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Genetics – (ACDC x ERB) ACDC is a renowned CBD hemp strain and the backbone of many CBD crosses due to high oil content and strong terpenes. Early Resin Berry has a terpene profile with a complex sweet, citrus-berry smell. The pairing of these two strains produced, “Elektra”. Elektra hemp tops are oil-rich, excellent for both infusions and extractions. Elektra is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a smooth calming effect and thus is a good “nighttime” strain.

Our Elektra came out looking great this year at a whopping 16.38%. We’re happy to offer it to you and hope you enjoy!


How much CBD is in Elektra?

Is Elektra Indica or Sativa?

What is Elektra Known for?


  • Felicia W (verified owner)

    I had brought it for a friend to help her relax from anxiety of losing her mom. She told me it helped her sleep much better so I tried it for myself to help me with my restless nights and I slept right through the night. Love this stuff.

  • Homer (verified owner)

    Great very relaxing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Homer (verified owner)

    Grate very relaxing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Homer (verified owner)

    Grate very relaxing

  • Joshua S Parker

    As someone with PTSD this has been amazing for my anxiety! I fully recommend this to everyone! You can’t go wrong with it!

  • Brian D

    Received this as a sample in my first order and was blown away by the smell and taste of the bud ! Very fruity like Froot Loops. Not sure about the effects I will need a bigger sample I will definitely order this after I try the Sour Space Candy

  • Mike (verified owner)

    My wife loves this strain it is really helping her with her anxiety and withdrawal from seroquel. We started off with a sampler pack and Electra was the first one we ran out of. I have tried it myself and it is very relaxing and has a great taste to it. Looking to purchase more so we can make our own canna oil from it. I have not been disappointed by anything that I have purchased from Cascadia Blooms. Their products sell themselves!

  • Scott Silagyi (verified owner)

    Ooohh boy, If you want to relax and gently be taken off to sleep, Electra is for you, for just being a CBD flower, with hardly no THC , man does it give you a rocking buzz, this stuff is incredible, cant wait to try the Kush….P.S. thank you cascadia for the free samples you sent with my order, I couldn’t be happier…peace…,Scott .S…

  • Rick (verified owner)

    ….ive tried many other growers and none compare to cascadia….ive purchased several ounces from them…and have had to re order more as my stash diminished…now mind you i still have several jars from every other grower that i go back to from time to time…not even close…cascadia’s product is superior on all account….they are a special grower for sure….first time ordering elektra and holy crap…great anytime strain..it is my favorite among favorites…thanks cascadia….

  • Ryan

    Prompt shipping, it arrived in a just a short few days. for being a “smalls” it had beautiful small nugs with hints of purple. The feeling was relaxing and calming. I would recommend Elecktra.

  • Doug Kolata (verified owner)

    I have used many companies, and i have to say cascadia blooms outranks them all, Elektra is a very nice strain, very pine fruity smell as soon as i opened the sealed pouch, as i inspected the buds these tops are trimmed nicely,, and surely will NOT disapoint, gives me and my wife a feeling of great relaxation, also used in the day,, but perfer the night cascadia blooms always brings high high quality to the table..

  • Happy L (verified owner)

    Elektra is my favorite strain of CBD. It always puts me in a good mood while alleviating any aches or pains. Cascadia Blooms never disappoints with their high quality products.

  • Daniel (verified owner)

    This is the *HIT. It’s gonna slap you and put you out. Mix this with a glass of wine, whiskey, beer or any other alcohol beverage and it’ll intensify the effects of this strain. Get Elektra and I’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!

  • Harry

    Here’s my reviews. Absolutely love this product. I’ve tried one other farm and it’s good but this lives up to and exceeds the other reviews I’ve read. Prefect.

    Elektra, something about opening the first outer bag and getting hit by the skunky pine smell, then opening the main bag being overwhelmed with the sweet citrus mixed with oil rich pine. The size of these buds are close to uniform, most averaging the size of a circus peanut. The buds can be a little dry but down let that fool you. The word ‘potent’ should be mentioned before vaping or smoking. The taste while smoking can be a little reminiscence while vaping you get a completely different idea of terpenes and flavonoids could taste like. The trichomes are like tiny stars dancing around a pine tree. Red orange fireworks of the stigmas are best paired with this nightly flower. This is my point of view and love both as an option. The way it helps calm you down at night but can let you just focus during the day is great.

    Lifter, lime pine the day blazer. Words can sometimes explain an object yet this one needs your nose instead of an ear to understand. The Limonene, Linalool, and Humulene combination is pure sunlight. It’s strong and last, lazer focus during the day without slowing you down. The size of the buds are like the color part of a bic lighter to thumb. The limey pine green with a dusting of trichomes it the best way to describe it. The rays of yellow red stigmas blasting through the forest of citra pine is an amazing way to calm down and focus on what matters, you can forget the rat race of life and be you.

  • luke (verified owner)

    fantastic strain! fruity and sweet.

  • Tony b (verified owner)

    I love this strains one of my favorites! Very uplifting strain has a very great earthy taste also

  • Tony b (verified owner)

    I love this strains one of my favorites!

  • Rob (verified owner)

    Buds smelled really good, the effects for me was relaxing definitely help with wanting to sleep after a lil bit of time, bud just came lil darker than expected

  • Heavy (verified owner)

    This is a great strand helps me with insomnia

  • Jason Hingle (verified owner)

    Excellent flower from an excellent company!!! Hands down best flower I have come across!!

  • Justmeman (verified owner)

    Hello all,
    My first try of Electra. It is very smooth smoking. I do the “old fashioned way” I roll it. Being derived from AC/DC as I am familiar with, both do have this smooth smoking profile. Electra is a definite different taste then other strains. Very subtle results. I think at 15% CBD, myself, I need a higher percentage. I find a calming effect, only a bit of clearing the mind. Does not cause any drowsiness. I enjoy Electra allot. Like a Wine, the best grapes have more “sugars” that turn to alcohol content in the final product. If this applies to the Electra Strain, if you ever see a higher % of CBD from Casscadia’s harvest, that makes a TIME TO SPLURGE, buy some extra while it lasts. < A DOUBLE order of Electra ? NO quadruple that : )
    * On a side note … Please notice many reviews mention the QUALITY experience of buying products from Casscadia Blooms. I have not found any company that comes close to the quality, end to end, YOU will be pleased. Better trimming, better curing, and Casscadia always adds a VERY nice touch. There are in addition very nice perks ahead for returning customers. I am SO pleased to say Casscadia Blooms has earned my patronage, I hope yours also because the folks obviously work hard to make this experience all out classy. I see, I am not alone in this opinion. Thank ALL the Folks at Casscadia Blooms. Always the BEST !

  • Robert Kane (verified owner)

    This is a really mellow sweet tasting flower that just goes down smoothly with every drag, i love it after a long day when i just want to slow burn one to make the body and mind feel just right.

  • Alan San (verified owner)

    Good size nugs with a Creamy floral scent, good for anytime of the day

  • Kelly (verified owner)

    This flower looks, smells, and tastes exactly as it should; it is on par with good quality thc flower in terms of appearance, aroma, and overall quality – no more grassy, dry cbd for me!
    I found elektra to be very pleasant to vape in my vapcap; it has the kind of rich, stanky, and complex flavor that one would expect from high quality cannabis.
    The effect of this flower is mellow but discernible; it makes me feel a bit like dancing or singing to myself while still getting on with my day.
    This flower is far superior to the cbd I’ve tried from other growers, and I’m looking forward to trying cascadia blooms’ other offerings.

  • Mauri (verified owner)

    Great product with a beautiful smell and look. Was very relaxing making it easier to calm down and fall asleep. It was incredibly good with my anxiety and rage.

  • Christian (verified owner)

    As being my first online cbd purchase i was a bit skeptical in what to expect but wasnt disappointed. I usually mix my cbd with regular flower and never before has the flavor of my cbd shine through it tastes amazing. Now coming from buying from my local smoke shop to trying with elektra must say results were great. will buy again from cascadia. A+ flavor and quality, even though i ordered smalls the flower looked amazing covered in trichromes. Cant wait to try more.

  • Amar (verified owner)

    I was searching for quite sometime for a company that really stood behind their products and after receiving my order from Cascadia I was extremely impressed with the quality, smell and most importantly the effects of their flower. I will definitely be purchasing more frequently.

  • Joe (verified owner)

    First time purchase from cascadia. Smell, taste, and aesthetic quality of this bud far surpasses cbd flower I have encountered from other retailers. 100% satisfied with my order, will be back for more.

  • Cyrus (verified owner)

    Cascadia blooms has great products and customer service, fast shipping. Have been satisfied with orders in the past. Howerver I would personally not recommend ordering the “smalls”. Go for the full size buds. The smalls I recently received of 3 different strains were over dried & shaky with no flavor. One of the batches even had an off flavor that reminded me of decarbed material for edibles.

  • Nest (verified owner)

    Very well grown, fantastic taste and smell and very clean. Thank you again cascadia blooms!

  • Robert Kean

    I was surprised by this Elektra. It has very calming floral tones when vaping. It was like vaping a flower shop. The effects were clear head and focused. I felt light and breezy, but not tired. Great flower. Really enjoyed it.

  • Michelle Zethmayr (verified owner)

    I got this for my husband and he says its really good. We are reordering soon. It smells pleasant and its not too sticky either. Out of everything he has tried this is the only one he reorders.

  • Jason (verified owner)

    Well it took a little longer this time to
    Receive my buds. It’s okay they showed
    Up. Very satisfied, love the taste when
    Rolled up. It does as said. I feel great
    Better mood, no anxiety. Delivery was
    Was a problem in my state. Not
    Cascadia blooms. It takes an hour
    From were my package to my
    Home driving. It took 2 days for
    The post offices. I recommend
    This flower. Still have a half of
    Merlot and now 1oz of Elektra.
    Still want the sour space candy.
    Also wish we could post pictures
    On our reviews. Thank you again.
    I’ll be back again.

  • AJ M. (verified owner)

    Has helped me fight a lot of anxiety during all of the COVID-19 Shutdowns and losing my job. Great value and wonderful if you’re looking for a relaxing experience and THC gives you anxiety like me.

  • Michelle Zethmayr (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my husband and he really likes it. He says its just right. Likes it better rolled. We will be ordering more.

  • Eddie (verified owner)

    I really love this strain. Bud in general from Cascadia Blooms is exceptional, and Electra is one of my favorites. I get a citrus-berry type of flavor from it that is a real delight. I find it to have a very relaxing, calming effect. Glad I got a whole oz of it and will definitely be getting more. I have shared it with others who have made similar observations, and everything who’s sampled it love it.

  • Duggles (verified owner)

    Really enjoying elektra. Very tasty. Sharing with friends and they’re impressed.

  • Chuck (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quality of the buds

  • Campbell (verified owner)

    I love this strain. It’s perfect for relaxing at night and it really has a lovely calming effect. Excellent flavor, really smooth and enjoyable before bed. It helps me unwind and sleep after a long day of sore muscles or a migraine. Not only is the price awesome, but the shipping is crazy fast. I live in upstate New York and I always receive my package within three days. Sometimes two! Also, the packaging is super discrete and always sealed to the max with all appropriate paperwork so my orders are always worry free. Thanks for always providing a high quality product that never disappoints, and at an affordable price!

  • Colm Costigan (verified owner)

    Amazing! Fluffy full nugs with potent smell and robust flavor.

  • Jim (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying strictly CBD flower and honestly I’m very impressed. I started by blending this with some traditional Cannabis flower, and eventually found myself JUST going for the CBD flower. Great for while I’m studying or after a long day. The Suver Haze was also pretty good! Planning my next batch now!

  • Kurt Watkins (verified owner)

    Cascadia has become my favorite CBD site and their Elektra is my favorite strain. It is absolutely
    delicious …great aroma and quite dank, with large full buds. A very sensual experience. If you are vaping this flower I think you will be especially pleased because vaping will really bring out its robust flavor and aroma. I’m awaiting an ounce of Elektra as we speak, so yes….I love this stuff.
    Highly recommended .

  • Lucy h.

    I really wish you’d name if they were Indica or sativa

    • cbdadmin

      Hi Lucy,
      Good point, we should note them! Elektra is a Sativa-dominant strain.

  • sabrina

    Great pain properties, very sticky nice trim

  • Jason

    Ordered from Cascadia for the first time in June 2019. Elektra was the strain I went with.

    Loved it. Currently my favorite strain. Now it was my first from Cascadia but I have purchased others from local distributors. Those didn’t compare.

    The flowers were great. Big, slightly sticky, smelled great. Smoked even better.It was perfect for after dinner and relaxing on the couch and right before bed.

    Still waiting to see what pans out from the 2019 harvest but I’ll probably go with at least a 1/2 oz. of Elektra.

  • Scotch

    Honestly surprised at the pungent smell upon arrival. This was a sample bag I got along with my lifter and honestly this is a great night time strain. I am temp stepping up to 409F using a Fury 2. Flavor has been good the whole way through. I feel relaxed and ready to chill. This is one that will be in my rotation.

  • Bobbybasshead

    Omg this new harvest of cascadia blooms is kicking the new competitions butt .
    This Electra is super relaxing and taste good, and it helps me sleep 🛏 inn hard for the weekend

  • Carboxyl

    Wow. These buds are beautiful and fragrant. Terps!

  • Charlie

    Elektra is our favorite strain of CBD flower, and Cascadia Blooms is our favorite place to buy Elektra. I stalk the site between harvests waiting on ounces because it’s that good. It’s a relaxing strain that we usually smoke at night, with a very smooth inhale for us, when rolled in paper. However, in lighter doses it’s just right for the morning headspace.

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