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Genetics – (Special Sauce X New World Haze X ERB)

“Lifter” flavor is sweet and toasty with velvety-berry notes and sometimes citrusy overtones. This high-oil content flower is a crowd-favorite for it’s higher CBD content and smooth tasting profile.

Lifter is Sativa-dominant, seen as a “daytime” strain for its energetic lifting of mood it is great for when seeking to elevate oneself with a clear mind. One customer describes it as “smokeable happiness!”

We hope you enjoy it!


  • Justin T

    Great daytime strain, nice effects, and nice flavor. A little dry, otherwise it would have been a solid 5 stars. Don’t hesitate to try this out!!

  • marie beeman (verified owner)

    The perfect pick me up! The order was delivered quickly. To top it off, Cascadia added a sample of sour space candy. Another excellent strain. Thank you!

  • Scott Silagyi (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the lifter, in a subtle way it does get me going, so glad I found Cascadia Blooms, they are the real Deal…Scott.S…..

  • Ray (verified owner)

    Very nice aroma. Still somewhat moist. Gives a nice sativa-ish feeling. Shipping very fast.
    I combined 50/50 with a normal cannabis strain (w/THC) and it gave a more couchlock sort of high.

  • Jay

    Great taste, super quality. Shipping speed was excellent!

  • Jay (verified owner)

    Finally making my way around to sampling the Lifter after trying several others. Sour Space Candy is my favorite for that unique flavor, Special Sauce was very Indica-dominant for me in effects. Lifter buds are nicely trimmed and dense, reminiscent of some MMJ flower I’ve experienced. Had a good moisture content, sprung back when pressed between the fingers. Will be ordering again!

  • Alexa Dials

    Love Lifter. It’s perfect for my mornings before work, and I work a very active job. Always happy with my Cascadia order!!

  • Josh

    Cascadia Blooms has been such a pleasant experience. I love their story and how they have interacted with me during my purchases. They ship fast and respond quickly to my questions. Now talking about their product, well thats where my love continues. I ordered half an ounce of lifter and it came with a free gram for me to sample. It is always nice to get an unexpected surprise. The lifter and sour space candy is amazing. It smells and taste pure. Their flower really helps with my anxiety and helps me focus. They have very reasonable prices and their packaging is descret. It really makes purchasing quality CBD flower a seamless and easy process. I just appreciate this company for doing business the right way.

  • Anne

    Received an oz of Lifter smalls. Product was process and shipped fast. Once delivered product was as described and packaged very well. Look forward to future orders. Thank Cascadia Blooms you nailed it.

  • Steffan (verified owner)

    This strain is great as a mood booster that doesn’t make me sleepy

  • Brendan (verified owner)

    Super happy with my purchase!
    Very nice product and shipped quickly, keep up the great work!

  • Ryan (verified owner)

    I ordered “Kush Hemp” and “Lifter” strains and I have to say, I was extremely impressed. I was certainly skeptical about the quality of the flower and affects of CBD (given that my past experiences were nothing to write home about), but Cascadia Blooms has the freshest flower I’ve ever tried and the effects are certainly noticed. The “Lifter” strain does exactly what the name implies .. it lifts you and your mood right up and really helped me get ready to take on the day. The “Kush Hemp” strain was perfect for relaxing and mellowing out late at night. Both of these arrived very quickly, smelt and felt extremely fresh, and me and my entire family enjoyed them tremendously. I highly highly recommend ordering from this company.

  • Alex (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with Cascadia’s order fulfillment! I’ve placed 2 orders in the last month and plan to order from them regularly because their service is super prompt and the flower they’ve sent so far is top quality!

  • Tina (verified owner)

    I am using this CBD Flower as my daytime go-to Strain to help me manage my hEDS, MCAS, POTS, CFS, and suspected CCI and TCS. It has been a real blessing to me. Seems to help battle the fatigue and lessen the length and intensity of my crashes. Also seems to quell some of my most challenging POTS symptoms and makes it possible to enjoy the summer heat out-of-doors.
    I couldn’t be more impressed with Cascadia Blooms! And it’s not just the amazing, beautiful, aromatic, tasty flowers either, while they are really top notch! I love that they were generous enough to through in a sampler of a strain I had yet to try but wanted too! I love that their packaging is discreet on the outside and just clean and fresh on the inside. I love the logo stickers included and the reusable ones that label what strain your dealing with! Customer service is spot-on and that includes really taking care of returning customers!

  • Maurice Creel (verified owner)

    Excellent brand great quality just got my Suver Haze a day earlier regular shipping and they gave me an extra sample of Elektra love you guys better than regular weed fo sho

  • Regina (verified owner)

    Love Cascadia Blooms. Fast delivery, and very affordable. “Lifter” is one of my favorites. Gives me the relaxation I’m looking. It’s smooth and taste great. Love this site. I definitely will continue doing business here.

  • Ray McPherson (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with this flower! A great euphoric and relaxing strain that also relieves my pain and keeps my anxiety at bay. I will definitely by this flower over and over again.

  • Nathan (verified owner)

    This is a game changer. I am so happy such a good product exists, is readily available, can be delivered to your door and affordable. Bravo

  • Art (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered from Cascadia many times.. Always very satisfied. Lifter is great. Nice dense buds. Nice mellow effect. Relieved pain and I really like it.. Fas free great shipping and awesome customer service.. Got a merlot sample. Love that too. I’ll order itvnext👍

  • Jason Hingle (verified owner)

    Awesome flower!!! It’s basically dank minus the thc.

  • Lani reyes (verified owner)

    My husband and I have tried five different types from cascadia I really enjoy the lifter it mellows but doesn’t put you down it tastes great this is definitely my top two favorites

  • Kelly (verified owner)

    Loving this flower!
    It is very smokable (great for joints), but also tastes great and is quite effective in my vapcap.
    To my nose, lifter isn’t a super funky, overly aromatic, or “exotic” strain, but it does have a pleasing, strong, piney aroma.
    The flower I received has great texture, seems to have a good moisture content, and appears to be well grown and cured.
    These tops are surprisingly sticky, and they look very similar to the flower shown in the product page video; although, my flower lacks the blueish purple color shown in some of the pictures on the product page.
    This is the second ounce I have purchased from Cascadia Blooms; my first was an ounce of elektra smalls.
    To anyone considering tops versus smalls, the biggest difference (besides the size of the buds) I noticed was the stickiness of the flower. These lifter tops were sticky-icky (Difference in stickiness could be related to the difference between strains as well)!
    If you can afford to spend a little more and you like pretty, sticky buds, I think tops are a great deal, but you’re not missing too much with smalls in my experience.
    The effects of lifter were not noticeably different from elektra to me. They both give me a pleasant, slightly ‘up’ experience without tanking my day or slowing me down too much.
    I think I might slightly prefer the smell and taste of elektra over lifter, but I will probably try both again in the future!

  • Scott (verified owner)

    I first bought a sampler pack after someone told me about Sour Space Candy. My state legalized medical cannabis but that does not include smoking. I had a prescription, but it was very expensive and the oral forms take hours to work. I usually need the CDB effects immediately. You just don’t plan pain worsening or increased anxiety. Smoking gives very quick results. The sampler packs were good, but Lifter was fantastic. BTW, the sampler pack included Sour Space Candy. I quickly ordered an ounce in case variations exist between harvests. Lifter works well enough that I am giving up my prescription and switching to Bloom. Lifter works, looks great, smells wonderful, and tastes good. I recommend it.
    Normally, I wouldn’t bother writing a review but did because they sent me an email that said 33% off if I did. They did not say that I needed to be positive or negative for the discount. So, this is an honest opinion.

  • Olivia P. (verified owner)

    This a favorite strain for my husband and I. It literally is uplifting! We love it for daytime use mostly for a little pick-me-up. Tastes great too. We will continue to buy this one.

  • Anonymous (verified owner)

    This strain is one of my all time favorites. The favor is very enjoyable and unique. I get various notes of flavor from a vaped hit, in general a soda-like flavor that has a hint of a chocolate almost, it is very nice, All in all the bud is very dank in its complexion and odor. It is nice to break it down in a grinder and smell the sweet, dank odor of the ground bud. My use of this strain is primarily for vaping out of several different vapes such as a Starry and a Dynavap. The effect of this strain its as enjoyable as the smell and taste. Once I experienced the effect the name “Lifter” seemed very appropriate. Overall, it has an uplifting, mood-improving effect. Well done Cascadia Blooms.

  • Jerry (verified owner)

    Wow dank sticky Buds! Lifter such a great work strain. A session and a coffee and I’m ready to roll.

  • Roy

    I really liked the Lifter, but I did not really care for the Merlot or the Bordeaux.. But all in all great deal for the price.

  • HV

    Wow! Super fast shipping & grade A top notch flower. I got the Electra, Lifter, & SSC bundle. Lifter is super strong & puts me in a better mood. Everything’s so good I ordered an ounce of the Kush Hemp today to see how good that strain is as well! So far this is the best flower I’ve come across, & I’ve purchased from Berkshire & other larger companies before. Keep up the great work & possibly throw some more coupon codes out, because this won’t be the last time I order from you guys!

  • Joe (verified owner)

    Nice balance

  • Cyrus (verified owner)

    Cascadia blooms has great products and customer service, fast shipping. Have been satisfied with orders in the past. Howerver I would personally not recommend ordering the “smalls”. Go for the full size buds. The smalls I recently received of 3 different strains were over dried & shaky with no flavor. One of the batches even had an off flavor that reminded me of decarbed material for edibles.

  • C Stipe (verified owner)


  • Jozay (verified owner)

    A-1 for me

  • Sade Gordon (verified owner)

    Reasonable shipping times, well packed and came with a free sampler which was nice.
    For the first week or so, it didn’t do anything for my mood, but did help stabalise a few of my frequent darker thoughts, but perhaps I smoked it too much, as mostly it doesn’t have much effect on my mental well-being.

    Otherwise, the bud was really nice and sticky and I’d buy a different strain again for sure

  • D (verified owner)

    Always impressed by cascadia
    Fast shipping! Great products!

  • Art (verified owner)

    Nice big buds.. Great effect. Fast free shipping. Cascadia rocks

  • Dan (verified owner)

    Great strain for work. Crushes anxiety (given current world circumstances this is HUGE) and still alert and focused.

  • Eddie (verified owner)

    Lifter is awesome like all the bud I have tried from Cascadia Blooms. Each strain has a unique and amazing flavor as Lifter does. I get a sweet smooth citrus like flavor. It has an uplifting effect like a cup of morning coffee. You cannot miss the dank nature of this bud and it is truly a delight.

  • CK (verified owner)

    Perfect for during the day, my favorite strain out of the sampler pack.

  • Justmeman (verified owner)

    This is what I look for. Wonderful smell and tastes GREAT. It seems the drowsy result is most common, I like this because it is a very clean high quality “LIFTER” as the name implies. An uncommon find in the market. Buds are nicely trimmed and tight. I will be buying more ….. It would be nice to have access however to information of new harvests. The selection of Cascadia Blooms is AMAZING.
    I have received a much needed relief of allot of stress in my life, and have now a whole new outlook.
    This provided me INSTANT results.
    Thank you folks.

  • Harvey Justmann (verified owner)

    First time trying this strain. Very happy

  • Jamie Mott

    A sample of this was included in my Space Candy. I really liked the smell and taste. It nicely sticky for joints very light and happy feeling. Lemony and delicious expensive cheesey.

  • Scotch (verified owner)

    Lifter is a good day time strain. Nice buds, pugent aroma and great flavor. No real complaints here at all. 4 stars because it’s not the best of the best. I gave the elektra 5 stars because for me it’s the better strain. Nice job on this flower!

  • Daniel (verified owner)

    I really like the taste and the way it relaxes me I was not happy however that the picture said 17 percent Cbd and it came in at 12 percent

  • MrsJANE

    I enjoy this more than the sour space! It’s a good vibe very smooth! Cascadia is the shit! Fast delivery high quality! Recommend there buds !

  • Jose (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome I shit you not it helped relieve a nice chunk of pain from my two lower back herniated discs at least for a few hours which is WAY better than the meds I received and steroid and lower facet injections.
    I really want to thank Cascadia for making this stuff and Troy from 420vapezone on youtube for turning me on to this stuff these are favorite 1) Lifter 2) cherry wine 3) special sauce there’s no 4) so I’m rating sour space #5 because I just didn’t like it.

  • Sam (verified owner)

    Awesome smell and taste. Super sticky. Very relaxing strain. Puts me to sleep

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