CBD Hemp Flower Frequently Asked Questions

No. Industrial hemp is cannabis that contains less than .3% delta 9-THC. All Cascadia Blooms products are made from industrial hemp, not marijuana.

Yes. The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. U.S. companies and consumers sell, distribute, and own hemp legally. This includes all parts of the plant. To grow hemp commercially, companies must carry a license from a state that provides a USDA-sanctioned hemp program. Cascadia Blooms is licensed by the state of Oregon to grow, handle, and distribute hemp.

Yes. Hemp is the same plant species as cannabis. Hemp is a specific type of cannabis that contains less than .3% delta 9-THC by dry weight. Growers remove or reduce THC through selective breeding programs. They also grow natural hemp that contains little to no THC.

If you regularly consume CBD by smoking or ingesting, a drug test could detect THC. Due to different body types, weight and exercise we are unable to determine if you will or will not fail a test. We do suggest speaking with your doctor.

Yes. Lab results that confirm that the contents of your shipment is legal industrial hemp and contains less than .3% Delta 9-THC are included in your shipment.

Hemp top is the top part of the plant, sometimes referred to as the cola. Tops are different than hemp flower that comes from any other part of the plant. Tops are also hand-harvested with greater care several days before the rest of the hemp is harvested.

Hemp concentrates plant energy in the tops to improve pollination. Without pollination, the hemp plant will develop flowers, oil, cannabinoids, and terpenes in the flower tops.

Outdoor sun-grown hemp flower is typically harvested in October. It needs to be stored in a dry environment to prevent microbial activity and molds. This method extends the life of the product by several months. If moisture is important to you, we suggest rehydrating small amounts instead of rehydratiing larger volumes.

There are several ways you can rehydrate the hemp flower. One way to rehydrate the flower is by using a coffee filter.

  • Try wetting a coffee filter with water.
  • Ring out the excess water, keeping the moistened paper filter closed with a small amount of flower in a jar.
  • After 15 minutes, remove the filter and close the flower.
  • Leave the lid on until you reach your desired moisture.
  • Rehydrating enhances the smell and taste of the flowers.

Yes. We include a letter and ship in terpene-proof packaging, so there will be no smell detected during delivery. Orders are shipped in double-lined bags inside a box, which is inside a shipping pouch. The label will verify that the package if from Cascadia Blooms.

YES, we do ship to all 50 states.

Contact us at sales@cascadiablooms.com if you are interested in placing an international order.

We have a dedicated shipping team that handles and processes your orders promptly and professionally. We also provide free shipping via USPS Priority Mail. It may take up to 2 business days to process your order and generate and receive a tracking number. Tracking information is sent to the you via email. If you have questions about shipping, please contact our shipping department at shipping@cascadiablooms.com.

It typically takes up to two business days to process your order. A larger order may take up to three business days. This means it can take the same amount of time to receive a tracking order. If you do not receive an email or tracking number after three business days, contact us at shipping@cascadiablooms.com.

For Wholesale inquiries, contact us at info@cascadiablooms.com

Different strains affect people in different ways. We can’t suggest a strain that will help with a particular issue. However, we invite you to explore the effects of our strains by trying one of our sampler packs. Check out some of our reviews and testimonials of what our customers have said the effects have been for them. This may help you choose the right hemp flower for you!

Most of our strains are a hybrid. Sativa is dominant except for Hawaiian Haze, which is a pure Sativa.

Elektra Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Kush Hybrid Indica Dominant
Sour Space Candy Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Hawaiian Sativa
Suver Haze Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Lifter Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Special Sauce Hybrid Indica Dominant
Merlot Hybrid Indica Dominant
Bordeaux Hybrid Indica Dominant

Nothing written here is to be taken as legal advice. If you have specific concerns regarding the law in your area, we suggest you consult with an attorney or legal professional.