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Genetics: (Chardonnay x Berry Blossom)

2019our blog on Cannabutter if you want to learn how to make a butter infusion with these buds!

Bordeaux produces smaller buds on average, which means you will be getting small, tight round buds to enjoy.


How much CBD is in Bordeaux?

Is Bordeaux Indica or Sativa?

What is Bordeaux Known for?


  • Adrian I Medina

    I cant believe it an indica with cbd! Totally works for me and my symptoms or otherwise! The flavor is bomb, the smoke is smooth, and the effects are there, but indica style! Truly you guys nailed it, will be back for more! Dont run out haha!

  • Todd Tomorrow (verified owner)

    Great strain for relaxing and getting some sleep. Buds were bigger than I expected for smalls.

  • Christopher Stipe (verified owner)

    Good night time strain very relaxing puts me in a good sleep still able to be productive in daytime also 👍🏾👍🏾

  • Colorado

    This is relaxing right out of the gate, and taste great, so impressed, will definitely be ordering more! This is my favorite so far for treating my anxiety I also use to mix with others to balance out the effects for any given situation. I give this a 5 star rating! Keep up the great job you guys are doing so appreciate this product and am almost off all my anxiety medications.

  • Anthony (verified owner)

    Puts my body at ease & it does get on my pain will
    be ordering more

  • Mauri (verified owner)

    I’ve had several strains, but sadly this was not my favorite. The flavor was the only thing making it not perfect.
    I’m sure it’s personal preference but I wish it was more flavorful.

  • Sean (verified owner)

    Spectacular smell, taste, and overall appearance. I have chronic neck/shoulder/back pain and pinched nerves and a couple brain tumors that cause sever headaches. And I smile a bit of this and I feel like 100 percent for 3-4 hours. I would seriously advice trying it. Especially if you want to remain clear headed and such, marijuana would probably work too but had more side affects. The CBD just relieves me severe 24/7 pain for hours. I couldn’t be happier really. Thank you cascadia! You make My work days and sleeping less of a chore and without pain.

  • Eugene Allen (verified owner)

    This is a very nice relaxing flower I love it…very different in smell flavor and colors from most of the other flowers I’ve ever had Thanks Cascadia blooms

  • Karl Beyer (verified owner)

    Excellent for relaxing body and mind. A lot like having three or four glasses of wine.

  • Karl Beyer (verified owner)

    Definitely like the Smalls. Very dense with nearly no stem.

    Great body feeling. The effect was much like how you feel after about four glasses of the wine. Mellow and sort of, up for whatever but not a stimulant effect. Perfect for a relaxing during a day off or enjoying the evening.

  • Jeff (verified owner)

    Flower arrived dry but that’s an easy fix, mason jar and a Boveda pack…problem solved. The flower has a really good nose and it’s taste is very distinctive, with great calming effects for myself.Will definitely be purchasing again.

  • Jaden L (verified owner)

    I ordered my second Oz of Bordeaux smalls right after I finished my first one. The indica effects are really prominent making this a great night time strain. Highly recommended, the guys at Cascadia are really cool.

  • George (verified owner)

    Good cure, vape was smooth straight out of the Mylar bag. It arrived dry but given the current hot weather conditions and time it spent in a delivery truck, not surprised. It’s more surprising how well it vaped after such a trip. It’s now in a jar with a humidity pack and smells AMAZING! Cascadia never fails at quality and the smalls aren’t even that small.

  • David (verified owner)

    For me it was smooth and relaxing. I’m not sure if it has a little THC which was good for me because I felt a little high at times but I could still focus and relax unlike weed with THC in it and you can’t focus like you can with this. I like this strain but I am going to try other strains as well

  • Mickey

    Excellent effect. I received excellent quality smalls. They were honestly like tiny tree tops. We’ll see if that is the norm next time because I’m defiantly keeping this in stock.

  • Shawn M (verified owner)

    This product had great effects! Helps me relax and puts my body at ease.

  • Shawn (verified owner)

    These flowers have a great effect! Very relaxing and a good smoke.

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