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Genetics: (Pre-98 Bubba Kush X unknown CBD strain)

2019 Harvest – Selling off the last of it. Make sure to re-hydrate following these instructions. Stored well and good if you want some cheap flower as we clear out the last bits of 2019 and make way for 2020.

Kush Hemp is a high CBD strain derived from Pre-98 Bubba Kush with an unknown hemp strain. It is a cross-hybrid with Indica dominant. Flowers are dense with green and purple hues. The terpenes have hints of wood, citrus, and fuel. Good for when you want to chill.

Our Kush was hand-planted on the East side of our field where it received plenty of sun each morning and was lavished with attention as we walked along its rows out to our pond each afternoon.

It has great, tight buds, and folks tell us it’s great for focus.

We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed growing it.


How much CBD is in Kush?

Is Kush Indica or Sativa?

What is Kush Known for?


  • Kristopher (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I was amazed. Well done!

  • BRIAN D. (verified owner)

    This was my first order from Cascadia Blooms. After much research and review watching about where I should by CBD this is the company I decided I would try first. I am a medical weed user to manage my chronic pain caused by Idiopathic neuropathy in my feet. The THC high all day is a bit much and was looking for something to use when I don’t want that thc high our even to mix together sometimes. I read in some reviews that Kush worked for pain for some people so I ordered an ounce of the smalls. Next day I received an email from Kevin letting me know my order was being prepared. My order came very fast and when I opened it up the pouch inside looked just like the picture. There was also a sample of Electra in the box ! I rolled up a joint really quick I was excited to try it. My first impression while rolling it was how great the buds looked and how sticky it was. The taste was much better then I was expecting has a nice earthy taste a little sweetness and a slight berry flavor at the end it was smooth oh forgot also desal. Did not take my pain away but it did take the edge off. I have noticed that after a week of using Kush my neuropathy episodes have lessened. I also mixed some of this with GG#4 from the dispensary and the results were great. I will be ordering again soon.

  • KC (verified owner)

    So smooth and instantly relaxing. I have horroble anxiety and this helps quell it at the end of the day. Highly recommend.

  • Joshua (verified owner)

    Highly recommend making a purchase. Fast and discreet shipping. Premium feel to the packaging and included lab test results. Best hemp flowers I have encountered; the structure is fantastic and the aroma is amazing. The Kush is relaxing and a great night time variety. Had seen other positive reviews prior to the purchase and Cascadia Blooms definitely lives up to the hype, will certainly be my go to for future orders.

  • Morty

    Really enjoyed the flavor and effects of this strain, I can feel my muscles release and relax. Excellent service and shipping was very fast as usual.

  • Arlisha Turner

    If I could…I’d rate the Kush strain a 10! OMG this is THE BOMB! Really excellent cbd! I’m going to let all my THC smokers try this one. This is as always trimmed and packaged very nice & smells awesome. I will be ordering this as a must have at all times. The Kush doesn’t make you sleepy and I can’t wait to have this with coffee in the morning.

  • Joe Ponte (verified owner)

    It works great I tried it and the pain was almost all gone. I would recommend it to all that have pain. It could be a little bit stronger have a very high tolerance.But very happy with it.

  • Joseph (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the products. They smell very good and taste so good. I instantly feel all the pain leave my body. I highly recommend these products to anyone looking to use CBD. Top quality flower.

  • Lawrence (verified owner)

    Great strain, every time I order I get lightning fast shipping and huge tasty buds. 100% recommend Cascadia Blooms

  • Brendan

    Great strain! Hudge buds! Smell was amazing upon opening, buds where large, sticky and dense, the trifecta. I highly recommend this strain to anyone looking for some night-time stress relief. A+

  • Cody c

    Kush is amazing. Smells great. Looks great. I feel greatttt. Definitely getting more of this!!

  • James

    Kush is my favorite night time smoke!! It’s great for my anxiety and helps me relax and get a goodnights sleep.
    I also like smoking it just before I put a good movie on, you can sit back relax and enjoy!!

  • Chris (verified owner)

    I love the lifter and the kush has an awesome pine flavor only wish I could get a hold of that special sauce or pineberry

  • Richard (verified owner)

    Crazy good, if you are looking for a great nighttime strain this is the one. These buds are sticky and delicious. Be warned though, for me this is a nighttime before bed enjoyment.

  • Damian (verified owner)

    By far my favorite strain super relaxing. After working this is what I get when I come home. It feels like the tension in my lower back becomes unclenched and loosens up a good amount.

  • Jonathan (verified owner)

    Very relaxing and great smell too. First time doing business with these guys thanks again great customer service. Fast shipping as well

  • Antonio (verified owner)

    Hemp flower have changed my life. Especially Hemp from Cascadia Blooms. I have come across Hemp flower in my hometown and the quality I get from Cascadia Bloom is top notch. I am so happy to be a customer all the way from Virginia and I tell my friends about Cascadia Blooms and now they are now loyal customers. Also you can’t beat the price with quick shipping, I’m in heaven…

  • Marvyn White (verified owner)

    The Best Around- Great big green beautiful sticky dense TOPS as advertised! With a sweat funk that reaches out and grabs your nose upon opening the pouch! Effects are smooth relaxing and pain relieving that creep up on you nicely. A great strain for pain relief or just to chill in the evening or right before bed. I have tried over 10 CBD Kush strains and Cascadia is a step above all the rest overall! Delivery was fast 3 days going into the weekend to have your package by Monday exceeded my expectations. This is my first order and my only regret is not ordering 8 months ago when I first started checking them out. Plus as a bonus they through in a free sticky nug of Hawaiian haze that I absolutely loved! I don’t want to order anywhere else now without checking to see if CB has the strain first!

  • Marvyn White (verified owner)

    The Best Around! I’ve had the pleasure of trying many different CBD Kush strains from a least 10 company’s. CB’s Kush is by far the best all around value for your money. Nice big green dense fresh sticky bud tops, with a strong sweet funky smell of Kush we all know and love that grabs you by the nose when you open the pouch. One cola weighed in at close to 6 grams alone which is always a beautiful sight. Effects are calming, and body relaxing great for evenings, pain relief and just before bed! I rated 5 but it is more of a 4.8 flavor was good on the smoke but somewhat rough but not harsh on Inhale. This is my first order after reviewing and watching for the last 8 months and I can say is I wish I would have went with Cascadia from the jump! I also must add props on delivery I order on a Thursday afternoon and had my ounce by Monday with a surprise free gram of Hawaiian haze which was absolutely superb as well!

  • rod (verified owner)

    Picked up the Kush smalls couple weeks ago and have really enjoyed this strain! Super smooth, rich and tasty with much body relief and great for night time sleep! Definitely gonna buy the Kush again and again! Thanks Cascadia!

  • BrandyJo (verified owner)

    I really loved this bud. It is perfect for bedtime in my opinion. Very relaxing strain. I already cannot WAIT to by more! Kush is a staple in my life. This is definitely a MUST have strain. CB you guys are legit! So happy to have found this website!

  • Melissa (verified owner)

    I had gotten this for my son due to not wanting him smoke marijuana anymore. He loved what we purchased and has helped his anxiety a great deal. We will definitely be purchasing more soon.

  • Joe Woz (verified owner)

    Long time indoor gardener 19 years now. Solid knowledge of all things cannabis. Have smoked a lot of cannabis since the 70’s and still smoke 3-5 times daily. Cannabis is my lifestyle….

    Ordering was easy and 4 days later it arrived. Professional packaging with all proper documentation for LEO and test results which I appreciate. No smells radiating from the box. Upon opening the sealed bud a wonderful outdoor grassy earthy piney smell jumped out of the bag.

    Buds are top notch! I am very impressed with the overall bud size, structure, smell and most importantly (to me) taste. This Kush is nearly perfect. I smoke .5 gram one hitters in an ice bong. Three hits and I was relaxed and my neck and back pain nearly gone. I have spinal issues and the pain can be overwhelming at times. Feeling much better than I have in weeks.

    The only thing I can nit pick on is that the bowl did not ash out grey or white. Ash was mostly black which indicates plants might not have been flushed (do you even flush outdoors?) fully.

    Overall though this is the BEST hemp flower I have had the pleasure of puffing. Smoke was smooth and full bodied. I have already ordered some Sour Space Candy and will be back for some more Kush as well. Kudos to the entire crew for a superior product!

  • Edwin Villamil (verified owner)

    I love your products. I use the hush hemp everyday. My order arrives in 2 days.

  • Rick (verified owner)

    We have tried several CBD companies and Cascadia is by far the best. The 1 oz. of Kush we received had huge dense sticky buds. Very flavorful. Helped with pain and sleeping!!!

  • Jeff (verified owner)

    This strain is a great evening strain IMO, I get a citrus and darker fruit notes on the nose and taste, really solid effects to just relax and play some video games or watch a movie, great quality

  • Deni (verified owner)

    Nice. Have tried Elektra, Lifter, Merlot, and Kush. I like this for when I am ready to wind down. It can make me feel feel tired. Kush is good for sleeping. Sometimes wake up with a foggy feeling, and it can be difficult to get started in the morning, even with coffee. But, it definitely makes me sleep well. I like Sour Space Candy best for day time and for focusing.

  • Day (verified owner)

    Not too strong, but relaxing.

  • thesultan (verified owner)

    Incredible product. So relaxing and produces such great sleep.

  • Eugene (verified owner)

    Never can go wrong with kusk. A go to purchase for relaxing. Great smell and taste!

  • Joe (verified owner)

    First time purchase from cascadia. Smell, taste, and aesthetic quality of this bud far surpasses cbd flower I have encountered from other retailers. 100% satisfied with my order, will be back for more.

  • Cyrus (verified owner)

    Cascadia blooms has great products and customer service, fast shipping. Have been satisfied with orders in the past. Howerver I would personally not recommend ordering the “smalls”. Go for the full size buds. The smalls I recently received of 3 different strains were over dried & shaky with no flavor. One of the batches even had an off flavor that reminded me of decarbed material for edibles.

  • Sam (verified owner)

    Excellent quality product and always fast shipping.
    Kush hemp is is very unique to most other CBD strains I’ve had!

  • Rose Sanchez (verified owner)

    Excellent! Tasty and potent, this is my go to for an evening of relaxation. I’ve tried many cbd brands, and by far Cascadia is the best. Keep up the great work folks!

  • Art (verified owner)

    My fave strain so far.. Big buds taste great.. I love it!!

  • Suzy Flores (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchases. The Shipment came very quick which is super awesome. I’ve tried a few but The kush is my favorite so far. Very relaxing and good for after work on your down time. I would definitely recommend try them all

  • Steven hill (verified owner)

    Love it.

  • Jamie (verified owner)

    This is Great, when I use this flower I can just feel the anxiety leave my body and is so relaxing.

  • Jorge Chavez (verified owner)

    Simply the best 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🙌🙌🎩💫🏁🏁🏁

  • Craig Baker (verified owner)

    Was a excellent relaxer for me. It is very nice to use if you want to sit down and really rest after a stressful day. Also amazing for sleep in my opinion. This is the strain needed if you are someone who is searching for a Indica dominant flower that has some Very Real sedating effects! Has you completely glued to the sofa or bed!! No kidding!!

  • Juan (verified owner)

    Nice dank buds. This cbd is legit.

  • Jason (verified owner)

    Kush (02-28-2020)
    (Based on the 2019 harvest)

    Note: How Hemp, high in CBD affects me might not affect you the same way. My goal is to try different strains, with different CBD levels to see what really works for me. You should do the same. Also, all details below are my perception, yours may be different, try and find your favorite flower.

    Times Purchased: 1st time
    Strains to date (Times Purchased): Elektra (2), Sour Space Candy (1), Kush (1)

    Delivery Method: Pipe or Vaporizer

    Time of Day Usage: After work, after dinner and before bed

    Smell (4/5)
    Until a strain bypasses Sour Space Candy, that will be the bench mark.

    A light, slightly sweat kind of citrus aroma but then “dank” when not looking.

    Taste (3/5)
    Tasted like a traditional cannabis flower.

    Freshly ground it was slightly smooth / slightly harsh. I generally grind about a week’s worth at a time. After about 5 days it got harsher.

    Feeling (4/5)
    This one I am on the fence about. There were time where I was extremely relaxed and others where it was milder.

    Overall (3/5)
    Chose this because of a video I saw from Cascadia on YouTube and the individual stated they enjoyed this one for in the evening.

    Slight stickiness and dryer than I’ve had. To those reading, if you like flowers that have more moisture, slightly damp a small piece of paper towel and place that and the flowers in a jar, that will add some moisture.

    It wasn’t’ bad, I enjoyed it. Would order again but currently not at the top of my list, I want to try ever strain I can.

    A 50/50 mix with Elektra was interesting in the evening.

    Also, every order has come with a small sample of different strain. Thank you, that’s a nice touch.

    In the Midwest, usually receive within 3 business days.

    On a side note, thank you Cascadia Bloom for adding that the flowers are dominant in either sativa or indica.

  • Joe (verified owner)

    This is perfect, when I use this flower I can just feel the anxiety leave my body. Good for relaxing.

  • Joe (verified owner)

    This is perfect, when I use this flower I can just feel the anxiety leave my body.

  • Holly (verified owner)

    Very satisfied!!! Great product and service.
    Will recommend to everyone.

  • Jorge A Diego (verified owner)

    🤯blew my mind Awesome

  • Franklin (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, great tasting bud, super relaxing. Even threw in a sample of Elektra strain. Will be ordering again soon!!

  • special K (verified owner)

    Grade A cbd will buy more !!!!

  • special K (verified owner)

    Incredibly fresh great product will buy again hell of a relaxer!!

  • S. Kirk (verified owner)

    Nice and relaxing. 😊

  • John ramy (verified owner)

    a little to wet when it arrived. after drying it again i’ll t smoked just fine. one of my favorite cascadia lines

  • Josh

    UNREAL! Has the EXACT profile of PRE-98’ Bubba Kush. I know and can state this not because I’ve bought it in a dispensary or what not. I have been a long-time breeder/grower of the Pre-98’ Bubba Kush Strain for over 7 years. It’s my crowd of friends absolute favorite strain. CASCADIA has really outdone themselves with the genetics on this one. If your looking for a wonderful indica dominant strain, with sedating effects, this is your strain! Great for insomnia. Wonderful piney, gassy, earthy notes with a taste of coffee and a touch of caramel. WHAT A STRAIN! GREAT JOB!

  • Paul R.

    Is this a sativa or Indica strain?

    • cbdadmin

      Thanks for asking, Kush is a hybrid of sativa and indica

  • Astrid J. (verified owner)

    Kush strain is a strain that’s for evening time use in my opinion. The effects are very calming and chill. Taste 4/5, smell 3.5/5 (grass like smell), effects 5/5, not harsh on the throat, and the buds are moist. Wouldn’t recommend smoking before work…you may not want to go Lol. A strain I would purchase again.

  • Ed (verified owner)

    The Kush strain…I only vaped 2 ovens in my max starry. Terrific taste and buzz. I made cbd oil with the 1/2 oz. I’m glad I did as it makes you sit your ass down, good oil.
    I’ll get an oz when it’s back in stock…KUSH! I look forward to enjoy vaping it
    All the strains I’ve bought from Cascadia have been top shelf in looks, performance and shipping. Thank you for being there!

  • Daniel (verified owner)

    I get all of my hemp from Cascadia and every time I get a different strain I think it is the best but this one topped all others keep up the good work

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