful sleep. I have not tried “Lifter” yet but I am sure it will be equally as impressive. We are not heavy vaping folks so it may take a little while to get to that one. My wife has also enjoyed substantial relief from her condition. I wonder how many people give up on CBD flower after one negative vape store experience?

  • J (verified owner)

    This was my 1st time trying CBD flower & it was pretty good. I got the package (shipped discretely). No smell till I actually opened the individual zip lock bags. Smell was pretty impressive for all 3. I liked the flavor of Sour Space Candy the best. I started with smoking them, but bought a vape about half way through. Vaping on low temps brought out the flavor a lot more & I felt more of the “effects” from vaping too (over smoking the same amount). Vaping was also a lot less harsh on my throat. Lifter is a good day time strain & Elektra is nice also. I think I’m going to get Hawaiian Haze & Sour Space Candy next time. Overall a good experience buying from Cascadia Blooms.

  • Nathan (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. High quality product. Couldn’t be happier.

  • Jay (verified owner)

    Better than expected. Gives me a great feeling. Thank you, Cascadia Blooms

  • Raul (verified owner)

    It was my first time ordering from Cascadia Blooms and I didn’t know what to expect but I was beyond satisfied with my order the sour space candy smelled nice and sour and it was by far my favorite strain definitely buying some more

  • Raul (verified owner)

    Great product smells good and taste great

  • Joseph (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering CBD flower for myself after trying it once before. I was at a loss as to which strain to get and figured the sampler would be the best option. I am extremely satisfied with Cascadia Blooms and their products. It is a good amount of flower for a great price. All the strains in the sampler do a great job at relieving stress and anxiety, along with a sort of light head and body buzz (depending on how much you smoke or vape). When I purchase again, I think I will be sticking with sour space candy!

    Good stuff! Keep up the good work

  • Alexander holguin (verified owner)

    Excellent product will purchase again

  • Kris (verified owner)

    3 perfect strains in one convenient purchase, my favorite is sour space candy however lifter is a close second. I recommend these to anyone who is getting started with cbd.

  • Justin (verified owner)

    Loving the aroma, flavor and calming effect of all the strains.Space candy looks and smells amazing but Electra is my favorite

  • Marcus Crumb (verified owner)

    Hey gets LOVED your sampler pack
    all are good and tasty… I vape them out of all my vapes and they are awesome

    Lifter- this is maybe my fav it hit me strong and taste kind of fruity

    Sour space candy- best tasting out of them all I really like this one

    Electra- this one is no slouch…. I like this one it hit strong like the lifer but have a different taste

    Looking forward to trying some more flavors 🙂

  • Teddy (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved these three strains of CBD and the packaging they came in. This is my first time purchasing CBD online – by the way – and I was pretty satisfied. My favorite CBD flower of the three I received go as follows: Lifter, Elektra, and then Sour Space Candy. That is just my preference. I will absolutely be ordering again ASAP considering I’ve run through it all (purposefully not smoking as much as I would’ve liked) in under 12 days. My advice would be to order! Try different options and enjoy! 🙂

  • Braxton (verified owner)

    Loving it! Packaging was discrete and well done, came with lab results, and the flower itself is absolutely top notch. I’ve gone through a few CBD flower retailers, as Cascadia Blooms is head and shoulders above the rest. Will definitely be buying again!

  • K Flower (verified owner)

    I am super impressed with Cascadia Blooms! The packaging was super discreet and smell proof which was most appreciated. This flower is sticky and grinds up nicely. Elektra vaped extra extra smooth. I have been enjoying these in my DaVinci Miqro. With this method there is very minimal lingering smell and the flavor profile is absolutely great. I get a super flavorful green tea sort of taste..maybe that’s just me? But, it’s nice! I think the sampler packs are perfect for figuring out what strain you like. So far I have tried Elektra and Merlot (from two different variety packs) and I haven’t decide which I enjoy more! Looking forward to sampling the others. I find these to be a perfect natural product for helping with anxiety and depression. I find these very relaxing and uplifting while still keeping a clear head.

  • Susan (verified owner)

    Purchased this sampler along with the 1/4 ounce sampler for a nice variety. I’m enjoying the mellow feel with these flowers. Perfect day and night. I use a dry herb vaporizer. They grind up nicely and smell great. Combine them to enjoy a different feel and additional terpines. Great product. I highly recommend trying the samplers.

  • Susan (verified owner)

    I started with CBD oil. The effect was slow and was difficult to control dosage. I then tried pre rolls and didn’t enjoy inhaling paper and trying to hide the strong smell from my neighbors. I quickly invested in a Miva 2 dry herb vaporizer from Kandy Pens and a good herb grinder. I purchased several samplers from Cascadia Blooms. Delivery was prompt and the flowers arrived in well labeled packages which I transferred to glass mason jars. I ordered almost an ounce total flowers, mostly Indica to help relieve pain and slow myself down. Really enjoying the variety. Each has a very distinct aroma and feel. Beth mentioned mixing varieties as well to enjoy additional terpines.
    Using CBD flowers in a dry herb vaporizer is the perfect way to control the dosage, feel the effects immediately and to avoid a strong herb smell in the house. I’m very happy with this great quality product.

  • I RULE (verified owner)

    It’s all I ever needed like breakfast lunch and dinner can’t go wrong with this one here

  • Dana Mariah Martin (verified owner)

    I really like it. I like Elektra the best. It’s got a better after taste than the Lifter and Sour Space. I would definitely buy again. I would buy again.

  • Michael (verified owner)

    Sour space candy is by far my favorite out of these three. Sour space candy and elektra have similar bud structure. They are not extremely dense but they are covered in tricombs. Lifter buds were small but dense with a present aroma. My only complaint is that the packaging is extremely difficult to open. Overall a pleasant experience worth the money.

  • Brandy (verified owner)

    This was my first time purchasing from Cascadia farms and the sampler pack was definitely the way to go. All three strains were great. Buds were gorgeous. I will definitely be buying from you guys again because the quality is definitely there.


  • Jon (verified owner)

    They all were very pleasant and helpful but I personally enjoyed Lifter.

  • John (verified owner)

    Great product for a person wanting to try it out. This is the first time I’ve purchased a CBD product and I was blown away by it. The product itself is great but the packaging is what suprised me the most. I will definitely purchase again and again.

  • AL K (verified owner)

    Not one bud had a seed ..they all smelled great..and the buds are big and dense.
    The effects of Elektra were strong for me and really nice. That was my fav…The smoke was smooth and the other two strains were just as good..I was impressed and Will be buying again!

  • Anthony F. (verified owner)

    Trimmed very nicely. They always email you back. This is not a “legal high” . I recommend them till the day I die.

  • Kyle (verified owner)

    This is a great sampler pack. As someone who’s first purchase into the CBD World was this purchase, you cannot ask for a better deal. You get three different strains of fresh CBD. The buds were not dried out. They are still sticky and smell amazing. I am currently using a vaporizer, so you can taste the difference in-between the strains. And I didn’t have to leave my house. I was able to place an order online and within a few days, The sampler pack arrived at my door in smell proof sealed bags. I cannot recommend Cascadia Blooms enough and will be using them for my CBD needs in the future.

  • Sherrard Gilliard (verified owner)

    Awesome product it’s helped out at during these Covid-19 times. I Recommend everyone tries it once

  • Sherrard Gilliard (verified owner)

    Awesome product it’s helped out at during these Covid-19 times

  • Jose

    Sour space candy is superb ,hands down my favorite outa the sampler packs, will definitely be buying more of that , if ur new to cbd or new to this company and want to try something ,try any of the samples packs they offer , u can’t go wrong there really good

  • Jeff (verified owner)

    So happy with my first purchase from Cascadia. Fast shipping, from Oregon to the east coast in just a couple of days. Very well packed and fresh. Thanks!

  • Rod (verified owner)

    Very happy with quality of flower smooth smoke and flavor and the effects are outstanding!! Pain relief and up lifting energy and focus at the same time!! I’ll be back for more!!

  • Ernielicous (verified owner)

    Great buy. Ive been using this mixed with regular thc flower and its been amazing. Definitely recommend for others to give it a go!

  • Chuck (verified owner)

    Ordered the 10.5gram sampler pack and lovin it. Herb arrived so sticky I had to poke bits off from my grinder’s teeth. The buds that you get are gorgeous, full, and crystally. Also, customer service is A+!

  • Richard Browder (verified owner)

    All good quality flower and a great way to sample their wares. Overall first purchase of many.

  • B (verified owner)

    I need to pass a drug test at work. A coworker told me about Cascadia. The sampler pack did what I needed and it lasted nearly two weeks!

  • DevilsHooch (verified owner)

    In my quest to find quality Hemp Flower, I scoured the internet and social media in an attempt to attain such a feat. Most of my research, well, ended me up right here. I took the plunge into this 10.5 sampler. Shipping, what shipping, super fast and reliable. Package arrived, well packed I might add, and I dove right in. All three strains are top notch, just the right moisture content, and the smells are just down right amazing. Sour Space candy, my go to all day relaxation, with notes of Fruits, Lemons,…Cheese?. Lifter, my creative and inspiring mind side, amazing terpene aroma. And last but not least Elektra. Calms both my mind and body while still maintaining to keep me clear and focused. In closing all I can say is I trust this company, what they stand for, and applaud them for such care and attention to their end product. I will definitely be ordering from again in the immediate future. Pretty sure I have found my new flower home.

  • David (verified owner)

    Good hemp products ordered on a Saturday night and got on Friday i like a the three stains but lifter was my favorite

  • Robert (verified owner)

    Really helps calm me and also helps with arthritis pain management

  • Frank J (verified owner)

    What can i say but Cascadia has got it going on.
    All 3 strains in this sampler pack were enjoyable to me.
    They all tasted good but sour space candy was my favorite favorite. Would not hesitate to order from them again.
    Thanks Cascadia!

  • Bill (verified owner)

    I saw the countless people raving on youtube about this product and I just had to try it. The quality is out of this world. This is not the stuff you pick up at your local vape shop, this is the real deal. Great for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. Elektra puts me to sleep, but only if I want to go to bed. At other times it’s a pleasant calm. Sour Space Candy is my favorite for any time. It boosts my mood, creativity, calms my nerves, and allows me to step back from what’s making me anxious and actually analyze how to fix it. It’s everything that the ‘other stuff’ does aside from any kind of head fog. There is complete mental clarity. Lifter is my least favorite, it’s more of a cerebral feeling, almost like a shot of espresso. It works well and as described, but that’s the only strain I wouldn’t purchase again as I’m here to help with anxiety. For others suffering similarly, it doesn’t give me anxiety- it just doesn’t help with it. Not for me, but the quality can’t be understated. If you’re thinking about purchasing, do it.

  • Amy B (verified owner)

    I have recently discovered the wonders of hemp! I have tried many different brands and varieties. Cascadia Blooms is hands down the best! Fresh, fragrant and smooth. Gorgeous flowers. This is my go to forever. Thank you Cascadia for yourquality product!

  • Saied Karmally (verified owner)

    I live in Trinidad and Tobago and bought a sampler pack as a Test to see if the Flowers would actually reach me. I am happy to report that they did. I was told that I am the first person in this part of the world to access Cascadia Blooms flowers. Everything came well packaged and arrived in excellent condition. I cracked the seal on the bag and was immediately surprised with the most fragrant buds that i have ever experienced. The buds were covered in frosted trichomes. I am super impressed to say the least. I gave a friend of mine who is a Marijuana smoker (15 years of experience) he was excited when he saw the quality. He reported to me that it was the best tasting buds that he have ever tried. He said that he felt calm, focused, energized and never experienced the racing heart effects that he usually gets with Marijuana. I tried it myself and felt amazing. Calm and collected and I slept so well after. I realized that all the strains in this sampler are Sativas so I will be ordering some Indicas in my next purchase. I am so happy that i found and choose Cascadia Blooms. I wish that I could tell the entire world of my discovery. My insomnia has been put in check for now. The fragrance of these Buds are second to non. The flavor is far superior to anything that I have tried so far. I am now looking for a better method of using these products to enjoy the flavor profiles more. Thanks for putting out amazing products Cascadia. You are truly doing us all a service.

  • Jenean Ward (verified owner)

    The sampler pack is the way to go if its your 1st time ordering and cant quite figure it out. Cascadia never fails. Quality products with amazing results. You will not be disappointed.

  • RUGAROO (verified owner)

    I bought this 3 pak eight ounce sampler on the Jan 8th and received the product on Jan 13th, it came shipped neatly and nicely with all the paper work. This was my first time ever trying hemp flowers or anything hemp cbd and didn’t know what to expect or how it was spose to make you feel, complete noob when it came to hemp. I smoked the real deal thc buds for years and tried alot of different kinds and knew what to expect from them but had to quit because my state still requires thc to be screened for drug testing for work, although medical is legal. I quit smoking for 5 years and still don’t smoke the real stuff anymore.

    So the first pack I took out and tried was the Elektra. It smelt and tasted like real skunk smoke, I couldn’t tell if it was hemp or the real deal. After a few tokes I started too feel something, almost along the line of taking a few tokes of some real good thc buds to the point if I was to take another hit I’d be stoned. That’s where the hemp flowers stops, it stops at the point of me feeling stoned but it made me more talkative and alert and made me feel good. Not like I was high or stoned but the feeling right before you get to that point of stoned, if that makes sense? The Elektra tasted really good and I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone, the taste was skunky and the smoke smelt like that good gassy skunk. I smoked that bag and it lasted me about 7 days, the buds were clipped like nice like buds you buy from a weed shop and sticky like good dank skunk.

    The second bag I tried was the Lifer and that one was different. It smelt like green weed and was moist and sticky also but the buds looked different from the Elektra, the bud were trimmed nice but more of bigger buds. My first toke I noticed the Lifter did not taste like it smelt, it was a more earthy and the smoke didn’t really smell gassy or skunky at all. The feeling I got off the Lifter was more of a focus, relaxing and deep thought feel, like it would be something I’d smoke before a movie or before reading. Overall it was good. To me it would be a good night time smoke but would not be my first choice of the three packs, I smoked the Lifter bag in about 7 days and it was good.

    The last bag of the sampler pak I tried was the Sour Space Candy. I just opened it up recently and it smells like good hydro weed, skunky and gassy. The buds look really good and the bud are big, sticky and moist, they have a sweet smell to them also. The first toke didn’t taste like it smelt, the taste was more earthy but you can taste the sweetness in it with hint of sour. It was really good, the smoke had hint of skunk but it wasn’t overwhelming like gassy. It was mild. The feeling I got was focus and relaxation but it did not really make me feel tired or nothing like that. It was just a really good smoke and feel.

    Each pak I opened were smoked out of joint first and the rest out of a bowl. The paks are resealable but the seals tend to break after a few openings. Each pak I smoked helped with aches and pains and arthritis like symptoms and also mild anxiety. I would for sure recommend hemp cbd to anyone who also suffers from these symptoms. It also helps with people who need to quit smoking or have quit smoking the real deal but still have the urge.

    Cascadia Blooms did a nice job with their products and would recommend them to people to try out. I look forward to trying out and reviewing all their products they offer. Be on the look out for my videos reviews of these products.

  • Andrew Russo (verified owner)

    Hi all. I am a colon cancer patient and medical marijuana patient. This flower gives me all the benefits of medical marijuana without the psychedelic effects. It still calms me and provides great anti anxiety/nausea effects. A great daytime substitute to give me a break from the high thc RSO regiment I’m on.
    ….also the smell/taste, stickiness and effect is 10/10 for flower. Thanks CB for providing this great medicine.

  • Morgan (verified owner)

    Soothes me right to sleep!! Without going overboard – will definitely buy again.

  • Morgan (verified owner)

    AMAZING product!! Relaxed me without going overboard!!

  • Samantha Henshaw (verified owner)

    I was so lucky to get this package and lemme tell you something, I was highly satisfied with EVERYTHING I got.
    All the flower was fresh and taste delish. The feeling from each one was different but overall I was FLYING HIGH. Nothing could get me down after any of these strains.

    Super satisfied. Bragging about it all on social media and YouTube.
    Thanks you guys!

  • LIguyfromthe215 (verified owner)

    Ordered the sampler on Thursday evening last week and received it Sunday before noon. Awesome delivery time guys. Received the box and opened up, saw the paperwork and noticed I had a sample of the KUSH, my day started getting better, haha. Anyways, tried the Kush and felt relaxed and a little less pain on my lower back. Went to bed in about an hr.

    I will review more of the others when I get a chance but Cascadia Blooms didnt let me down and will recommend to people. Trying to ween off slowly or minimize my THC use and this certainly will help.

  • Texan (verified owner)

    So, I’m back with my second review from this package and that’s in relation to the LIFTER flower. Overall, I am impressed with the slight “energetic” boost I’m currently having with this flower. I placed ‘energetic’ in quotes because I didnt want to spook anyone away who may be like me and doesn’t like the racing-heart/paranoiaenergetic rush you get from the THC Sativas. Not at ALL like that. Nope, this flower is giving me just a little boost of energy in that I feel like I’m catching a “second wind”. Just more alert and singing to the cat…hahaha.

    I work the night shift and I’m off tonight so I always try to stay up all day when I’m off to get the most out of my time to spend with my fiance.

    I smoked this flower through another RAW 1 1/4 cone. I’m not even a cigarette smoker so it could just be me but, out of the four flowers I’ve tried so far in my journey, LIFTER seemed to be the harshest on my throat. It didn’t seem to bother my fiance but she IS a smoker of tobacco and cannabis.

    It’s been about 20 minutes since I finished and the energy level has mellowed out to just a “focused” level of attention and commitment i.e. finishing tasks I normally wouldnt want to do after working all night.

    Seems to be working on my shoulder/ankle pain. That’s one reason why I wanted to try this flower. Hopefully, I’ll experience the relaxation like others have claimed because I’m not a good sleeper.

    Great product Cascadia Blooms. I also enjoy the email alerts. I’ll definitely be a long time customer/promoter.

  • Texan (verified owner)

    So, I’m totally excited that growers are jumping on the CBD wagon because I’m one of those that are negatively affected by THC….i.e heart racing, mindset of doom and gloom, anxiety intensified etc. My wife smokes marijuana daily and I’ve been super jealous because I know it helps her pain AND I love the smell but never could enjoy with her. I was afraid to try CBD oils because I wanted to be able to micro dose as much as possible in the event I reacted negatively so I preferred flower.

    I stumbled across this site by someone in another thread as Cascadia Blooms was highly regarded for quality and customer service…..I was NOT disappointed!

    I ordered this sampler to try some different strains and my shipment arrived TWO DAYS before the initial email said to expect shipment! That was a relief because Thanksgiving was coming fast and I didnt want to have to wait even longer.

    We tried the Elektra first and I was totally ecstatic!! I stuffed a cone and went to town. After about three sample tokens, I began to feel Elektra enter my head. She came on smoother and coaxed me 8nto taking deeper pulls. THATS when she came alive and gave me a head buzz…..almost like I had drank around three beers. I felt a small rush of energy that almost made me think I’d over done it but i remembered that the THC was minuscule so i didnt freak myself out. Then came the euphoria. I almost wanted to laugh as a great sense of calm came over me and then, i realized, the pain in my shoulder and ankle were both subsided. That’s how effective she was! I had to consciously realize i wasnt hurting as if i had never been bothered before!

    All of this lasted about three hours for me. I did not experience any sleepiness as others had mentioned (regrettably as i have a hard time staying asleep) but i am TOTALLY satisfied with Elektra! I want more but my job uses drug screens so I’m taking it easy for now as all of this is relatively new to me.

    Thank you, Cascadia Blooms for being pioneers in the CBD FLOWER revolution as i thought this day would never come. It seemed as though EVERYONE was rushing to have the highest THC content so I’m glad to see things are changing.

    I’ll post reviews on the Sour Space Candy and Lifter at a later date.

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