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Genetics: (Cherry Wine x Berry Blossom)

Merlot is a cross between the beauty of Cherry Wine with the vigor of Berry Blossom. The smell has a sharp and robust frame of orange peel underscored with rich tones of chocolate and cherries jubilee.

Merlot seeds come from High Grade Hemp genetics. They produce a very pretty, wonderful smelling plant with a great cannabinoid profile: 15.4% CBDA and 0.26% CBGA.

For Terpenes, Merlot is high in: Myrcene, Farnesene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene

Merlot is an Indica dominant strain. In general, it should be a great strain for relaxing and relief.

Given its great smells and terpenes, Merlot is also great for infusions and culinary dishes. Check out our blog on Cannabutter if you want to learn how to make a sweet treat with these Merlot buds!

Merlot produces smaller buds on average, which means you will be getting small, tight round buds to enjoy.


How much CBD is in Merlot?

Is Merlot Indica or Sativa?

What is Merlot Known for?


  • Logan Bayless (verified owner)

    Even for a 2019 strain, the material was not overly dry and still very potent. I must say I was pleasantly surprised, and I also appreciate the dedication to our veterans by this company.

  • Angelo Schifano (verified owner)

    Just started with CBD, this is my second strain and it’s great, all the relaxing and pain relief I could have asked for. I have a major spinal injury and nerve pain, this has been very affective. Going to try some of the others and see if I get the same results. Thank you.

  • Adrian I Medina

    I found this to be more on the sativa side of things than Bordeaux as far as a hard hitting indica goes. In fact if I hadn’t read otherwise I would’ve thought it was a sativa. More of a hybrid feel. But as far as the smoke, it was the smoothest of your selection and a good midday after lunch strain to ease any aches or pains. Everything from you guys has been fire. Thank you.

  • James Treadway (verified owner)

    Merlot is my top favorite. The taste an the aroma are amazing. It helps me me with my PTSD an helps quite my mind. Would highly recommend for anyone

  • Peter Csigo (verified owner)

    I did purchase a ounce of Merlot as soon as I opened the package the smell was very pleasant. It’s a great smoke by itself or with regular marijuana. Keep up the good work you need only one good source for CBD flowers and Cascadia Bloom is the source.

  • MICHAEL MAYFIELD (verified owner)

    Being new to the CBD community and being a long time THC dry herb smoker. I purchase the Merlot flower and instantly enjoyed the aroma and the taste of the strain.
    The effects were surprisingly relaxing without the sedated feeling, I certainly give it a thumbs up!!
    Thanks Cascadia!!!

  • Jason (verified owner) I’ve been vaping dry herb for quite awhile. We’re talking the last 8yrs or more, exclusively. However I am newer to CBD flower. This was my 1st purchase here. I wanted a nice Sampler but none were available at the time. I finally settled on trying the Merlot. I received my package promptly w/in a few days. Everything was packed very well. Presentation, really good. Even threw in a small couple bud sample of the Lifter. Customer service going above & beyond, w/ email updates as well. I like that quite a bit!
    Product is Extremely impressive on the Eyes & Nose. Grind her up, Throw it in a Vape: the Merlot tastes really good. It is (to me) a bit harsh tho afterwards. No matter what temp I set the vape for. It leaves my throat & chest mildly stingy even into the nxt day. The effects are pretty satisfying & All is not lost. I have experimented a bit on the Culinary side w/ it, baking & the like. I’m into the Craft Beer scene & have a Hop Infuser I’ve used w/ some different Beers for some interesting combos & great results. Next up some small batch Brewing.
    – I found the Lifter a bit more pleasurable to Vape. To each their own. I appear to be the only 1 here mentioning any harshness w/ the Merlot. Overall I give a 4Star review. The experience from start to finish was Perfection w/ this company. I’ll def be back to try out another strain or 2. Cbd flower is fun to play around w/, Many uses. Don’t hesitate, give some a try.

  • Dawn

    My new favorite. Great for unwinding at the end of the day!! It puts a smile on my face and my brain.

  • Ty mack (verified owner)

    I tried every one of them, and this is the best by far I just wish the buzz lasted longer

  • joe (verified owner)

    smooth and relaxing as hell… helps me get into good frame of mind

  • joe (verified owner)

    smooth and relaxing as hell… get this.

  • Tina (verified owner)

    Merlot is such a nice, relaxing, evening strain. I like it to help with the wind down process of my day or before turning in for the night. I use CBD Flowers to help manage my hEDS, MCAS, POTS, CFS and suspected CCI and TCS. It have noticed my sleep is much more refreshing and deeper with the help of this flower. Also the berry sorta taste and smell is very delightful.
    I couldn’t be more impressed with Cascadia Blooms! And it’s not just the amazing, beautiful, aromatic, tasty flowers either, while they are really top notch! I love that they were generous enough to through in a sampler of a strain I had yet to try but wanted too! I love that their packaging is discreet on the outside and just clean and fresh on the inside. I love the logo stickers included and the reusable ones that label what strain your dealing with! Customer service is spot-on and that includes really taking care of returning customers!

  • Jk (verified owner)

    First time trying merlot and this is a good smoke at night more of a body relaxation and nice calm mello feeling that i experienced..smooth smoke not harsh with a nice taste to . My allday favorite strain is ssc and merlot for late night epecially around a campfire.Great job once again cascadia.

  • Jeff (verified owner)

    You can really taste the cherry wine come through on this one. But you also get the berry on the back end for me anyway, so best of both worlds. It’s smooth as all Cascadia Bloom’s products are, another great strain. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed

  • Michael (verified owner)

    First time trying this strain and it is lovely. As always, the flower is well cured, fragrant and flavorful. Thanks again!

  • rob (verified owner)

    Merlot is my new favorite. So smooth. I’m not a smoker, and even the vaporizer can be a little tough for me. Merlot from Cascadia is just like the wine. Not too sweet. Not too tart.

  • frenchee (verified owner)

    The bud arrived a little dry but nothing my CV2 Valult with Bovida will not cure. The smell was aromatic and the taste smooth. I would try Merlot again in a heartbeat.

  • Holly (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with Cascadia Blooms, your product is awesome, fast and efficient with shipping and I truly love how much it helps. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks for your fast service and great product. Will continue to purchase from you as long as I can.
    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  • AndyG (verified owner)

    I have sampled most all of the current offerings from Cascadia and have yet to be disappointed – what’s not to like about the high quality flowers, the timely and well packaged shipping, the “farm-to-table” pricing. I’ve bought both the full sized beautiful flower tops as well as smalls, and for my value, I’m just as happy with the quality of these smaller buds. As another reviewer mentioned, each little nug fits nicely in a small bowl for a short session. It burns clean, has a mild and smooth taste, and leaves a nice relaxing feel. To my taste buds there are other strains which are more interesting to my palate (Cherry Wine the parent of Merlot is more pronounced in the fruit flavor, Pineberry has its namesake flavors, and the Hawaiian Haze is really tasty), and you will find flowers with a higher CBD content, but when you see these Merlot smalls on special, why, you need to pick up some of those too.

  • William c Rock jr (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Not the highest in CBD but very smooth great taste with berry overtones. Helps me get through the day and sleep through the night enjoy smoking it.if you enjoy the art of smoking but can’t have the THC in your system because of work like me then this is the stuff for you. You did it again cascadia. Thank you very much.

  • Jason (verified owner)

    New to this CBD smoking.
    I have tried a few already
    So far I like this one alot. Smells
    great, sticky and smooth. I can’t
    Smoke high THC. I don’t the anxiety
    and the brain games as I call it.
    Got a sampler. Bordeaux. Very
    Nice. I love the feeling of Merlot.
    I’m actually feeling good during the day.
    Sleep good at night. Relaxed but
    Uplifting. I like the small bud. Fit perfect
    In my glass bowl. Smokes very
    Smooth in papers. I definitely want
    Sour space candy, elektra, and
    Definitely Hawaiian. Also shipping
    Was quick! Oregon to Michigan.
    Probably would’ve been 3 day when
    Ordered. I had 2 extra days because
    Of the weekend. Order on Monday
    From now on. Thank you so much.
    I love it and the wife loved it. She’s
    Afraid it could show up on drug test
    At her shop. Not sure if under 3%
    Would show up. Kinda sucks she
    Enjoyed it alot too. thank you again.
    I’ll be back when I get half way.
    Through my ounce.

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